Resident Evil Damnation Japanese trailer released

A new trailer for Resident Evil Damnation has been released on the official Japanese website. The trailer shows a lot of what we can expect from the movie and its faster and more intense pacing than its older brother, Resident Evil Degeneration. Featuring Ada Wong, Lickers who are controlled remotely by some ‘hive brain’ which is in the hands of a Russian group (seems our co-star, ‘Buddy,’ isn’t all too-friendly himself), as well as a new version of the Tyrant T-103 Model… And all of this to a rocking J-Pop song! You can check out the new trailer below.

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  • My excitement level for this movie keeps rising and rising. I wish I was seeing this tomorrow in theaters and not Retribution

  • manos17

    The movie looks very good! And, Wow! Haven’t seen tyrants in a while!

    • Luhran

      Yeah I was waiting for a RE movie with Tyrants (especially the 103 models) and here they are ^^

      Can’t wait to see the movie :p

  • AlexziW

    Looks like it could be better than Retribution. Not a big fan of jpop music though for the soundtrack.

  • Blawlz

    This is on Zune Video right now, btw,

  • ShadowOne333

    Everything was alright… Until the gay-ass song and the japanese language kicked in.
    What a way to fuck up a trailer.

  • Collegesurfer212

    Is that Ashley’s voice at the end, saying Leon!? It sound’s like the one figurine you get from RE4.


  • Takaki

    This doesn’t look like it has any substance to it. Hope it turns out to be better but the cg is really outdated and voice actings terrible.

  • Neutron15
  • Elyssa

    Cool trailer, I hope the movie turns out the same.
    The song was ok (sounded like Mika Nakashima, not positive)
    A song by the Gazette would have been more fitting though 🙂

  • Brendan

    The Tyrants in this movie is huge, I’d estimate at least 17-18 feet tall. There is one scene where one is standing next to a military convoy vehicle, and it literally towers over it. (Those vehicles are probably around 10 feet tall)


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