Rumor: Mysterious new viral site goes live, Resident Evil 6 tease?

Don’t we all just love rumors? And what better rumor than one pertaining to a game many of us are dying to see finally announced: Resident Evil 6. Just make sure you take this with a G5 Birkin-sized grain of salt, though. We’re currently trying to find more concrete links between this viral site and Resident Evil (and Capcom in general). There are some connections though…

Basically, a new viral site has just launched, which could end up being the creation of a very dedicated fan. This site is filled with post-apocalptic photographs with “No Hope Left” being sprayed on many walls, accompanied by a weird symbol. Not just that, but there’s also a pretty effective video on the site, which you can view below.

Well, what do you think? Another interesting thing is that you can find “19.01.12” spray painted on the walls in a couple of images on the site (with one being featured up above). And we all know that Capcom’s Resident Evil 15th anniversary event is being held this coming Friday on the 20th… A possible tease at a Resident Evil reveal? Could be. But then again, as aforementioned, this could just be the work of a very devoted fan. Discuss away in the comments below!

Note: We’ll be updating this story as we find out more. So it could potentially end up being deemed fan-made by day’s end.

[Click here for the site]



We’ve been doing some sleuthing around on – the site itself and the YouTube account.  The domain was registered back on November 10, 2011 to Identity Protection Services, with the registering company listed as Identity Protect Limited.

Doing a super-high-tech Google search, we were able to find that Identity Protect Ltd is actually a get-up in England.  However so far, we’re not sure if this is just a smokescreen, or if it’s some sort of advertisement for identity protection.

Looking at the YouTube account of TForepaugh, the user who uploaded the videos, shows that the account was activated on January 9, with only three videos.  The first, being the original video of the woman speaking in Mandarin – but then seeing as how people all over the world don’t exactly speak Mandarin, a second video appeared with subtitles.  And then a third  video was uploaded, showing only a date, with the woman heard crying in the background.

14.00PST = 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time in the United States and Canada.

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  • SilverFF

    Okay folks. Military Date is January 19, 2012. Guess we will get news as that day hits.

  • Matt

    In the 27th second you see that symbol that is on the O in the background pop up. its on the left hand side of the video and its kinda fast.

  • Matt

    Also this is jut my Input but I kinda get the feeling this is for a new movie and not a game. It feels too much like a movie type of advertisement than a game. If i had to guess maybe a new District 9 or Quarantine type of movie. Sounds like an interesting concept given the advertising.

  • derkkred12

    If the girl in this video is speaking Chinese, then it could relate to that one voice actress’s resume in which she voices a chinese zombie for RE6. I forgot her name though.

  • I love Viral marketing.

  • Matt

    Apparently she is speaking Mandarin according to the postings on the site. However looking up that woman who leaked the info about her voice acting for a chinese zombie/villager, she does not look like the woman in the video at least to me she does not.

    here is the link for that woman who leaked the info.

  • David

    I think this will actually have something to do with the last of us instead of Resident Evil, but who knows.

  • Dilhouse

    It’s related to this, I’m calling it

  • ale

    I don’t think this is for RE6. it’s too soon for them to have viral marketing when Revelations and ORC hasn’t even come out yet.

  • Daniel

    re6 is rumored for definitely a possibility that i could RE6 with the 15th anniversary event happening.

  • Daniel

    It’s definitely Resident Evil 6.

    1. The date is the 19th.
    2. The game is supposed to take place in China.
    3. Capcoms 15th anniversary event is then.

  • DarkDreamTCK

    All I know is… we’ll find out tomorrow.

  • Andy H.

    That symbol for the ‘o’ is interesting. I like how it was at the end of the first vid. Neat stuff.

    But to be perfectly honest this RE6 rumour stuff is getting kind of funny to me. We keep hearing, “signs pointing to RE6 reveal now” and “nope, now we will see RE6, maybe?”. It’s cool to hear these rumours and this viral stuff is the coolest of them all, but it will be disappointing if this has nothing to do with RE.

    Still love viral marketing though. Crazy cool stuff for horror.

