State of Decay PC arriving this year, TU3 details surface

Despite Undead Labs’ game releasing several weeks ago and becoming the fastest selling original XBLA title ever, the developer has not slowed down their support to fix remaining issues as well as adding entirely new features to State of Decay. Revealed on the Undead Labs livestream by Jeff Strain, executive producer, was several details about the upcoming PC port of the game and fan-requested features that will be releasing in the game’s third title update.

While no specific date was given, the PC release of State of Decay was announced to be sometime this year. As expected, the game will have better textures and a higher framerate. It was also announced that it will be released on Steam’s Early Access program, where chosen members of the community can provide feedback on the game prior to a formal release.

As for future updates to the existing XBLA release, Strain noted the fan-requested feature to bring NPCs along on missions as something they’re going to be adding to the third title update. As for the ability to put rucksacks into vehicles, Strain stated that it’s a feature that the team is looking into adding in the future but not with the next update.

Some early details on the upcoming Sandbox Mode were also teased in the stream. Undead Labs will reveal more within a week’s time, but we now know the mode will work on a “valley” basis–establishing a base in one area until resources dwindle and moving onto the next with refreshed resources and harder enemies. Along with Sandbox Mode details, more information on the third title update will be revealed soon.


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