Team Killing Addressed in Friday the 13th With Patch

People- including gamers- given the veil of anonymity, can be pretty shitty. Look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the rampant lobby racism. There’s a legit 85-90% chance someone will say the n-word in that game’s lobby. That type of internet awfulness has found its way to a game relevant to our interests, Friday the 13th.

Aside from verbal abuse (something already covered by Gun Media and Illfonic’s TOS for the game), team killing has become a big problem. Shitty counselors will attack and kill their allies, either for laughs or to help Jason. In order to fix this, the game is being updated to disable all team damage derived from weapons in public games. Team damage from vehicles and traps remain (to avoid trolling and keep active threats in the environment).

Even I found that after playing tens of hours of Friday the 13th, jerk players did start to become a problem. This is a welcome change. Suck it, d-bags.


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