Silent Hill 2 voice actors come to agreement with Konami

Guy Cihi, the original voice actor for Silent Hill 2’s James Sunderland, has finally come to terms with Konami. Cihi along with Dave Schaufele, the voice of Eddie, have releases a picture of themselves on Facebook signing the documents that officially waive their rights for re-use.

“Very special thanks to Monica Taylor Horgan and Donna Burke for signing their waivers! Fans, you need to understand that this simply wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation and support of Tomm Hulett, Devin Shatsky and Michael Ranja of Konami USA.”, said Cihi.

Monica Taylor Horgan, the voice actress for Mary Sunderland / Maria,  released a statement on Facebook a few days back detailing that she will also be signing a waiver in hopes that fans may retain the original voiceovers as an option in the Silent Hill HD Collection. Silent Hill 2’s Angela (Donna Burke) has also signed.

“Here it is folks: I would LOVE to have the old voices on SH2 as an option for fans. I will be at Konami to sign off on this as a reality tomorrow. My experience with them thus far has been totally relaxed, pleasant and light-hearted. And I am sure if I suggested “pizza and beer” they would be game for that too. I realize I am just one voice: but It was my understanding that this is what the fans would like so let’s make it happen!”, Monica states on the matter.

It seems that everyone, or almost everyone, have signed their performances back to Konami. Let’s hope this means that Silent Hill 2 HD will have the voiceover option that many fans, including the Silent Hill 2 cast, is hoping for.

If this is indeed for the HD Collection, then the same seems inevitable for Silent Hill 3. Right now, all we can do is hope and wait that the cast for that game–excluding Donna Burke, because she played Claudia and has already signed–will sign over their performances.


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  • I wish he were smiling, but as a fan, I could never thank him enough

  • killer89

    I have never seen Cihi smiling. X3

    Why so serious, Cihi?

  • Andy H.

    I’m so happy! Tears of happiness comes to my eyes!

  • Smiley

    This is good news. We really should hear back on Silent Hill 3 though since as far as I’m aware no one has been in touch with Heather Morris or Clifford Rippel.

    As it stands I’m not sure if all the SH2 voices signed waivers or not. We haven’t heard anything regarding Jakey Breckenridge. According to Mr. Cihi he was told by Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky that the only waivers they needed were his and Dave’s. Now that they have both I hope we can put this whole mess behind us and look forward to the games when they come out.

  • inf

    That is really great! Thanks for listening fans!

  • Jen

    This makes me one happy fan! Now I can’t wait for the HD collection.

  • Matt S

    Credit to all those doing this for the fans’

    Pretty rare in this day and age.

  • mike

    thats good for old fans. im looking forward to the new voices to breathe some new life into the characters. the old voices were pretty bad

  • Earthbound_X

    So it sounds like the original voice actors in SH2 isn’t official yet, or did I read this wrong?

    It’s just something that could happen?

  • David

    my god, best news i’ve heard all year, cant wait for this collection now!

  • lol

    Awesome news. i still hate konami tho

  • Owl

    And just when I accepted the idea of new voice acting… haha

    I’m glad they’ve listened to fans and made this work. I’m excited to hear the new voices but also very happy I’ll have to option to play the games with the original voice cast.


  • racoon

    Thats a great new…Silent hill colection is now a must!!!!


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