Silent Hill: Revelations 3D trailer has now been released

The long awaited Silent Hill: Revelation 3D trailer has finally seen the light of day, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. It’s has been quite the wait for this trailer. The film wrapped up awhile back and not so much as a poster released. Open Road Films, Revelation‘s distributor, has held all of their promotion cards for these last few weeks. Comic-Con saw the most info and media from the film since the film was announced back in 2010. Marketing has been somewhat thin for the film–something not uncommon for the Silent Hill series as a whole. Hopefully we will be seeing much from this point forward.

The trailer shows Heather and her father’s constant need to move and run from the forces of the town. When those forces find her, Heather starts to be pulled back into the Otherworld. Along with her, is her High School friend Vincent. Transitions to the Otherworld happen anywhere and everywhere for poor Heather. One in her own apartment building. Dark Alessa, as seen in the first film, makes a return as well. In the film, it appears that she’s pretty upset and destroying all that she can. The seal of Metatron also appears to have made its way into the film.

So far, I’m liking the imagery a lot. The scale of the film seems bigger than I anticipated as well. I can’t wait to start analyzing this trailer! Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed, the film is in 3D! 3D! 3D, in your face!

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  • HUNK


  • Alice

    You are going to make an analysis, right? I can’t wait to see it! Hopefully you do it quickly, i seriously can’t wait, since there are lots of things hard to spot there 🙂

    • I’m trying to download the trailer in 1080P, can’t find a way yet! Ah!

      • Silent Evil

        If you have Firefox you can use their download app. It’s easy-peasy.

  • Alice

    Trailer analysis, NOW! 🙂

  • ljbad

    The acting seems just a little cheesy in this trailer, but I guess the games had their fair share of cheese too. I really hope they are able to preserve Heather’s dry sense of humor and casual acceptance of a world gone to hell. That actress reminds me so much of Natalie Tigger from Monk.

    I think it makes sense from a narrative standpoint to have Vincent be more of a peer and companion to Heather, but I wish they could’ve kept him more refined and enigmatic, not so scruffy-looking.

    I will be completely satisfied with this movie only if she gets a call on a disconnected payphone at the bottom of a rusty locker that sings happy birthday to her in a creepy voice. As long as her only objection to this incredibly strange occurence is: “but you’re wrong… it’s not my birthday.”

    • Koulamatata

      Get’s me every time when she only seems to be concerned with the fact that he has the wrong date for her birthday.
      Not the fact that he alludes to that he’s going to torture her.

  • IB

    I can’t wait but god we still have to wait two month.

  • Alice

    /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KMWrZmD0AN4 Here you go Cj 🙂
    Now…make the analysis…NOW!!! 😛

    • Working on it.

      • Alice

        IM happy! 😀 thank you CJ.
        Can you make an emphasis on Claudia? Like, if she s transforming to a monster or if she is just dissappearing, or if she is changing from her white dress to her black one? I can’t seem to see very well that black thing she is transforming into: is it a sleeve of her black dress? an actual monster arm?
        Can you say something about her?
        Thanks! 😛


    anybody else think it looks a little over hollywood-y? i think a silent hill movie should be more desolate… but ya cant win em all i spose

  • This looks horrible. It really does. I cannot believe that they would do this to Silent Hill. To me, the Silent Hill franchise ended at “The Room.” Farewell Silent Hill, you were awesome before these idiots got there hands on you and raped you.

    • Alice

      they didn’t rape anything, in fact, i think this movie has more from the games than it should have. Vincent is the only big problem i see in this, but nothing else. We have to see what we have, what it’s good, and not juts see every mistake. This is for our enjoyment! so enjoy!
      Heather seems to be at the school, rather than the mall, but idk why lots of people dislike this: she is a teenager, anyway. And, te Mall is already confirmed, too.

      • It’s not about what’s included from the games, it’s about the integrity of the series. Silent Hill isn’t a generic gorefest like the movies. It’s an atmospheric psychological mind trip. The horror comes from the horrors within the human mind and soul manifesting into real life. The movies are nothing but special effects and things the producers THINK should be involved in Silent Hill. Like, why the hell is Pyramid Head in this movie? Pyramid Head was psychologically realized by James as a means of punishment for murdering his wife. Pyramid has nothing to do with Heather. I have no qualms with creative license as long as it enhances the experience of the film. What the producers and directors are doing is only diminishing the integrity of the series.

        • Alice

          James’ Pyramid Head doesn’t have to do with anything in the movie, but Alessa’s does, which is the one we see here. I disagree, these movies aren’t just special effects. The first one did an absolutely wonderful job in making the same atmosphere in the big screen. This trailer doesn’t do justice to what the film truly is, i can assure you. This trailer looks su “IN YOUR FACE!” because it’s just for every class of audience. Bassett said there will be another one, an international one, that will do justice to what the film truly is. If it were for him, the trailer would have been so different, but, well, producers are greedy.

