Rumor: Resident Evil Portable lives, now on Vita?

Could this be? Is Resident Evil Portable actually not dead, but undead and coming soon to Playstation Vita? UK game store thinks so. Seemingly out of no where, Play has listed Resident Evil Portable and a few unannounced Playstation Vita games on its site for preorder.

With Sony’s conference being tomorrow night, will we finally see Resident Evil Portable after its announcement back in 2009? If the listing is new, the PSP is the last place it will release. The Vita would be the platform of choice. In the meantime, I’ll reach out to Play and Capcom to see if this is an ancient product listing or not. Their organization for PSP and Vita games cross paths a bit so it can be confusing.

With no 3DS in my possession, I have been missing out on Revelations. While I doubt REP is Revelations, it will be nice to have some Resident Evil on the go for the Vita. Everyone deserves some evil in the palm of their hands.

[Source, via Reddit]

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  • Danfromumbrella

    It’s not even under vita…it’s under playstation portable………
    It’s prolly leftover since the PSP announcement

    • Play lists its Vita games under PSP as well. Check the url path.

    • Grace Saunders

      I think this is old news that was left up and not taken down. I would love to hear an announcement about it, but it seems old.

  • Evil in the palm of your hand.


  • Danfromumbrella

    The difference being is….Resident evil portable doesn’t have the subtitle ( Playstation vita) like all the other vita titles has…

    So what makes you think its not just the title left on the site from back when REportable was first announced?

  • windice

    what if its a whole nother game and they end up bundling revelations with it for the consol?

  • Danfromumbrella

    I’m tellin you this isn’t for the vita, it would say ( playstation vita) next to the title like all the other vita games.
    They just never took down the original PSP game.

    • Perhaps I was overzealous. Seems weird having a 3 year old product listing still lying around.

  • Wyrmking

    LMAO, you deserve to miss out on Revelations if you have a shitty Vita.

    • Guest

      Go suck a big, fat, black dick you fanboy scrub. I got both so fuck you.

    • I can buy one and have both, but chose not to for one game. I wish I could be as cool as you.

      • Wyrmking

        Good, enjoy not having enough games to play on your Vita.

        Enjoy not having anymore games on it since all the developers don’t want to lose money developing for a handheld nobody bought.

        LMAO. And yes, I’m cooler than you since I didn’t buy a shitty Vita.

        I love working at Target and seeing that not one of the units shipped to my store have been sold.

        • guest

          My god! You are such a loser…

        • Damn man, can you start a religion? I need to be as cool as you ASAP. Taking a simple thing like console choice and making it an extremely personal matter for odd socially awkward reasons is pure genius!

          • Wyrmking

            Stop complaining about missing out on Revelations then. You made your choice, the wrong one. Live with it. Capcom won’t be making more Resident Evil games for it, they will however, keep making more for the 3DS. Have fun missing all that Resident Evil.

          • This comment shows how narrow minded you are. There is no console bias. People can buy both or all consoles that they want.

            It’s called enjoying videogames as a whole and not being some rabid fanboy that gets pleasure out of hardware sales for no reason but some asinine allegiance. You should listen to yourself, it’s sad.

            I can go buy myself a 3DS right now but won’t due to numerous reasons.

            It does not have enough games that I want to warrant a purchase, and there will most likely be a redesign due to Nintendo’s oversight on a second analog stick.

            So my dear pathetic friend, you see, the world is not black and white. You can enjoy a little bit of everything. It seems you have put much love into your 3DS. I hope it loves you back.

          • Rjason12

            He’s just trying to troll you personally I am a nintendo guy but eventually i’d like to a Vita and other systems since certain games like Castlevania and Resident Evil are both multi system and exclusive.

        • Handheld console preference is serious business guys! NEOGEO POCKET FOR LIFE YO!

        • 123

          I own both the 3ds and the vita, the problem with the vita is that it lacks the game that fits its image, vita also needs some survival horror love, don’t ever think of book of memories, so I hope that there is a resident evil for the vita

        • dssucks

          lololol ds sucks the gameplay on it it sucks ass, only mario is good for it, i got a ds and games on the psp are way better than your shitty ds faggot face tosser.

