Resident Evil ‘Retribution’ 3D – Jill Valentine speaks

Ever since the announcement of Resident Evil ‘Retribution’ 3D there’s has been a huge concern among fans if Sienna Guillory will indeed be back for the fifth installment. Other recent reports said that she could be recast for flashback scenes, but then Milla Jovovich aka Alice herself promised that we will see some sexy Jill vs. Alice action.

Fans have been concerned that they will cut our Miss Valentine from the film seeing that Barry, Ada and Leon will all make their debut on this one and they may be out of room for our Jill. All of this speculation may end now as Sienna Guillory finally speaks from her Twitter:

Sienna Guillory via Twitter:

“Big day tomorrow! Meeting Paul Anderson and Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kultzer to see what my future looks like…”


So I guess that confirms it. Miss Valentine is back to make more Jill Sandwiches!

  • John

    She is in.

  • Dan

    Hell yeahhh!

  • sam swopes

    I’ll be glad to see all of the original characters will be in the next series!!


    Jill sandwitch lol