Silent Hill 2011 Trailer & Information

The new Silent Hill game (currently no subtitle) was shown at Konami’s E3 Conference and quite an interesting trailer it was. Revealed is that the game is not the previously rumored FPS style but instead traditional Third Person. They are borrowing good ideas used in the past games; psychological elements, twisted worlds and monsters, working on the atmosphere of terror and dread while trying it to make it more terrifying than previous titles; all while at the same time delivering in what Silent Hill has never done before. They confirm that the game in terms of Combat will be like Shattered Memories, you can’t kill what comes for you. However they have expanded on the idea as is apparent in the trailer, you can’t kill them but you can evade them and a gun is in use, but it appears to only temporarily take monsters out of commission and not actually kill them. They want to make the game drenched in atmosphere, terror, and isolation. Also confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3. Got us intrigued, but how does it look? Look at the recorded video below to find out yourselves.

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  • The game looks great, but I really don’t like the idea of not being able to kill the things that are trying to kill me in a game. I want to be able to fight back, but I can see why they chose to go in that direction. It will certainly add to the feeling of helplessness and isolation. This game is now on my radar and I’ll be checking up on it’s progress over the next several months.

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  • will there be any online play because ive played all of the silent hill games and enjoyed them all but i would really love it if it had online with this game mode called survival where you and 5 friends at the start get weapons and guns and ammunition to fight of the zombies there can be 50 waves all waves get harder and if you die you have to wait till your revived or if you die or get decapatated you have to wait till the next round. The level could be in a house or a hospital or a prison i would really love it then really scary atmosphere and really good online play i would try and scare all of my friends 🙂
    the game looks amazing though love the idea that you cant attack the zombies 🙂


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