Several new Project Zero/Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition trailers; Fatal Frame IP now officially co-owned by Nintendo

The release of Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (aka Deep Crimson Butterfly), the fifth installment in the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series and a remake of the series second installment, releases next week in Japan (June 28th) and Europe (June 29th). While no American release has been announced yet, the game seems to be coming together fantastically. The new trailers give us a look both at the newly rendered locales, enemies, and cutscenes from the original game reimagined, but also a look into some of the new game’s features and content (this remake includes new modes, new story chapters, new cutscenes, new enemies, new locations, and new endings).

Besides these trailers, it seems that the Fatal Frame/Project Zero IP is now officially co-owned by Nintendo. Nintendo recently updated it’s copyright status, and seems to have full ownership of the spin-off Spirit Photography IP, and co-owns the Fatal Frame IP, including having ownership and publishing rights of this remake. Great to keep the series secure and afloat, but unfortunate for those who want to see Fatal Frame on a console outside of Nintendo-related ones. Seems that won’t be happening any time soon. This also opens up the amusing thought of having Fatal Frame representation in future Smash Bros games.

You can check out the new trailers below.

English Gameplay Trailer:

Japanese Story Trailer (New Main Theme Trailer):

English Story Trailer:

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  • Can’t STAND the english voices! Just doesn’t suit the game. The original actresses protrayed so much more emotion

    • I hope you know that everything is completely redone (including the Japanese & English voice acting) for this remake.. and we should be used to this by now since even the original Fatal Frame games had English dialogue (even the Xbox re-release of Zero 2 in Japan had English in the cutscenes, weird eh?). But I agree with you though, and I too prefer the Japanese audio, although I’m not too bothered with the English as long as I understand what’s going on. The only way to play with Japanese audio is to play the Japanese version (Zero). When it comes to localizing video games, this issue is often very common though, especially for RPG games.

      Unless.. we send mass amounts of email to Tecmo Koei and request that they include dual audio for both English and Japanese in time for the US release (if any), then we may be lucky enough to get it!

      // Roth

      • I actually meant I can’t stand the english accents the girls have. Just doesn’t suit the tone of the game.

        • LOL oh yeah, definitely, the British accents on Asian girls in an old Japanese setting… but I’ve seen many UK-based horror flicks already, and I’m used to it. So I guess it doesn’t bother me as much.

          • Yet American accents on Japanese girls in a Japanese setting is more accurate? No. It’s just your POV that it doesn’t work. The game is Japanese and thus the girls speak Japanese in Japan. You’re just not used to it. It’s a simple localization thing.

          • Not exactly.. I’m irish so I’m used to english accents, yet still I thinkthe American actresses from the original FF2 were so much better. These British ones sound too posh and emotionless.

  • Benjamin May

    My only problem with Nintendo is really a problem with myself. I’m not very good at using the Wii Remote. However, this looks good, so I may give it a go. I enjoyed the original version of Project Zero 2.

  • 123

    fatal frame on super smash bros?!, my bets in the ghost section:
    – each of them has one hit k.o. and special abilities like energy draining etc……
    my bets on the human section:
    – each of them as usual have camera obscuras and special abilities
    Objective: Taking pictures of enemies

  • gast0n

    Fatal frame is no meant to be played with a wiimote and a nunchuck.
    Fatal frame 4 sucks in the controls and the great example of this is the auto lock on the ghost with a button because if you dont have this “feature” you cant play the game properly or fight the ghost, the movements suck you cant control the characters like you do with a common joystick either.
    I hate the sound coming from the wiimote… and the puzzles revolving using the wiimote too…
    I hate you nintendo!!! -.-

    • What an ignorant thing to say. At the time, Nintendo’s involvement was only to publish the game and show how to use their tech. If there’s anyone to blame it should be the team that developed the game. They are still new the system. Nintendo even demanded that they fix Fatal Frame IV (Zero 4)’s bug before localization, but Tecmo/Grasshopper Manufacture refused to do so. Why do you think the game never made it outside Japan?

      The controls aren’t even that bad; still playable at least. I think you’re just frustrated because you’re new to the system. I believe any hardcore Wii player can adjust to the control scheme accordingly; I know I did.. and I should know because I actually own a copy. Thanks to Suda51’s direction, there’s a new story, good character development which traces back to the previous FF games, and some interesting new gameplay mechanics. The game itself received good ratings from Famitsu. Believe it or not, in Japan alone, Zero 4 sold the most copies than the other entries in the franchise. Talk about success!

      // Roth

      • gast0n

        Thats not true at all
        A Tecmo spokesperson gave IGN the following statement:

        “Nintendo holds the publishing rights to ‘Fatal Frame Wii,’ which was
        developed by Tecmo LTD. and Grasshopper Manufacture and released in
        Japan on July 31, 2008. Nintendo of America has since then decided not
        to publish the title in North America – consequently, the title will not
        be released in this territory. As the owner of the IP, Tecmo feels very
        unfortunate that the fans of the series in North America will not have a
        chance to play the game, but respects the final decision made by
        Nintendo of America.”
        Next time get your facts right before talking.

