Silent Hill Revelation 3D Making Of bits hit the web

It appears that we may see some behind the scenes content from Silent Hill Revelation 3D after all. Two 10 minute behind the scenes videos have hit the web. Both videos consist of short clips of Michael J. Bassett directing the cast of the film within or before shooting. Taken from the German language version of the film, some of the footage has been dubbed while the Making Of content remains in English.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D releases on DVD and Bluray on February 26th, 12 days shy of Valentines Day. I’ll be shedding a tear as I am still quite disappointed with the quality of this film. Time to take a long drive and reflect on what could have been.


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  • algebraic87

    While it is a terrible film, at least one can find some amusement in its awfulness. I found myself laughing during quite a bit of the movie because of all of the horrendous dialogue and chaotic direction. But yeah, it’s a shame we couldn’t get something better that does the video games justice.

    • You may have found the movie terrible but I enjoyed it for what it is and not for fans wanted it to be.

      • Koulamatata

        Yeah, I also quite enjoyed it.

      • I’m a fan and it being a perfect adaptation is not my biggest concern. Being a well made movie is. The first film was well made. This one was not IMO. A better adaptation of the material but far worse of a film due to shoddy acting, bad pacing, and muddled plot.

        • algebraic87

          I totally agree. The first movie wasn’t as faithful to the games as the second, yet it was still a better movie. I enjoyed it. I’m also a devout fan of the games, so I feel like this awesome series deserves a better attempt at a movie than this. The film was quite half-assed, in my opinion. For the reasons that CJ mentioned, it really was a poor production. The actors didn’t even bother to maintain their American accents throughout the entire movie. Sorry, but that’s just bad movie-making.

  • tigerspaw

    I’m scared to watch this, and not for the reasons you may think ._.


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