The solution to the Silent Hills PT demo’s final puzzle has been revealed

A dedicated group of Silent Hill fans appear to have cracked the code on the Silent Hills PT demo. More specifically, the now infamous final puzzle that’s eluded players from the beginning. Anyone that’s played the demo knows triggering the second baby laugh during the final puzzle can be a complete pain, to the point where most people believed it was completely random.

The folks over at The Grate Debate, however, seemed to have cracked the code and come up with a solution to triggering the second baby laugh every time. I won’t spoil the solution here, instead be sure to check out the video below that TGD folks have put together. Very impressive research and dedication on display here – amazing work on the part of the TGD!

By the way, if you’re a Silent Hill fan at all, you really should follow The Grate Debate on Facebook and Twitter. They’re planning on doing their own video series chronicling everything in the franchise, soon!

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  • Ziggurcat

    The real question, now, is – what about those who have finished the teaser who didn’t even have a mic? how were they able to get the second baby laugh without uttering the name “Jarith”? There has to be a method for those who don’t use mics…

    It should also be noted that I have seen other people (specifically twitch streamer DJClicheDarkness) get the “second” baby laugh first, and then the “first” baby laugh from the10 steps second… meaning he triggered what we all refer to as the second laugh first by making some kind of noise into his mic after the clock strikes 12 (it was successfully triggered using a variety of different sounds), and then he took 10 steps, which triggered that particular laugh that was quickly followed by the third laugh/phone ring.

    • naga

      The teaser is for PS4, bundled with your PS4 you get a mic.

      • bigshynepo

        He said “didn’t use” not “didn’t have”. People are trying to uncover every secret in this trailer, including if it’s passable without a mic.

      • Ziggurcat


        No… Really? It’s a teaser for a PS4 title? And here I thought, while playing it on my PS4, that it was for a completely different system… /sarcasm

        The fact is, naga, that a lot of people don’t use that tiny little earbud, nor do they own the camera, so how were they able to finish it with no mic input?

        • naga

          Well use that little earbud if you want to finish it. It has an incorporated mic. You don’t have to own a PS4 camera or expensive microphone for it.

          • Ziggurcat

            you’re assuming i haven’t finished the teaser. i have. with a headset that isn’t the included earbud.

        • There are multiple random solutions, this being the quickest. Simple.

          • James Cook

            I tried saying Jarith, pronouncing the ith like in Sith. Nothing. Then I tried Jareth, pronouncing eth like in ethical. Worked. Bizarre. XD

    • Anubis

      I wonder if someone has tried spelling “Jarith” on the DS4 trackpad. There’s gotta be a micless solution.

  • Mohammad A. Fikree
    • dude, that thumbnail. Scary

    • Megan Schneider

      Definitely works, Thanks!!

  • Guest

    That solution is not consistent for everybody.

  • hbkwm14

    Does anyone else get a random mixed up/ Maybe German voice randomly in the last section. It happen a few time to me now.

  • Koulamatata

    I said Jarith like a billion times and couldn’t get it to work.
    I yelled Jesus christ once when someone came up from behind and startled me, and it worked right away. Lol.

  • Martin Smith

    The fact that Kojima confirmed that 7780 is a reference to the Japanese town of Quiet Hills (it’s that town’s postcode) makes this solution extremely unlikely. It’s also convoluted beyond belief.

    It’s clear now that you can whisper anything into the mic and it works.

  • Deitatis

    “He Slide a Finger Over My Hand.”
    Could moving your finger over the PS4’s touchpad be another way of triggering an event in the game? The PS4 is the ‘hand’ of the player in the game, shaking while the character’s hand tremble, opening doors and such, and the phrase stands out, at least to me, as it is very out of place. A lot of the other phrases have some degree of terror to them; I froze, I shivered, I waited, the hand was cold (dead), and the phrases which stand out (the phone, the waiting, the whispering of Jarith) translate into things you do to solve the puzzle; the phone being the last step, the whispering triggering the 2nd laugh and the waiting triggering the third. Out of the two favored consoles by third parties, the XBox One and the PS4, only the PS4 could allow such a sliding mechanic, which, coincidentally is the only console which this demo is on. I don’t own a PS4 myself so I can’t verify any of this, but someone with the console should really look into this.

  • Dave T

    That’s messed up, you really put some thought into this. Glad you did, as I was either too busy or too lazy to figure this out myself. Even if you can activate the baby by saying anything into the mic (don’t know, don’t care), this took some dedication! Worked a treat for me. Good on ya, thx : )

  • BamaGoatt

    I think my solution might work if I can ever complete it that is. I am 2/3rds of the way there just need the bathroom message to pop up to finish it. Anyways they have 3 spots messages will pop up at following hauntings 1is near the phone another by the radio and the last by the shampoo on the tub. The messages look identical to when you find the picture pieces.

    • BamaGoatt

      Got it time to test it!

      • BamaGoatt

        Nothing must be more than 3 that is the only ones I have found going to try by the clock only spot I haven’t tried yet.

        • BamaGoatt

          Just got number 4 at the picture you find the pieces for nothing so far? Could there be five.

          • BamaGoatt

            Number 5 at the forgive me Lisa sign maybe the last sign 10 steps?

          • BamaGoatt

            Nothing so far tried the baby and the calling from hell sign no clue message.

          • BamaGoatt

            I give up this game is too frustrating.


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