The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 4 coming in October

Telltale has revealed to IGN that the fourth installment of The Walking Dead: The Game, entitled Around Every Corner will be available next month.

We realize that’s pretty vague, but we just wanted to let you know.  We’re hoping the episode will release in time for Halloween.  Actually, we’re hoping it will release a lot sooner than that.

The last episode, No Time Left will release in December, alongside a retail version of the game, for those who aren’t fond of digital copies or epic cliffhangers.


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  • petrol

    I think Episode 2 was the BEST, so I hope that this one beats it in terms of epicness.

    • ariessiren

      i agree also. episode 2 was intense and just perfect. ep 3 was kinda boring. was good but not anywhere near the first 2.


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