Shinji Mikami shares his opinion of the state of horror in Resident Evil

It should be no secret to anyone that the Resident Evil series has gone through a bit of an evolution.  For better or for worse.  As the series strays further and further away from its survival-horror oriented roots in favour of attracting a larger audience, one can’t help but think about what Resident Evil‘s creator would think of he saw what Resident Evil 6 looks like.

Now we need not wonder.

Shinki Mikami, in an interview with CVG had what some might call some cutting words for the latest Resident Evil title.  Mikami agreed with CVG’s statement that people are growing a little tired of zombie games and movies and said “That’s the problem.  When I saw the trailer for 6, it looks as though it’s more a Hollywood action film than a zombie game.  Well, that’s just the trailer, mind you.”

Yes, that is just the trailer.  It does offer us a glimmer of hope that there might be something else he’s seen that he isn’t telling us about.  Such as the things he’s more pleased with, like horror sections.

Mikami told CVG that he believes Capcom is working very hard on Resident Evil 6, but as to whether or not he’ll play the title?

I don’t know until it comes out.  I didn’t play Resident Evil 5 until a year ago, which was long after it came out.  They sent me a copy, but I didn’t open it for a long time.  Whether the game was good or bad, I knew that someone other than me had made it, so it would be different to my style.  I didn’t like the idea of that.


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  • For worse. His view represents the majority the fans. And no shocking people will get angry at this comment. Bring it on.

    • I agree bro. I been a fan since the first RE game from 1996. All these posers that jumped the bandwagon with RE4 on up are gonna get pissed, but the truth is, Capcom sold out RE like a cheap blond superficial slut to make money. The new RE games are now very simplified and easy to attract crappy casual gamers. They want to appeal to people with short attention spans.

      • resident16

        I m there with u fan from 96 also . The funny thing is they want to market a larger audience!? On ps1 resident evil and final fantasy were top notch and the biggest sellers. If they would give US horror and not this action crap they would make more money. look at operation raccoon city. Outbreak was so much better and would kill left 4 dead but they are so out of touch they are fucking up everything. I mean wesker is dead cmon! I brought up final fantasy because they did the same with turn based fighting

      • Yeah I loved RE4 and consider parts of true RE games since it was the last one made by Mikami. It was the perfect balance of action and horror- and no co-op !

    • Kaine

      True. Leon’s campaign is the only one that really interests me at the moment. Good atmosphere, lighting, etc. But I kind of dig the 4-way battle with Ustanak.

  • liam

    the only thing I dont like about re6 is the fact that it looks like all you have to do now it get from Point A to Point B , I miss the investigation and back tracking.

  • lol

    We also didn’t like the idea of that!

    Only way is zwei baby, counting to zwei!


    im a die hard RE fan since 96, and i do think its a shame that its straying from the survival horror that it used to be, i was concerned that re5 wasnt being developed with mikami, and i played it and despite it being very action heavy i still enjoyed it. the only thing i didnt enjoy is that it lacked the mikami charm that previous resident evils had, it felt oddly different, kinda like how snakes revenge felt in comparison to the rest of the metal gear series, like someone finishing someone elses artwork, something about it didnt feel right to me. it wasnt scary and made changes to the series that i think could and should have been handled better, like killing wesker by having him fall into a volcano… i cant help but wonder how mikami would have killed him off or ended that story arc. the death of such a huge character should have been a bigger deal. also that he was manufactured in a project to produce the “wesker children”, which to me just felt out of place in resident evil and stupid, i thought he was just a really evil dude. in the end i just thought “oh well” thats how it happened cannonically in the story. and in the same way, as die hard a fan as i am, i wouldnt be bothered giving out about how much the series has changed like some would, i just kinda look at it now and say fuck it, this is just how the story has progressed. in re1 you were a s.t.a.r.s officer, inexperienced in dealing with b.o.w.s, alone in a creepy mansion facing off against a few zombies and trying to survive, but now yer in pretty much a veteran in a b.o.w. warzone so the action would have to be incresed somewhat. i like that with revelations and six theyre working horror back into it, it shows that theyre listening to what fans want and im extremely excited to play it, kill zombies again and see where the story goes, and im gonna not give a shit and just enjoy it, unless it turns out that ada is a clone, because thats just fuckin ridiculous…

  • I know Capcom wanted to “reinvent” the series which is why we got the build of Re4 that we did. It took me a second to adapt to the changes but I guess since the first RE I played was the Remake it didn’t jolt me bad. I think Mikami’s ideas & direction where what saved 4. 5 was just something else in my mind. It wasn’t a totally bad game just not a great RE. it just reminded me of what RE would have been like if Michael Bay had adapted it.

  • natgopler

    It should be noted though that it was Mikami who turned RE into a shoot ’em up in the first place with the 4th game. I honestly can’t see why he dislikes RE5 so much, as it was more or less a clone of RE4 with some mods (and I must admit I loved the fact the merchant was no-where to be seen).

    • RE4 was not a shoot em up. It was a perfect balance of horror and action….

