Rumor: Resident Evil 6: Final Hope, Revelations HD is real, and Operation Raccoon City gets a sequel

It’s time for some rumors! Said rumors come from Dual Pixels, who received the information from Geno, a reliable source that ended up being right about the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow projects (LoS 2 and MoF) and Kingdom Hearts HD Collection. But this rumor isn’t for you ‘vaniacs and keyblade lovers! This is all about Resident Evil.

According to Geno, Capcom will be bringing the series to Wii U with the release of Resident Evil 6: Final Hope. This is pretty much the game’s Gold Edition and, as expected, will come with a brand new scenario. Said scenario stars Claire, and it’s said to be taking place after the events of Resident Evil 6 (perhaps this will set the stage for Resident Evil 7). This edition of the game will also fix bugs and other gameplay issues people had problems with, Geno says. The GamePad will be heavily utilized and you’ll also be able to play the game without having the TV on as well. It wasn’t outright stated that this will be exclusive to Wii U, though.

Remember Resident Evil Revelations being listed as coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Yeah, well, Geno says it’s true. This HD Edition will also be coming to Wii U. He didn’t say if there would be any extra content though.

Lastly, we have a sequel to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Yes, you read that right. I’m not surprised at all by this, despite just being a rumor, because the game’s final Spec Ops missions did leave things at a cliffhanger and open for a sequel. It’s going to be called Operation Terrestrial Fear and it’s going to be hitting the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and Wii U.

Take all of this with mountains of salt. Realistically speaking, stuff like this may not be announced until E3 next year, if these rumors are legit that is. The only thing I can see being announced sooner is Revelations HD Edition. What do you think about all this?



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  • Dante

    Well if there is going to be a HD edition of revelations , i hope they include our beloved Rachel for Raid mode , they better be !!! Lots of Rachel’s fans were claiming for her to appear as a playable character.

    • Xander

      Or an extra scenario starring Rachel, as a sort of prequel.

    • Well it makes sense that its coming out on the Wii U since that console already has touch-screen capabilities.

      I hope you can SCAN for items using the Wii U’s gamepad too!

    • pallytime

      Yes Rachel’s story needs to be told. Prior mission and her last mission. The poor thing. 🙁

  • handsomejack47

    It is looking very likely that an HD edition of Revelations will actually happen, since it was spotted on a Korean ratings board.
    As for the RE 6: Final Hope having a Claire campaign, it would be in their best interests to release it as an update for people that have the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, or they will have even more pissed off fans that are already angrily telling them to go fuck themselves.
    As for the rumored sequel to Operation Raccoon City, why the hell would they even bother with that game? That game was something everyone could agree was just bad.

    • im sorry, Everyone could agree? no no, as you do not speak for me. i LOVED that game, moreso than re6 and id be happy if operation raccoon city got a sequel and a port for wiiu. also im pretty sure the claire scenario would be a add-on, like lost in nightmares and DE

      • Dean

        I loved that game too! I just got the PC version in the mail yesterday and now I own it twice. The game is that fun. However after ORC released I heard slant six had to layoff a lot of people as they had no work to offer the employees…. Could this be their savior? Or is anpther company making this game.

  • ariessiren

    too cool

  • Thomas

    Okay more Resident Evil never a bad thing (hoping that the rumored Claire chapter will be more “traditionel”), but where is “RE REmake” & “RE 0”. Come on CAPCOM get your foot out of your a***s and release them already…….???

    A Rachel episode for Revelations would be great i seem to recall a gameplay trailer that showed her last moments alive…….!!!

    • Remake and Zero were part of an exclusive deal between Nintendo and Capcom, so in a way, Nintendo owns the rights to those games

      • Thomas

        Okay thats true but this is the 21 century everything has evolved and changed for the better (for the most part) and things like “exclusives” are pretty much pointless now…….

  • SecretX

    Revelations on the Wii U!! That’s even more amazing i hope capcom uses the gamepad on the Genesis to search for items, and i knew they’re gonna release a golden edition for RE6. lucky me i waited 😀

  • eledhrim

    I came.

    My goodness, I’d give anything to see more Claire! She and Helena are my two favourite RE characters.

  • Brain overload…

    This all is great!Tought an ORC sequel?Wounder if it will continue in RC.

  • Awesome

  • ” Operation Terrestrial Fear ”

    Who asks for that .. Of course NO ONE , Where’s the Remake .. Are you still following the Call of duty public Again Capcom .. What is wrong with you , What’s wrong with the gaming industry -_- !!?

    Ok lets calm down its just a Rumor .

    • Honestly most of us wouldn’t mind a new Re:ORC as long as its made in house at Capcom (better story,more variety in gameplay, bigger budget and less glitches). Better this than contuining the action shooter angle in the main RE series.

      • We don’t mind at all but It most be a Survival horror in Racoon city , other than that ….

        • eledhrim

          These RE: Ops games aren’t developed by Capcom, and all totally non-canon, so I couldn’t care less.

          • Not cannon yes, but previous to RE:Orc most every RE spin-off was done by Capcom and Capcom has already stated in order to improve the quality of their titles they are reducing outsourcing : There is no doubt that a new RE:Orc would be made by capcom and inherently they would dive deeper into the RE Universe and possibly mess with the cannon a lot more than Slant Six did.

