Resident Evil: Vendetta’s synopsis revealed, plus new images!


We’re on a roll here with news on Resident Evil: Vendetta! After getting our first shot of Rebecca (in what appears to be a flashback scene), we now have the synopsis for the upcoming animated film, as well as new images.


The events that kick off the film’s plot revolve around Chris and his infiltration of a mysterious mansion. Said mansion belongs to an organization swimming in the illegal pool of BOW sales. Chris’s investigation leads him to Glenn Arias—a wanted criminal. Unfortunately, Glenn escapes, but Chris does make a shocking discovery…


Elsewhere, Rebecca Chambers (!), now a university professor, is hard at work researching a bizarre incident that involves the resurrection of the dead. Pretty standard for the Mansion Incident survivor, right? Well, there’s more to it. This particular resurrection of the dead turns our beloved zombies into something much more sinister.


This all leads to the discovery of a new virus. Ultimately, with Chris and Rebecca reuniting to stop the new threat, Leon is called for help due to some key information he holds. And, because, you know, he’s Leon Freakin’ Kennedy.


This leads to another Chris and Leon team-up, one that thankfully doesn’t start sour like their little fisticuffs session in Resident Evil 6.

Chris, Leon, and Rebecca have to stop Glenn from unleashing a large scale BOW terrorist attack on the world. So the trio take the fight to New York (which is really exciting to me since I live in New Jersey). The fight to save humanity.




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  • MathewW

    Sounds awesome! The previous 2 CGI RE films were pretty good, this one sounds even better. With this coming soon, and RE7 dropping in Jan AND RE2 remake somewhere in the pipeline, it’s a good time to be a RE fan!

    • Andy Sinclair

      Also if you are a fan of Paul Anderson’s films the The Final Chapter comes out in January but I know not too many people like those films.

      • MathewW

        Fan is a strong word, lol. I kinda like them, obviously not looking at them in the same light as the games. I got over my initial disappointment of the films not being anything like the games and just watched/enjoyed them for what they are.
        Anderson might not have been the best guy for the job, I always think back to the fact that George Romero actually had a script for the RE1 film and how different that would’ve turned out. Let’s just all be glad Uwe Boll never got his grubby mitts on the franchise!

      • Dan Shiveley

        The games are a thousand times better than the movies and there can be no comparison between the two, but… in a vacuum, I really like the movies. They’re cheesy, but entertaining. I’m looking forward to the final chapter.

        January is going to be the best month ever, I think. We’ll get RE7, RE: The Final Chapter movie, Underworld: Blood Wars (don’t judge lol), more of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3… and although not horror, also more Archer and Always Sunny. Can’t freaking wait.

  • Shane

    Call me a sour grape but the plot summary of this movie also indicates an issue this series has:

    Our heroes try and stop a new organization who threatens the world with a new virus, our heroes succeed and survive to fight another day.

    I think RE7 has in many ways made me more optimistic for the future of the series, but also more critical of it’s major retreads of the past. I think I’m just ready to let go of the original characters but frankly I never played Resident Evil for it’s returning characters. The real characters in the early series for me was the adventure, the locations, the survival horror gameplay. Leon, Chris, Jill, Claire are my avatar’s for the adventure.

    Ethan Winters you are so normal and boring, and I can’t wait for you to be my vessel in RE7.

    • Dick Mountainjoy

      Not just that, how many stories now are of Chris getting his teamed wiped out as his motivation?

      Not only is that lazy writing and a serious lack of character development, but in universe why would you even give him a team anymore?

  • Henrikm

    Finally Becca,just Billy Coen cameo left now:) maybe some closure of past main cast.

    I’am not as sour as Shane but I agree I have been pretty vocal that its get pretty boring for same kind outbreaks and same kind of military trained guys stepping in.

    Thus Ethan is a freshness to the series.

  • Nookingtons

    I am not digging the character designs in this film. Chris looks like a potato, Leon lost his charming looks and Rebecca’s face looks like it got a shit load of plastic surgery.


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