    • Guest

      But sir the 3ds is the shitty console what there is only two games that really sold the system and the was a the same game done for the 7th time (Mario kart) and b a decent to shitty other Mario game and the rest are ports or lil kids titles where as when you get the vita you actually get a mans system

      • Wyrmking

        LOL you wish it’s the shitty console. That’s why it outsold the Vita by a huge margin, right? LOL, you Vita fanboys are sad. Your handheld ain’t flying off the shelf. Have fun playing the same three people over and over.

        • You live an excellent life my friend. So jealous.

        • umadbro?

          So I was just reading around on here, I just have to say you’re quite the retard. DERP DERP 3DS is soo Good, that’s why Nintendo is the cheapest stock on the market right now right? I’ve had a 3DS, and a Vita, and this is coming from someone who used to buy everything Nintendo. They are a joke, Nintendo is trash, and they will continue to be trash. They don’t know how to sell anything anymore, they will always keep that kiddie image, all the 3DS is a joke just like the Wii and the Wii U is the punchline. 3DS is nothing more than a $149.99 sub-par smartphone with a fake 3D gimmick. My PSP gets more love than the 3DS and has a better library, and if 3DS is so 133t, then tell me, why have they had 3 price drops already and are going on their 4th one at E3? Because they are the worst product to ever be made and endorsed by Nintendo. And CJ you aren’t missing out on Revelations, I played it, it was a waste of $40, the graphics are garbage, and it only took me 3hrs to beat it, definitely not worth $40, would of been a lot better on an Android smartphone optimized for Nvidia Tegra GPUs.

          • Tomja

            yeah, revelations had shitty graphics… OKAY THERE….. And you beat it in 3 hours!? I smell BULLSHIT!!!

          • Rjason12

            Yeah ok if your trying to bash a system and its games get your facts straight, first of all if it was such a shitty game why did you “beat it” and second there is no way you beat it in under 3 hours, so next time get your facts straight.

          • umadbro?

            Yeah I certainly beat it in 3hrs. I have my facts straight, I think you’re a little mad, you must suck at video games if you think that’s not possible. Resident Evil died with Resident Evil 4, 5 was a Gears Of War Africa Edition, and the story was garbage, ruined Wesker, I have my facts straight, I’ve owned a Cosmo Black 3DS, and the Flare Red one, got rid of it due to the lack of games on it and the fact that my Galaxy SII has better looking and better games on it, no point in paying $40 dollars for shit, cause no matter how good you try to polish shit, it’s still gonna be shit. You’re just a Nintendo Fan boy, who is mad because they see one of their little fanboys get told. I have my facts straight, do a little research before you reply, k thx. And whoever thinks Revelations doesn’t have shitty graphics, what the fuck have you been playing GBA? I’m sorry but I prefer HD to some Pre-PS1 looking garbage. All Revelations was a copy paste of RE Mercs which was garbage due to the fact of Save Data Lock, and the terrible FPS lag, Resident Evil Revelations is for all the newcomers to Resident Evil and not a game for a true fan that has grown up with the Orignals, there will never be another Resident Evil as good as the Gamecube Remake.

          • Rjason12

            The Gamecube Remake was awesome, and thank you very much if you didnt notice I pretty much did say I was a Nintendo fanboy in a reply above but Im not the kinda douchbag fanboy like you who’ll bash every system other than the one you love while trying to state that you “owned 2 3DS” even know you just said that they are a shitty console lol

        • Pyramid_Heart

          No matter the insults you throw or the stupid claims you make…

          You still work at Target.

          • umadbro?

            Lol, no shit. As if Target is the best job in the world.

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Sounds good to me,been asking myself whats up with it,if its true then heres another reason for me to get a Vita(ofcourse this will be my main)

  • Cleric20

    Gravity Rush has just set the new bar for VITA games… Some RE on a par with that would be mucho awesome!

    • 123

      yes, but still an unproven ip, I do hope that a resident evil game for vita is in development, played uncharted golden abyss and gravity rush for 4 times and is becoming pretty boring

  • Thomas (GUFGUF)

    Wow im a mind reader/future seer it told you so…….

    Ok referring to all those negative nellies who came down on me for asking whatever happend to it for the PSP…….

    Told you so…….

    Told you so…….

    Told you so…….

  • Guest

    lmao loser. i hope you lose your job at target. go jump.

  • Guest

    Funny how they refuse to put Revelations on Vita saying the game is meant for big screens! Yet, it was exclusively made for 3DS with a resolution 240p.


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