Revisit Early Horror Games with Back in 1995


For those like me, someone who longs for the nostalgia of the first Silent Hill, Back in 1995 looks fantastic. That terrible, stuttering frame rate, those textures that cause you to squint and strain — perfect.

Back in 1995‘s creator, Takaaki Ichijo, states on the website he wishes to create a game from his childhood on early consoles, 15-20 years ago. It looks like he has managed to do just that, just from what little is shown in the test trailer.

For those who would also like to clumsily stumble through another PlayStation 1 era horror game, you can expect more news sometime next month. The game is set to make an appearance at Tokyo Indie Fest in early May.


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  • TH3J4CK4L

    This should be interesting

  • franky mcdonald

    Those pants don’t look very 95′. Now I have a reason to watch TGS.

  • DaGreat Doc Timpkins

    oooooooh yes, indeed look very interesting

  • Cloud Strife

    That’s not even ps1, it’s more like Sega Saturn… and I love it!

    • Diego Siqueira

      Sega Saturn and PS1 are pretty much same o.O

      • Cloud Strife

        Not really, Saturn games were often devoid of shading or light sourcing which made them look kinda flat compared to ps1 and that’s exactly how this game looks.

    • Liam Mountain

      I love sega saturn always have always will 🙂

  • Kevin Yu Zheng

    Strangely enough, this is the game I am most excited for.

  • Liam Mountain

    Reminds me of this game I have on my Dingoo console

    • Cloud Strife

      This looks pretty cool. Too bad it’s only Dingoo/Symbian and no way to play it on PC. :/

  • BACK IN 1995 is like an unreleased PS1/Sega Saturn horror game. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.

  • ariessiren

    Definitely not ps1, looks worse.


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