TGS 2014: New trailer for Silent Hills


Today at that Tokyo Game Show, we finally got another glimpse at Silent Hills. Hideo Kojima himself was on hand to present a new video showing off what he, Guillermo Del Toro, and all other parties involved in the project have in mind for the game. Check out the trailer below to see it for yourself.

Although it should be noted that the footage in the trailer below is of a concept video and doesn’t necessarily reflect what will be in the final game.


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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Kojima and Del Toro with all that horror foreplay XD I’d rather have this excitement than “oooooh here is the new Silent Hill game… the main character is tormented by his past mistakes and ect.”

  • Asim Siddiqui

    It looks like more of a reboot to me. The series has become very repetitive in innovation. They need to try something new in order to revive the horror genre.

  • Elcor

    I really want the siren back tbh 😀

  • Megan Schneider

    Or is this another playable trailer?

  • franky mcdonald

    This is a concept comment. the opinions expressed do not have any connection to anyone living or deceased. just some leftovers from P.T. used to keep the hype train chugging along.

  • Carrie Lasher

    HORROR LIVES. KOJIMA IS A REVOLUTIONARY. and i’m also seeing a bit of Junji Ito in there!! IMO

  • Carl Johnson

    Oh man, that shit looks HYPE. I know it won’t make a difference to how awesome the game is, but I’d really like to avoid first person.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    Not a fan of Silent Hill, i think its overrated and every fan i run into is an entitled fuck ( besides Whitney 🙂 ) but this looks amazing. This is now my most anticipated game.

  • Jeremy Kaminski

    Fucked up monsters…CHECK, Creepy true to form Silent Hill atmosphere…CHECK all we need for this to be a hat trick is Akira to confirm his return tot the helm for the sound/music. I cannot wait to see gameplay footage, this is no doubt Kojima continuing to troll/tease his audience. The atmosphere of this video proves Silent Hill can be resurrected with the right team. There is more Silent Hill in this trailer than there was in the entire Downpour game. Once we see some 3rd person video of Normon Reedus’ character we are looking at horror game of the millenium. Take notes Capcom, this is how a next-gen game is supposed to look.

    • Mark Merrett

      Hopes for minimal combat skills like in SH1-3, ones where u get to dodge and preform combos from diff buttons or charge up attacks seem to take away the focus on surviving and horror when i could just smash up monsters with a strong weapon.

      • Jeremy Kaminski

        I just want the game mechanics to revolve around exploration like the first 4 did. Either way, if they split it into episodes I will not bother with it. They will have ruined a beloved franchise.

  • John Perkins

    Looks good. Norman Reedus is a huge plus for me! Looks far more horror than Revelations 2 . I’m betting Silent Hills will out perform Re revelations 2. Capcom should just reboot the franchise.

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      As much as I love the RE franchise (well up until RE5), Silent Hill stole it back in ’99, the second I played that game I was instantly creeped out. RE and SH are always going to be my go to franchises but SH has always been more truly terrifying.

      • John Perkins

        Yeah Silent Hill games always had better emphasis on horror and much better written storytelling than RE. RE1-4 were good…dont know what happened after that.

        • LoveAnimation

          Dont forget Code Veronica and the first Revelations.
          Those games got really great storys and characters.

          • John Perkins

            Those are the better entries as well, but they are spin offs. Wouldn’t say they had the best storytelling. They were a bit wacky and out there, but entertaining none the less. I guess thats not saying much with re1s over the top camp, its still a classic though. Love dat spencer mansion.

          • LoveAnimation

            No idea what you mean by wacky and out there.
            I think those games had really great and well made storys and characters and they are some of my favorite games in the series.

          • John Perkins

            Let’s see…the whole transgender thing with Alfred and his weird obsession with his own sister. The lame love chemistry between Steve and Claire….and the resurrection of Wesker who is now super human after his lethal events in Re1. Its entertainment, but wasnt scary.

            Revelations was better than 5 and 6. I liked the storyline and characters….but some of those hairstyles and outfits are out of this world! Guess I cant say much since we all know Jill is a street whore when she isnt in uniform.

          • LoveAnimation

            Well i loved all that stuff in Code Veronica and it made the story and the characters way more interesting and memorable.
            Alfred and his sister are some of the best villains in the entire series to me and i loved all that stuff with Steve and Wesker too.
            Code Veronica got the best story and characters in the entire Resident Evil series to me i think.
            Also i think Code Veronica got the most scary and disturbing story in the entire series.
            No idea what you mean by the outfits and hairstyles in Revelations being out of this World.
            They looked perfectly fine for me and they just looked like normal Spies or secret agents that you usually see in this kind of stuff to me.
            Military people usually look like that in movies and games.
            And Resident Evil 3 is also a great game but Code Veronica is way better in my opinion.
            Better story, better characters, more fun and interesting places to explore and a way more scary and disturbing atmosphere.

          • John Perkins

            On Revelations. ..its not a big deal but some of the outfits /hairstyles look like they could be found in star wars or final fantasy. Its rather funny …RE is known for camp.

            Also, I enjoyed Veronica, but I prefer Nemesis over it. Feels more polished, more features and unlockables. Not as good looking as veronica …but has some pretty backgrounds compared to re1 and2.

            Original RE plus REmake are still the scariest. Too many annoying aspects in veronica that make frustrating as hell. Its definitely one of the more challenging entries. But you know RE3 is pretty damn hard when you choose to fight nemey …or you have a choice to be a wuss. I like the variety in nemesis gameplay.

  • Andy

    It looks like a bunch of stuff thrown at you. Not really scary IMO.

    • LoveAnimation

      This is how the P.T demo was like and it was one of the scariest things many people have ever played.

  • Dio

    i’m kinda lost here; will the game be entirely in first or third-person? if it’s the former, then i don’t see a reason why kojima had to use reedus’ face and everything… i could be wrong, though?

    • John Perkins

      Kojima enjoys messing with fans. These are nothing but teasers. We will have to wait and see. I notice alot of influences from SH4…I’m curious to see more. This title looks series needs this treatment badly. Capcom needs to take some notes.


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