Silent Hills not confirmed for Halloween 2016 release

The internet can a wonderful place, but sometimes it isn’t. Today’s example of that truth comes from a recent report that Silent Hills has been “confirmed” for a Halloween 2016 release date. This news came to my attention and I was hesitant to believe it. So I did what any skeptical person does and pursued answers.

In short, according to Konami’s own representative, Silent Hills has not been confirmed for a 2016 Halloween release date. The information is absolutely¬†false. After showing the Konami representative the site¬†that made the claim, I was told as such. That’s that.

The Silent Hill series is my favorite game series, and when it comes to information about it, I like to scoop it all up and inform you guys what I’ve learned. So consider this post me doing my best to make sure you’re correctly informed.

Now let’s get excited for TGS where we’re bound to hear something about P.T./Silent Hills!

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  • Chewy2nd

    I really hope that site that came up with the release date gets blacklisted by google, their name keeps coming up in regards to a lot of games.

  • Venom2501

    Thanks for keeping with the journalistic integrity!

  • Steven Bayne

    Thank you,CJ. I was hesitant to believe that release date,too. I am anxious to hear more about Silent Hills at TGS though. I highly doubt a release date will be announced. I’m sure it will just be more developer/Del Toro commentary,which is fine with me. Some gameplay would be awesome to see. I have a feeling that they aren’t too far into development on this game though. Phantom Pain is probably Kojimas first priority and then Silent Hills.

  • Andy

    that’s a long ways away. :/


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