The Doom Game We’ll Never See (Update: Footage)


It was no secret Doom 4 spent years in development hell, as best described in Kotaku’s expose on the matter. Yet, in all of that time iD Software spent struggling to produce a game,  they must have had a little something to show for it.

Of course they do,  but when I see the screenshots from the failed Doom 4, Doom isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The screenshots look far removed from the series I’m familiar with, and I can’t say I’m disappointed that this isn’t the game we’re getting. With E3 just around the corner, we’ll hopefully see something a little less generic shooter and a little more Doom.


Update: All Games Beta has footage of the cancelled title.


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  • Thomas

    ……. i kinda glad they scrapped this because it looks nothing like a doom game. There is nothing about this that gives it away as a doom game, at least in my opinion…….

  • It doesn’t look like Doom, looks more like a cross between GoW & Resistance. It’s a beautifully rendered teaser but not Doom.

  • Xander

    Brown environments, generic-looking characters, vague end-of-the-world scenario…yeah, I can see why this was scrapped: too generic. The 5-second teaser they released has more personality than this.


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