Silent Hill Downpour releasing March 6th

We finally have a release date! After an initial delay that pushed the game out of its early Winter release window, Silent Hill Downpour will now be arriving to stores on March 6th in North America.

The wait may have been long, but hopefully it will be worth it. Silent Hill Homecoming suffered from many bugs and didn’t seem very polished. Perhaps a few more months of development time would have made it a better game to play.

I’m almost glad they delayed Downpour for a few extra months to polish the hell out of it. Why get a buggy, unpolished game a few month early when you can get a better experience a few months later? March seems like a fine date. Seeing as how my birthday is also in March, I’ll pretend I’m important and they changed the date for me. ME!

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  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    The wait is almost over. Yaaaaaaaay!

  • heiny


  • KoRnCreep

    SH HD collection later this month, then SH Downpour and Alan Wake AN, great.
    Only thing is I have not seen anything from Downpour, I hope the graphx are better than those released lately, how is combad?, does blood pools still exist? I hope there is a gore like in SH2 & 3

  • Morrison

    Great news! I think March is an excellent date too…as it starts to turn Spring-like and get’s rainy just like in the game! Kinda like when Shattered Memories was released just as things were starting to frost-over weather-wise!

  • andrew

    I loved homecomming in honesty, yeah it wasn’t the most polished, but I loved it more than the sham’s known as RE4 and RE5. It had a good story, pyramid aside, and it felt more fluent in its gameplay and weapon use, probably because the character was from an Army background, which is the first SH character to have combat/weapon experience.

    Otherwise it nailed quite abit of the environments pretty well. Looking forward to downpour, and the HD collection. Should be good!

  • Beatwolf

    What about a European release date please?

  • We were given confirmation at the event, Heiny. But if you want to hear it from the producer, watch till the end of GamesRadar’s preview.

  • boxhead

    yes, when it comes to europe? everytime they only tell american release date but nothing more.. as usually it comes month later.. 🙁

  • Smiley

    People seem under the impression that the HD collection has been delayed to march 6th as well based on gamestop and gamefly changing their dates. I’d find that counterproductive to have the games released so close together among other big titles that gamers will be saving up for in march.

  • mkdfan

    I’d assume March 9th here in Europe but who knows.

  • Ross Ingram

    Have any of you seen this 15 min preview of SH Downpour from Gamesradar only noticed it since my bro has animenewsnetwork as our homepage and their was a story posted today about this.


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