Silent Hill fan film releases on Machinima

Silent Hill Anniversary has released on Machinima, today. Directed by Jay Ness, Anniversary is a fan adaptation of Silent Hill 2.

The film is just short of 20 minutes long and features impressive special effects for a fan film. The film takes some creative liberties with the story, but it’s a pretty nice adaptation. Check it out!

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  • Nice

  • Elyssa

    Very beautiful, creative, & haunting at the same time. Nice job to mister Jay Ness & the others who worked on this.

  • This was very well done. I think the creators of this short film should collaborate with konami on working towards a full length film. That would be pretty damn sweet.

  • DesertKa13

    great film. As a longtime fan it was nice to see the best storyline (SH2) with hints towards other games in the series. Especially the SH4 reference at the end. Kudos


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