Sixth Resident Evil film gets official release date

Are you ready for the sixth film in Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil film series? Well, regardless if you are or not, Β it’s still coming. And it’s coming this year.

The folks over at Shock Till you Drop have just posted the official release date for Resident Evil 6 (the film is still without a subtitle). It will be hitting theaters on September 12, 2014, which indicates that production will begin quite soon.

This really doesn’t come as a surprise, taking into consideration the previous film’s $221 million grossed worldwide and its (don’t kill me for this) pretty epic cliffhanger ending. And judging by recent interviews with Mr. Anderson and the Retribution’s ending, it looks like this film will be the last one in his series.

Almost time for that REboot.


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  • Resident Evil 6, the movie, would be far better if it was just Milla and Wesker fighting for an hour and a half. Just drop the “Story”.

    • katarokinimoto

      These movies had a plot?! =P
      Seriously, the worst part about Anderson’s resident evil is that it takes itself too seriously. At the same time it is infinitely more ridiculous than the games which is…impressive. The fact that the films are successful just proves Resident Evil as a film series is pretty much impossible to screw up.

      • kue101

        Well initially Anderson directed the 1st one, which felt like horror. Then it was different directors for the 2nd and 3rd whom turned them into superhero actionfests. He came back to direct the 4th and 5th but obviously they were never the same lol

        • katarokinimoto

          They were all written by him, the director is merely responsible for laying out the scenes and getting the most out of the actors and budget not generating the actual content to be filmed. The content was the main flaw in these movies. He was actually trying to be like the source material in the first one because he was competing with Romero’s script. It’s a shame he’s a terrible writer because he just skims the surface of the theme of Resident evil and that little bit is what made the first movie really cool. After that the series feels like B-rated Sci-fi channel tv movies, no theme, no narrative, no artistic or scholarly merit anywhere.

  • Maybe Jill and Alice can actually wear some practical clothing in this one πŸ˜› Cue Mortal Kombat fight…

  • can this just die

  • I love you secret downvoter! πŸ˜€ Were complaining about the movie dumbass! AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! <3

  • Am i the only one who didnt notice Resident Evil 4 game cut scene stolen and implemented in this movie ,,,Leon meets Ada in the game for first time that one …in that CLOSE ENCOUNTERS

    • Dealhunteroflove

      It’s not called “stolen” its an homage. There was a Code Veronica scene in RE: Apocalypse (dropping the gun) too don’t forget.

  • Thank god, hopefully this will be the last ‘anderson’s resident evil’.
    (sigh)… too bad George Romero’s script was rejected for first resident evil movie way back when.

  • I try to collect everything Resident Evil game and movie related but i can’t even bring myself to buy Resident Evil Retribution. I went to see it at the Cinema and cringed pretty much the whole time. These movies would be OK if they weren’t called Resident Evil only the 2nd in my opinion should be called it cause it’s at least sort of kind of not really but it is based on the “3rd game”. Mr Anderson biggest problem is he introduce characters with very little development and expect people (A)know there back stories cause they played the game (B) Care for these characters with almost no personality. I’m hoping for reboot more based on the games after this one hell I’d be happy with some of the novels if there trying to milk it. I don’t hate Paul Anderson and i really do like some of his movies but since the third film he’s kind of lost the plot.* mini rant over*

  • it’s 2014 THIS year?? Whoa! Better hop back in my DeLorean!

  • Dealhunteroflove

    Romero’s script had Chris & Jill having sex in the opening scene.
    It would NOT have been better.
    Stop being so pretentious.

    • mike smith

      the script for romero’s version resident evil is available on google it does not begin with jill and chris having sex you are just a troll


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