Resident Evil: Unlimited Chapter 1-3

Hey there, folks, and welcome back! We’re back after a short holiday break, and with an extra page! If you missed Chapter 1-2, click here! If you’re totally up to date, read on…

You can check on Alpha Team’s status by clicking HERE, and Bravo’s by clicking HERE.

Locked doors. Dim lights. A smell that seems to seep into your pores. Every inch of the dark, ominous mansion feels bathed in evil. A dark discovery lurks in the shadows, a rotting ensemble of psychopaths, shambling along in the darkness, hungrily moaning in search of human flesh. Their skin peels and cracks like dried paint, and long threads of crimson ooze syrups it’s way down their maw. Bullets do not harm them. Blades do not frighten them. They are the evil residents of this foreboding mansion, and Chris, Jill, Barry and the others have discovered all to well that if these walls could talk… they’d SCREAM.

There are only three Alpha Team members left now. Jill, Barry and Chris. They don’t know where Wesker is. Rebbecca of Bravo Team has been found, along with the severally injured Richard…

Looks like Jill is in a LOT of trouble! Oh well, see you again in two weeks!

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  • Sameer

    you know that one with Chris and Rebacca, where she told him I had all night to practice, it felt like there was something going on between these two LOL

    And hey nice detail, I spotted a green herb haha

    Great work my friend, keep em coming

  • StuntmanSnake

    Looooooveee it! More, moreeee!

  • Ross Ingram

    Very nice. I actually only finished RE1 last year, watched my bro play back in the day. Great adaptation.

  • Elyssa

    I had that same feeling about Chris/Rebecca, haha. Some of the dialogue between them was very… suggestive. Awesome adaptation once again.

  • Mass Distraction

    Could that “all night to practice” be a hint towards Zer0? ;D

  • Rourke

    @Mass Destruction: Note that she’s wearing Billy’s dog tags 😉

  • Rourke

    sorry, DISTRACTION, lol.

  • zachary mattingly

    this is fantastic i love it have you ever considered doing your own resident evil storys

  • zachary mattingly

    i got a tun of ideas but i cant draw for shit

  • Hi Rourke Keegan, are you going to posting any more of these comics? I hope so they are really good =D! If you have where could I find them?


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