        And the controls are horrendous just because you like the wii or you can manage to use them with some practice doesn’t mean they dont suck, and I never said the game sucks, for me FF4 was one of the best of the series I’m only complaining about the controls 😉

        • What’s not true at all? The part where the developers refused to fix the bugs? I already know of that statement, but it only states Nintendo’s decision not to release the game for EU and NA (and we know that). They did not state any reasons WHY though. Fast forward a little bit to 2009 in a French article, Nintendo officially released their statement, and that the game will remain “Japan exclusive..” Haha, but if only you knew what goes into localizing a game.. then you’d have a better idea..

          When it comes to Nintendo, a product has to pass certain criteria of quality before it’s out the door. They’ll only localize a game if
          1) the game is appealing for the region
          2) complete and bug-free
          3) (enough) people will buy it

          As far as we know, there are 2 major glitches including a game freezing one (although avoidable) where you pick up a specific item and go into a different room before finishing your task, and the other is the incomplete ghost list (a few ghosts can’t be captured). If you read the credits Nintendo’s Mario Club Co., Ltd. (Super Mario Club) and another company called Digital Hearts handled the debug of the game. Like I said, Nintendo asked Tecmo to fix the game and iron out these bugs and some control issues. Nintendo also wanted to add IR controls to certain parts of the game (which a lot of players asked about, IR for flashlight much like Silent Hill, Fragile Dreams, RE4, LIT), and may have interfered with Suda’s original design ideas, resulting in too much effort (or not enough funds) for both Tecmo/Grasshopper, hence the refusal.
          This is a very important part of the development process when you’re working with another company. You must learn to work with one another and build that relationship. If at first you don’t succeed, get up and try again. That’s key to having a finished product.

          “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” ~ Shigeru Miyamoto

          continuing on to what you said..
          “..And the controls are horrendous just because you like the wii or you can manage to use them with some practice doesn’t mean they dont suck, and I never said the game sucks..”

          your original post:
          “Fatal frame 4 sucks in the controls..”

          I guess you answered your own problem there, haha. But really man, I don’t wanna bag on you, and I understand what you’re trying to get at but when you make comments as such, you mislead other readers into thinking that game/platform is bad, which is not the case at all. You are entitled to your own opinion, and that’s fine. I respect that. Though I do agree that some of the control decisions are really weird. But I think you should at least acknowledge readers of your level of experience with the system. We, gamers, have to help one another, especially when it comes to a video game series we both love.. and knowing is half the battle.
          Also, protip: never use IGN as your source of info. The site will stir up any story and make a game company look bad just to draw attention. That’s media for ya!

          Anyway, enough with this old news from 2008. I’m already over it. I’m way more excited for this new remake so I hope to see it released in the US. It reflects the growing relation between Tecmo and Nintendo. This is the most exciting time for the Fatal Frame series ever! :D/

          // Roth

    • Jason

      Hey dumbass you can turn the Wii Remotes sound off, goes to show that he doesnt have the system. Also, hopefully now they will announce localization of fatal frame 4 and this remake since they co-own it.

      • gast0n

        Sure, you can turn the sound off but you will miss for example the phone calls sounds…you are an idiot that didnt even understand my comment.

  • in b4 Fatal Frame 5 … Luigi’s Mansion

  • hmmm seems like you’re just catching up on old trailers, but it’s nice of you to cover the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series because some other “horror” sites don’t.. probably because they are not aware or not interested (how could they not?) or something. Just one thing though… it’s Spirit Camera (or Shinrei Camera in Japan) not Spirit Photography. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is a spin-off game that released back in April for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s releasing in Europe at the end of this month. You should know this by now, Ryan, since you wrote about it a few times before.

    Anyway, there’s a new Nintendo Direct this Friday in Japan (Thursday/tonight at 11PM EST). Yup, that soon! Wii U and 3DS stuff are expected, but hopefully they’ll announce a US release of Fatal Frame Deep Crimson Butterfly because I’m really hyped for this remake! :D/

    // Roth

  • TrueAnakin09

    “…unfortunate for those who want to see Fatal Frame on a console outside
    of Nintendo-related ones. Seems that won’t be happening any time soon.”

    SON-OF-A-!…. I loathe you Nintendo…

    • WyrmKing

      Haha. Go play your Vita and it’s flop games.

      • TrueAnakin09

        I don’t own a Vita stupid. Don’t make assumptions based on your own asinine preconceptions. If you don’t know what other platforms Fatal Frame was actually founded on then you’re an ignoramus and shouldn’t even be commenting.

  • WyrmKing

    LOL this is wonderful news. Nintendo should give the finger to more haters. The unwarranted hate for the company and their amazing consoles is ridiculous. I love watching Nintendo haters and Sony fanboys rage.

  • acertaink

    My main issue with this is how Nintendo of America probably won’t be releasing any of these games in america. Nintendo is a good company and the wii is a really good console but it comes off as an unintentional/accidental dick move. Nintendo, in the process of gaining a new IP they can do some creative things with, may have also just stopped any future project zero/fatal frame titles from being released in the states. Good decision with good intentions, but yeah there are some irritating consequences here.

  • MrRabbit

    Well there goes any hope of future fatal frame games coming out in the states if ff4 is at all a hint on how they will treat the ip

  • Ann Feldhahn

    why did they have too change the girls looks they were fine


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