Resident Evil Revelations Demo incoming

Resident Evil Revelations’ home console release is less than a month away. With that being said, it’s basically a given that we should be graced with a demo any week now before its May 21st launch. The question is, when exactly will we get it.

Capcom has no release date for the demo yet, but they have confirmed that it’ll be coming to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, eShop and Steam sometime soon. But, hey, if you really want to play the demo as soon as possible, you can always go out and purchase a 3DS with a copy of the game. The demo will turn into the full game right before your very eyes!

Joking aside, Revelations is truly worthy of the home console treatment, so I’m really looking forward to finally have it in my hands. You already know I’ll be getting a copy for each system…twice.


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  • Bulbatron

    Well, I’ve already got this pre-ordered for Xbox 360, but it will be nice to have a demo. I never had a 3DS so didn’t get to play this game before.

  • StuntmanSnake

    You’re buying two copies for each system? O.o

    I like your style.

  • Grif

    This is a real kick in the nuts to the people who got it for the 3ds.

    Also, I still don’t see how this game is any more horror than six is. It’s pretty much just run and gun.

    • kue101

      Stop running and gunning?

      • Grif

        “stop stealing cars in GTA”
        “stop shooting aliens in Halo”
        It doesn’t make sense to not run and gun, it’s just a run and gun game.

        on a boat.

        • kue101

          lol My point is that you have options. If you don’t find it challenging, use a knife the whole way through. Don’t complain because all you do is shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot, run. That’s literally every action/adventure game at its core.

          • Grif

            lol the lack of challenge isn’t my point either, my point is that everyone says how much more “survival horror” this game is than six is, when the only real difference is the number of explosions..

          • kue101

            Stop counting explosions and take in the atmosphere?

          • Grif

            You’re not getting it. The atmosphere would be fine if the gameplay engendered it, same as six would have. The fact that there are no intimidating enemies, an unkillable partner with infinite ammo, ten times the amount of ammo necessary and a weapons system more akin to CoD than RE which never leaves you second guessing using a bullet or running away, complete lack of exploration, like 5 puzzles (being generous), a map with a way point system which always point straight ahead all add up to make atmosphere a moot point. The game isn’t any more horror than RE6, Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad game, in fact I love it and six, but it’s not even close to being more survival horror than any other recent title.

    • Pretty much everything about Revelations is better than 6 in my opinion 🙂 And the game is actually quite scary at points, sure there are bits where you’re running (for you life) and shooting, there are also some bits where you’re stuck in a cramped corridor being harassed by a woman with a head that splits open…. SCARY STUFF! XD

      • Grif

        Yea, pummel it with magnum rounds that you have an absurd excess of ammo for and a massive boost to damage. Scary stuff.

        • Well actually pretty much every time I’ve played through the campaign of Revelations I’ve generally always ran out of ammo… >.< Because I shoot everything! XD

  • Why two copies?

  • Oh, I know you ain’t lying about getting two copies for both systems!
    You crai crai, Jorge.

  • Ali

    Nah, I’m happy with the 3DS version, its a fantastic game and im glad people w/o a 3Ds can share the love!


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