Team Silent returns for Silent Hill 9 (April Fools)

In what has to be one of the biggest announcements in gaming history is the reveal of the team behind Silent Hill 9. Instead of Konami reaching out to a new studio yet again for their next Silent Hill game, they have miraculously reassembled the original Team Silent for the upcoming game in the series. I have taken the liberty of translating Hiroyuki Owaku’s quote from the latest Famitsu:

“We all thought it was time to come back, you know? Fans love us because we can’t do anything wrong, apparently. We could put a Pyramid Head in every single game we make and it would be alright. I think it’s just a western thing. They think us Japanese developers are just better than any other country’s game designers. So, Konami had said “OK, let’s do it!”. I’m very happy to be back!”

When asked about the current team behind the latest Silent Hills, Owaku had this to say “Well, we needed supernatural energy to make yet another great Silent Hill, so Konami has sacrificed the lives of the current team for Team Silent. Their flesh and blood nourished God and now we can make a great game!”

Along with Owaku, Masahiro Ito, Takayoshi Sato, Masashi Tsuboyama, Akira Yamaoka, and Keiichiro Toyama are all returning to the series.

Details are scarce, but it seems like Silent Hill 9 will be a direct sequel to Silent Hill 2. Maria was pregnant during the game and her child was left behind at the Lakeview Hotel, also known as James and Mary’s “special place”.

The game will put us in control of Eddie, who survived the events of the 2nd game, as he is on the run from James because he has kidnapped the child. The game will be heavier on combat and be played in first person. Heather is said to be Eddie’s co-op partner for online play. Silent Hill 9 is expected to release this coming October.

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  • inffi

    CJ that is just horrible prank 🙁

    • inffi

      and im not talking about the sacrifice thing but sequel to SH2 😀 and all that team silent thing 😀

  • Alysha

    You are mean! lol

  • Levito

    Just pre-ordered at Gamestop, pre-order bonus is Eddie’s half eaten Pizza from SH2. AWWWWWW YEEEAH.

    • Catherine be damned. Now that’s a peeeeza preorder.

    • I hope I can eat it forever, too!

  • bad joke guys for a moment for me this was a rality 🙁 #aprildayfools

  • Gracek

    I hate such jokes. After what they did to Downpour and HD Collection, re-hiring Team Silent would be the only way to save Silent Hill’s name. So sad that it will probably never happen…

    • Ccrogers15

      You cant “re hire” them. All the members split up and now all of them are at different companies. There never coming back.

  • Jam6i

    The title was a cruel joke…the actual article was brilliant!

  • Benjamin May

    I really hate April Fools!

    I’m enjoying Silent Hill Downpour so far though.

  • merzitar

    This has to be the most evil April Fools prank EVER! I actually thought it was real until I read “Maria was pregnant during the game and her child was left behind at the Lakeview Hotel” lol. It would be amazing if Team Silent came back, but I doubt it’ll never be.

    • The sacrifice of the current team and Japanese developers doing no wrong didn’t tip you off earlier? XD

  • Little Owl

    why would you be like that cj D:

  • Pyramid_heart

    I’d pranked about Book of Memories actually meetings street date…Or Silent Hill Homecoming getting an HD remake.

  • -_- hoo boy

  • Tigerspaw16

    I can’t believe anyone fell for this? I came to this site specifically to see what corny April fool’s joke would be up. This one was obvious.. I mean Sunday at 1150am guys? LOL

  • TC

    CJ, don’t do that again, I was shocked and excited -___- I hope that happens someday, but sadly, it won’t happens at all -____- (you know, we’re talking about the stupid Konami here) I must put my hope to Keiichiro Toyama & Naoko Sato (she’s the writer of SIREN series & Gravity Rush) for a new authentic survival horror game composed by the genies woman Hitomi Shimizu (composer of the first SIREN & Blood Curse)

  • Great news! If this turns out to be just a joke, I will come and make you folks the Team Silent.