    • relyonevil

      Mikami DIDN’T want to make RE4 action in the first place. It’s beta versions (The Hookman version and the Fog version) were much more similar to the previous entries. He only did that because Capcom threatened to end the Resident Evil franchise. RE0 didn’t sell as well as Capcom hoped, so they were going to end it unless RE could sell well again, which was by appealing it to wider audience 🙁

      • Yep. I wish RE4 was one of the beta versions and just ended there, even though I still love the current RE4. RE0 would of sold better if it were on the ps2 as well as gcn.

        • Relyonevil

          I wish that too! It’s a shame, because the betas had so much potential. They had better graphics than the final, were gonna have random scares, and were gonna improve on RE0’s partner system (it was great already!) Speaking of RE0, it was supposed to be linked to the RE4 betas storywise, introducing the Progenitor virus and expanding on it. I hope they get leaked one day

          • Leon was going to get infected with the Progenitor virus I think. I didn’t know about the partner thing in the beta lol

          • Relyonevil

            You’re right. According to Paul Mercier (Voice actor of Leon in RE4), Leon’s arm was to turn into a “15-foot snake.” I guess that was supposed to be the arm of the Tyrant mutation he was turning into. Interesting though, because in RE4 final, it was Krauser’s arm that ended up transforming…

      • Griff

        RE0 didn’t sell well because it was a GC exclusive.

  • theinternat

    don’t forget, mikami also stated that japan needs to start making more games like “hollywood movies”. i think capcom is taking his advice.

    • Relyonevil

      Cinematic games aren’t the problem. RE2 was cinematic, yet full-fledged survival horror. The problem is Capcom’s bastardizing the mechanics that make the game a survival horror (limited ammo/health items, backtracking, puzzles) in favor of a TPS approach (linear, plenty of ammo)

      • theinternat

        But they made the changes they had to in order to survive mainstream gaming this day and age. if you think they could get by on a bunch of old nerds who played the classic RE games, you are mistaken. RE would be struggling, stuck in japan, a dlc game, or dead. like every other survival horror game.

        Silent Hill downpour was a “true survival horror” game, and it was good, but it’s sales were low and now it’s studio faces closure.

        today, all kids want to do is shoot sh*t. survival horror as we once knew it is dead (in mainstream gaming) i think it’s amazing RE is the grandaddy of survival horror and one of the few to survive next gen gaming.

        i just don’t understand why people are so hesitant to accept change. it’s easy to sit back and fling poo at something because it’s different. as long as it’s a good game, regardless of it’s name, it’s “genre”, or any nostalgia you may have, why not give it chance?

        • Griff

          Ha, no. Downpour sucked. Badly. It was much closer to the archetype of survival, but forgot the horror. The enemies were terribly boring, there were no scare moments and the otherworld was lame in comparison to the previous titles.

        • Relyonevil

          Resident Evil doesn’t have to ditch the genre of survival horror to modernize. Why is “modern” automatically “action”? Capcom can open up the controls of Resident Evil, but that doesn’t mean it should ditch the very genre it established for action. Why? Because there are much better action games out there than how RE currently is. It’d be a shame to see the king of the survival horror degenerate into a poor man’s action game.

          Capcom should work to make RE a modern survival horror, not modern action

          • blah

            i think that’s what they’re trying to do with leon’s scenario?

          • relyonevil

            Ironically, Leon’s level ended up being the most linear level in the demo. The controls were locked down, and it was mostly a point-A-to-B scenario. However, they DID nail down the atmosphere, which I’ll give them credit for. It sucks that it’s only a facade, because it’s still a TPS guns-blazing affair at it’s core.

          • blah

            well i’m hoping that the full scenario isn’t so linear… it does open up towards the end of the demo.

        • livingdeadguy989

          So your saying RE5 was a good game and people just aren’t giving it a chance? Good one. Now tell the one about the plot sucking balls and the brain drillingly repetitive gameplay. Even better compare the ads to the gameplay and ponder what their marketing department was smoking. They need to concentrate on making the best game they can and not the most marketable, then the “change” would be for the better. Also I’ll point out that the controls were half a decade old thrown into scenarios they were hardly intended for, zero gameplay innovation over what was previously done. Don’t even get me started on the co-op, they should have kept that shit in mercenaries. RE5 was not change it was a jumbled mess of a cash in, something half fleshed out and rushed to hand in on time. You should really feel like such a tool for buying into it enough to defend it. No offense, but it was a bad game with resident evil characters pasted in.

    • katarokinimoto

      I think mikami meant more that they should stop being cheap asses and just make the best game possible instead of trying to cash in on as many fanbases they can while spending the least amount of money.

  • Koulamatata

    I’m just so tired of getting stressed out an upset when Resident Evil… game after game… isn’t horror.
    I’ve only had like 7 years to accept the fact that the series has changed.
    I’m over it. Whatever type of game they’re going for with this one, as long as it’s fun, I don’t care if it’s horror or action. Just give me a good game.

  • Draiter

    Lol, even the man himself admits that Crapfest 5 is just what it is… PURE… CRAP… I itch everytime I see the grand name of “Resident Evil” on that PIECE OF SHIT… RE 4 was the last “TRUE” RE… Revelations is the only Un-Mikami Resident Evil that is worthwhile, and I’m hoping RE 6 is taking from it…


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