  • Astraea

    Dammit. I really wished this was something related to the SIREN series. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

  • please please re6 no bullshit this time how do you guys know re6 is gonna take place in china

  • ale

    I went to the original Youtube video and looked at the tags for it, this is what i found, so i doubt it will be for RE 6 since it has no “zombie” or “virus” tag.

    #nohopeleft No hope left Apocalypse Death Goodbye Pain Self-hurt Holocaust Blood Kids End of world 2012 China Dark Desperate WTF Mystery Lost Confused Frantic Terror Horror Terrifying Help SOS Serbia US Army Aztec Mayans UFO Alien Invasion Ghosts Survival Defenceless nohopeleft Brutal Ai wei-wei Government Mind control Conspiracy Theory Philosophy Freedom Schizophrenic Mental breakdown

  • fred

    the symbol is supposed to be a biohazard symbol. proof is all the pics on the nohopeleft website

  • andrew

    Anyone think it could just be viral marketing for World War Z?

  • Grace Saunders

    This just screams RE6. But knowing Capcom and how they’ve let us down before, it could just be “something else” instead.

  • Horror Fan

    Digital Spy is reporting that the creator of the site is linked to the RE:ORC website. It’s looking more and more RE6 related.

  • katarokinimoto

    #nohopeleft No hope left Apocalypse Death Goodbye Pain Self-hurt Holocaust Blood Kids End of world 2012 China Dark Desperate WTF Mystery Lost Confused Frantic Terror Horror Terrifying Help SOS Serbia US Army Aztec Mayans UFO Alien Invasion Ghosts Survival Defenceless nohopeleft Brutal Ai wei-wei Government Mind control Conspiracy Theory Philosophy Freedom Schizophrenic Mental breakdown

    I see the words “Brutal Ai” either that’s a post apocalyptic chinese bandits name (brutal ‘aye’) or a reference to the new AI in a video game.

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    There are photos of it all over the world,even in Serbia LOL
    “I have to warn our neighbours!” hahahaha XD

  • Daniel Gasparini

    On that viral site that symbol is described as the biohazard sign. Seems resident evil to mez!11

  • liam

    some people say its

    1) for the new REC movie

    2) resident evil 6

    3) SOPA !! hope they die btw

  • Adam
  • SilverFF

    Let’s hope for it to be RE6 and not Dead Rising 3.

  • jawmuncher

    Jut gonna say i’d love to see a outbreak HD with online play.

  • Oh my freakin’ god this is definitely Resident Evil 6 related !
    Why ? Because of the two mandarin speaking actors leak !
    The woman in the marketing vids speaks mandarin and the ad is CAPCOM’s.


  • Nero

    Something tells me that if this is RE6 then by the reaction from this woman we could be looking at another massive outbreak. What a great way to grab back the attention of fans because all these other recent games have had small outbreaks or terror attacks ( RE 4 and 5 aren’t even outbreaks). this could another raccoon city, probably worse. Having a major outbreak would definetly fit if Alex Wesker is going to rise up as the primary enemy.

  • enonevah

    So here’s a comment I left on the site that isnt getting approved,so who ever is researching this stuff,I tried sending them here but they obviously dont want anyone to easily find out about this site…..

    enonevah on January 18, 2012 at 5:38 am said Your comment is awaiting moderation. mysterious-new-viral-site-goes-live-resident-evil-6-tease/

    I’m gonna try and leave another comment on to see if it gets approved!

  • enonevah

    Only 1 of 3 of my comments made it through in the nohopeleft site,I wonder why they have no sceptic comments.

    Just sayin…

  • TrueAnakin09

    You guys are over-analytical. Smokescreen? Advertisement? What the crap? How would anyone know you would be looking up the origins of their domain or YouTube accounts. Thus there would be no need for a smokescreen and if it was advertising, they really need to reconsider their marketing group…

  • enonevah

    I would like to know where the original video came from,anyone got a link to the original uploaders channel?

  • Elyssa

    How could I have missed out on such a tremendously wonderful announcment! (well in this post, rumor)


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