  • 🙁

  • This makes me a sand panda…

  • pabgo

    OP is fag

    • You’ve got a certain wit about ya.

      • TC

        CJ , I hope you don’t feel bad about my comment , don’t get me wrong I’m actually loved your joke (it’s cool) I totally believed it in the beginning lol until I read “are all returning to the series …” and the rest

        • The entire point is to poke fun at those desperate for an entire team to come back when that just won’t happen.

          I’d like for Ito to come back, though. His art direction is fantastic. Bring him back and we’ll see some old perfecting make its way back in.

          • TC

            Konami is really the big problem, sometimes you feel they really want to kill Silent Hill, I totally agree with you about Masahiro, he must come back so we can see excellent art direction & monsters designs, but Konami won’t let that happens at all, you feel there’s something wrong there

            if Konami want to develop a new Silent Hill with “low budget” again, so why they don’t develop it themselves ? (I mean what rest of Team Silent at Konami) or develop it with a Japanese studio just like Grasshopper (Michigan: Report From Hell, Fatal Frame 4) or maybe Team GrisGris (Corpse Party Series) I Really don’t see any disincentive for that, in fact we will see excellent basis but with low budget, and that’s not problem for me

  • RequiemDogma

    Argh! NOT FUNNY!

  • Wow! What fantastic news, guys!…
    A SH9 out in October already?!?! Man, this is all kinds of AWESOME!!! 😀

    Oh, wait… XD

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys. Y’all should know better than to look up any kind of gaming related news on April Fool’s Day.

  • Anonymous

    And we don’t need Team Silent to “save Silent Hill’s name”. Downpour did just fine without them, but there’s never any convincing the Japanophiles.


      man, i respect you but i disagree…as you said: “downpour did just fine”,but not excellent like past games…silent hill is now a B-class series, not a triple A saga

  • Good one! You really had me going for a moment there.

  • Please take down this article. It’s an insult to the fans and the series. I lost respect for you CJ…

    • Lighten up. It’ll do the digestion some good.

      • Lighten up? You realize the state of SH is very serious. It used to be great and now it awful. This article is not funny one bit….SH is on life support….I still lost plenty of respect for you….

    • Levito

      The internet is serious business.

    • Anonymous

      It’s an April Fool’s Day prank for heaven’s sake. Get a grip on yourself. You guys should know better than to browse for video game related news on April 1st.

  • Xander

    Great article! I loved every moment of it. Seriously, don’t take it down for a while. This joke is too great not to affect every single person it can.

  • This is full of win.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Wow, Cory. I guess April Fools Day is some new phenominon to you. Get a sense of humor.

    Captain Jack (CJ), for the record, this article EARNED more respect for you.

  • you mean like…………….AGAIN??

  • Ross Ingram

    Seemed plausible until I saw “direct sequel to Silent Hill 2” and “in control of Eddie”. Really CJ. Need to come up with a more original idea to catch me out 🙂

  • Silent Hill57

    please back akira end team silent forever.

  • Pureblackaura

    lol the screenshot was the best looking part btw this was posted as Guy cihi’s wall

    • Pureblackaura

      *on not as

  • Guest

    Uhggg not gonna lie, but if a new game every had a plot like that I would NOT be looking forward to it. I know you made it over-the-top intentionally for the joke, I’m just surprised that people would be legitimately excited for it…

  • Bpgarrahan

    Why has Konami NOT hired you yet!? Screw Team Silent, you know exactly what the next game needs to be!

  • Tigerspaw16

    How did Konami or why rather, did they let the SH franchise go to shit, yet MGS is still solid?

    Even Capcom is trying to repair RE, why can’t Konami at least try and put some polish in their SH series anymore?

  • Aqua_b13


  • Valeria_aventuras


  • Thereusedtobeaholehere

    Da fuq did i just read

  • disqus_M7atBVTLoK

    still fooling people
    I gotta learn how to read titles first


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