The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition PS4 is a hoax

Will people stop it with the trolling already?  First, the heavily anticipated (at least by me) Left 4 Dead 3 countdown site was outed as a hoax and more recently, the Fallout 4 website (I can’t talk about it – the wound is too fresh) was also proven to just be a big troll too.  Now fans hopeful to get a The Last of Us fix on the Playstation 4 are met with the crushing reality that people on the Internet can be jerks.

An image purported to have been from Amazon showed a Game of the Year Edition of The Last of Us for the Playstation 4.  Naughty Dog had previously mentioned that there were no plans (as of the time of that article) to port The Last of Us to the Playstation 4.    That should have been our first clue.  Click on the image to see the whole thing.

Additionally, the box art is kind of…questionable. I mean of all the beautiful set pieces and other moving cinematic moments the game had, they’d pick…that one?  I understand that it wouldn’t be the first time that actual, real box art for a game has been pretty terrible, but this is The Last of Us.  It was one of this last year’s most anticipated and critically acclaimed titles.  They would have picked something else…Additionally, the image says that the game would be released at the end of next year.

There are also several other discrepancies with the box art that Spawn First has gone into detail with, if you’re really that interested in seeing all of them.

The final revelation came when a NeoGAF forum user found that when entering the URL on the image, you’re actually brought to a page for The Order: 1886.

Will The Last of Us ever be ported to the Playstation 4?  Never say never!  There’s quite a lucrative business in HDing older titles for re-release, particularly for people who sold off their last gen collection to be able to afford to step foot int0 the next gen gaming arena.


  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    I Know liking Mistake by Amazon, but i hope is Real i glad double dip