SCP-087 is a free atmospheric horror staircase experience

Experimental games are interesting in that they allow players to try things that often wouldn’t be considered “games.” Possibly you’ve heard of the SCP (To Secure, Contain, and Protect) series of horror ‘stories’. They’re detailed like a scientific report of unnatural phenomenons in the world that analyse the cause and affects of such unnatural occurrences, code-naming the stories and characters with numbers and letters and giving out detailed information about encounters with these phenomenons. There are literally thousands of these stories detailed by a wiki that takes user-submitted ‘reports’, and gives them a number that fits into their ‘catalog’. Possibly best associated to creepypasta though with some stories being more grounded in reality than others, you can check out the series of stories here.

These stories, locations, and beings are all an excellent fountain of ideas and now thanks to a small indie game development team, they have created an ‘experience’ based off of one of these stories, known as SCP-087. The story is about a secret staircase at a school campus that is disguised as a janitorial closet. If there is a bottom to these stairs is unknown, and those who try to delve it’s depths end up in a strange geographically impossible endless flight of staircases that gets increasingly more and more creepy as sounds and other unnatural things begin to occur. The developers have developed this project based off of that story, but label it not as a game but a, ‘Atmospheric Horror Staircase Experienceโ„ข.’ It features a seemingly endless amount of staircases that, as the player transgresses downward, uses sound and strange effects to get more and more unsettling. There is an end to the game, but it’s randomized so you could reach the ending in less than ten minutes or it could take over two hours. That uncertainty, matched with the atmosphere, creates a mood that many full horror games fail to conjure up for the player.

This ‘experience’ is free to play and was developed in a couple of days by the team as an ‘atmosphere test.’ If this sounds interesting to you, you can download the works below. If you’d be interested in us covering small indie horror projects like this in the future, be sure to let us know in the comments or on one of our social pages.

You can download the Windows version here.

You can download the Mac version here.

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  • Petrol

    YES! Please post more of these kinds of articles! ๐Ÿ˜€ luv u guys thx 4 this!

  • Estelvea

    That’s not a screenshot, is it?

    Either way, I’ll be playing that tonight methinks!

  • Henrik

    By the way anyone got the chance to replay the new version of Dear Esther and can say if it beats the orginal?

  • Estelvea


    Aw heck! It’s out?

    Yet another wallet-emptying month.

  • Henrik

    If I understood it correctly it is,as said only played the orginal and knew about the updated version for a while.

    But heard recently its out now.

  • BD99

    You were in this thread on /x/ last night, weren’t you? Technically this morning, because it was like 1 AM. It’s very odd that we would be talking about a semi-old game on /x/ and you just happen to mention it hours later.

    We now know that you are an /x/phile ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 360logic

    Since horror gaming is one of the only genres I’m still interested in, I use this site to keep me up to date on all the games I’d be interested in. But console horror is pretty limited, so games like this are the rare occasions I broaden my exposure.

    So yes, please keep games like this coming. I very much appreciate it

  • Tyler

    I tried it and honestly I quit before I saw anything if there was anything to see. I went down 15+ levels. After 15 I think the numbers went away. Maybe the graphics have to be set high to get anything other than sounds. Sounds reminded me of hellworld in SH1 and the sounds it makes

  • Lord Cthulhu

    Got to level 50, got bored, and quit. Is this really what humanity as a species has come to? Playing staircase simulators?

    Oh, wait, I’m sorry. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOKY staircase simulators!

  • James

    Creepy atmosphere, although there’s not much as far as content goes. Definitely worth checking out if this kind of thing interests you.
    More of these kinds of articles would be appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ben May

    I’d certainly be interested to see more articles about stuff like this. Just had a go myself.

    My own experience was as follows. Obviously, I’m keeping it very vague for fear of spoilers.

    I seemed to go down quite a way. The atmosphere was definitely unsettling. Then, just when my mind had started to drift, I saw – something… I didn’t have enough time to see what it was because it whited out and quit back to my desktop. I assume the quit was supposed to happen. It made me jump though.

    But yes, I’m always interested in strange stuff like this.

  • Connor Broderick

    Got to the “end” around floor 60. Gave me plenty of shivers too. More like this would be great!

  • Nny7229

    Love the article and the game. Keep it coming with great horror experiences. I am always searching for new ones.

  • Anon

    I think it could have done much better. I was disappointed by the lack of anything happening as I progressed, and the sounds weren’t really all that unsettling because there wasn’t enough variety or shock value to them. The heavy breathing sounded like my dog snoring, another sound like a dragon’s roar, and then tapping. I might’ve missed some but they all seemed to blend together… I would’ve liked something like maybe a door creaking, something that sounds just enough like a voice or a cry or a laugh to be disturbing, etc. As far as imagery, it was lacking there too. Shadows moved, and you get a face at the end. Hooray. This game had a lot of potential but it sadly failed to take advantage of that. ๐Ÿ™ I do hope they come out with another version or a game similar to this, but the developers could really take a lesson from the sound effects in the Fatal Frame series. The sound alone is enough to make me put down the controller and curl up in a corner somewhere.

  • Colour Me Empty

    how do you get this gamme! i wanna play so bad!

  • Zipion Live

    Interesting “game”, even if it can last a bit too long before seeing or hearing anything creepy. This experiment relies on common but deep fears (especially nyctophobia and claustrophobia) and a grotesque, unnatural and impossible environment to scare the shit out of you. It’s certainly not worth “replaying” but it needs to be tried at least once for the originality and simplicity of the concept.

    @Henrik : I’d say the new version of Dear Esther beats the original with its breathtaking environments and improved music (still the same tunes from Jessica Curry but re-orchestrated) ; but the concept is still exactly the same so you won’t have any real surprise playing it… And the price is a bit high for just listening to a random poem (even if it’s beautiful).

  • Noxcorpse

    Links are down.

  • grahammarshall

    im on stairs 126 were the fuk is it :/

  • Jeremey

    Pretty lame game, you should shift your attention to SCP containment breach. Also, the guy who wrote this writes like a 5th grader who thinks he’s smart. Seriously, you can’t disorganize sentences like that to make it seem more ‘interesting’. It’s just improper and stupid…

  • Chuck

    Made it to 194. Ill post the video if nobody believes me.

  • Mike

    is it randomly generated?


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