          • I disagree. The first movie didn’t replicate the atmosphere of the games at all, because there simply was no atmosphere in the movie. There was no mystery, no suspense, no intelligence, and worst of all no legitimate scares. It was a typical brainless Hollywood horror movie. Christophe Gans hadn’t the faintest grasp on what the story of Silent Hill is, or what the Silent Hill universe is about as a whole. Nothing about the film was scary, and the whole cult plotline was filled with holes. What were the monsters a representation of? Half of them were Silent Hill 2 monsters, all of which were representations of James’s psyche (lying figure, bubble head nurse, PYRAMID HEAD). They all have sexual overtones to them, because James was obscenely sexually frustrated. Why were they in the movie? They have NOTHING to do with Sharon/Cybil/Rose. There was no subtlety, which is KEY to the Silent Hill atmosphere. The movie just makes no sense. It’s a complete waste of time full of plotholes and expensive special effects. The sequel is going to be the same. They wouldn’t showcase the ridiculous amount of special effects in the trailer (of which there are many, there is no denying) if they weren’t going to be featured in the movie.

          • Alice

            The first movie was full of atmosphere. The survival horror aspect is obviously not there, because you know Rose isn’t going to die in any moment, because it’s a film, you aren’t controlling Rose and avoiding monsters. The fog was really good in a tension-filling way. The otherworld transitions had to be obviously better looking because THE MOVIES AREN’T JUST FOR US, FANS, they are for every audience, and if they put the same lame otherworld transitions for the games (most of them) cult thing of the order since the first one, it would have been so much complicated for new comers, and that means no more interest in their part. It was a very good spin-off of the main canon.
            The new movie will put so many things from the game there, so, that means the same atmosphere, because characters also help with that, and even Claudia is the same as in the game, which no one expected to see after what they did to Dahlia.
            For the SH2 monsters, it was obvious that they were going to use those, because they are the most popular. The Nurses represent Lisa Garland taking “care” of Alessa, her vision about her own nurse. The Armless Man represents the agony Alessa went through inside that lonely room at Brookhaven. Pyramid Head is both a representation of a painting Alesa saw at the Hotel, that caused her disgust (if the Game Alessa represents Bugs, why not represent a painting in the movie?), and a representation of her missing father: how she imagines him, a strong man, but lacks a face since she doesn’t know him. And he serves also as a punisher for the Brethren, the cult that burned Alessa.

          • Also, here is an amazing analysis of the movie. They do a much better job at describing the movie than I do. Also, their entire “The Real Silent Hill Experience” is totally worth a watch for all fans of the games.

          • 123

            ah CJ your doing it again, hold your temper

          • Fine, I’ll just burn some DVDs quietly in a corner.

          • Alice

            :/ I don’t like Twin Perfect. they are very childish, IMO, mean, they broke the Movie Disk? How immature is it?
            It was enough to just criticize it, no need to do that. I like Fungo’s videos, but this…this is just ridiculous. If they don’t like the movie, fine. That’s all.
            I don’t think “true” fans could like that. Obviously there are exceptions, but, gosh, that was just ridiculous.

  • Koulamatata

    The trailer doesn’t look as good as I was hoping. I’m a huge fan of the first movie. It was a fantastic movie. A great blend of keeping it original, and being faithful to the game.
    But, the trailer for the first one didn’t look that good either.

    I’m a big fan of Kit since Game of Thrones, and I’ve loved Adelaide in everything she’s been in, so i’m really excited to see them in this movie.

    So far though, at least the visual design looks as stunning as the first movie. Easily the best part of the movie was how well they translated the “otherworld” to the big screen,

  • Kaine

    This trailer was incredibly in your face, unsubtle and “epic”. Totally unfitting for an adaptation of a small horror story that revolved around a few characters in a haunted town. Oh, and of course Pyramid Head is back. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming. But otherwise, it looks okay. I’m certain everyone in the production did their very best to make this film as good as it possible could given the mission statement: that the movie is a sequel, an adaptation AND a standalone film that everyone can understand. Not an easy task to be sure. So, minor nitpicks at the trailer aside, I’m still cautiously optimistic.

  • Taking liberty to change some characters looks and behaivors is fine in my book if it serves the plot. They did that with several comic-to-movie adaptions and there was less complain.

    Good story+ proper presentation= a solid movie experience to me.

    • I’m not thrilled with Vincent’s change. He seems a bit unnecessary if he’s just going to tag along and scream with Heather. Hopefully he’s better than the trailer and clips have shown.

      • I think his role would be of a deceiver. I mean the Comic-con points at that direction but I could be mistaken. We’ll see.

  • Silent Evil

    Not bad. Vincent is a disappointment, and Pyramid Head is being used as fanbait, again. Valtiel standing behind Claudia looks likes a statue. Outside of those nitpicks, the rest seems to adhere somewhat closely to SH3. Should be good since I did enjoy Bassett’s ‘Solomon Kane’ film from a couple of years back.

    • crapwolf

      the fanbait worked on me… lol

  • Benjamin May

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see the film.

  • liam

    I loved the 1st movie and by the looks of this im going to enjoy this one as well , when I see these movies it makes me want to play the games again I hope the next silent hill will have another female lead like in 3 im tired of the same looking male charaters with jeans and brown hair

  • That looks pretty good! I don’t know why I was expecting/hoping for it to replicate the game a little closer, especially this late in the game, but it still looks very entertaining. Claudia looks really good, in the 1 second they showed of her. And Robbie’s there! I am pleased.

  • Great trailer! I’m surprised they didn’t show Rose in the trailer at any point because I think she is suppose to be in this movie too.


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