          • eledhrim

            Capcom’s spin-offs have always been canon and for the most part, have been genuinely solid titles (Chronicle games especially, with the lore and all).

            Provided this rumour is true, I don’t see why Capcom would take over development of this game, especially with the stigma of being a poor shooter with a story that plays out like some internet nobody’s sloppy fanfic.

            There’s absolutely no reason for them to, so yes, there absolutely is room for doubt.

      • Grif

        >implying orc wasn’t an action shooter

  • Benjamin May

    This all seems like good news to me, with perhaps, just two caveats.

    Firstly, I’ll be angry if the extra scenario for Resident Evil 6 turns out to be exclusive to the Wii U version. Hopefully, this will also come to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions as downloadable content. It would certainly be nice to have some new playable material with Claire!

    I thought Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City was pretty dire, but as long as Capcom have been listening to feedback from the previous game, I’m more than willing to have a go at a sequel. This is Capcom we’re talking about though, and they can be a little… ‘selective’ about what feedback they listen to.

    I suppose I’d better try and finish Operation Raccoon City. Very difficult to drum up the willpower to continue with it though.

    As for Resident Evil Revelations HD, this is of course, great news. Seems to me the more people who can play it, the better!

  • Oh so horror sells now? I mean considering Revelations is coming to PS3 and 360, or did Crapcom grow a brain all of a sudden?

  • Jason

    Excellent! Will most definitely buy the first 2 for the 360 ASAP. But I will wait on the reviews and opinions for the ORC sequel as I was severely disappointed in ORC.

  • Operation Raccoon City sequel? Oh no, I’m not falling for that one again!

  • Miku

    Theres no hd version re revelation on ps vita but re operation raccoon city sequel going to ps vita this sucks. Re6 final hope i hope they fix bugs and claire scenario must be good this is there last chance to make re6 better

  • ljbad

    I’ve been sitting on the fence about getting a wiiU for a while now. But if any one of these rumors turns out to be true, I’m definitely getting one.

  • I’m not a praying man, but, Please God, make theses rumors true!

  • Dave

    All bullshit I’m afraid.

  • yes 1 more game for me to pick up for wii u passing on 360 version was smart

  • make that 2 resident evils if true haha

  • wait 3 resident evils for wiiu hahah

  • ifeelboned

    you’ll buy a WiiU to get Claire’s campaign on RE6 and then they’ll put out a NEW system and Capcom will make a new game “exclusively” for it. The cycle continues…

  • evilwhtmage

    Claire’s campaign soooo better be DLC for the xbox and ps3 versions!!!!

  • Mikael

    FINAL HOPE better be available for ps3/360 consoles!! or at least have a DLC ! its not fair for it to just be out for wii-u only.

    • ariessiren

      if it will be made avail, which i dont think it will if it even exists, im sure it will be released as a re6 gold edition re-release or a timed exclusive for wii u. the whole point to exclusives is to sell consoles. just how it goes. exclusives are here to stay. 360 has been securing exclusive dlc for years this isnt new.

    • Fair? PC gamers still waiting for Resident Evil 5 Gold edition, and they are already planning DLCs for the RE6… and we will never get RE5 Gold D; i will not buy a game console just for it, i spent lots of money on my computer through the years, so finally it handles all latest releases of games in HD for the next 8 years, and i will never see those DLCs on RE5

  • pallytime

    I want to throw support out there for RE:ORC. This’s definitely a party game and if you get three friends together you *WILL* have a blast. I would buy a sequel no problem but it needs to keep it’s crazy engine. 😀

  • superaffe


    RE6: Final Hope Edition. Only for WiiU? Sucks for me, but well…atleast WiiU users get something!^^

    Resident Evil: Revelations for Xbox 360? That would be epic! Please, Please, Please!!!!^^

    RE: ORC2? No thanks….The first one sucked sooo much. Dont need another half Portion from Slant Six.

  • Hmm. I hope Slant Six isn’t in charge of the sequel for ORC. ORC was pretty bad. But as for RE6: Final Hope, the Claire thing I hope is a DLC for PS3 and 360, not just something for Wii U. If so, epic. :p

  • rigaT0NY

    I guess Nintendo’s done making Resident Evil titles for the 3DS…

  • Hopefully they have the mercenaries aswell as raid mode for Resident Evil: Revelations

    • Relytgninroht

      Revelations only had Raid Mode. Mercenaries was left out, as the 3DS got its own standalone Mercenaries game.

  • I am so excited with the HD of reavlations and the sequeal of operation raccoon city can’t wait to buy them. My 2 favorite RE games are RE6 and ORC

  • Relytgninroht

    I’d personally like to see Resident Evil: Revelations HD get a Vita release as well. I have the original, and as cool as i think it would be on PS3, I think I’d enjoy it on Vita more.

  • Azrael

    They should release it along with Resident Evil Zero HD!

  • MystikWizard

    Claire needs to be a star in another Resident Evil game. Not just a spin-off … but a star like she was in the old days. Last time we saw her was in Code Veronica which is entirely too long.

  • Well he was right about Revelations, so I’m guessing he’ll be right about RE6 and Operation Terrestrial Fear

  • luigi

    i just bought a ps3, then you will just found out that your favorite character “claire” will star on her own game but on a wii console. just terrific. is this final??


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