Resident Evil 6 to have over 4 hours of cinematics

Just released this morning and reported on Kotaku, the British Board of Film Classification has stated that Resident Evil 6 will feature 255 minutes of cut-scenes. That’s 4 hours and 15 minutes– more than double the length of Resident Evil 4’s cut-scenes, and almost quadruple the number of minutes in RE5. Which is a¬†significant¬†improvement over the pathetic 18 or so minutes that Operation: Raccoon City clocked in.

Sit back, folks! Looks like we’re in for one hell of a cinematic adventure. I wonder if Big Boss will make a cameo?


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  • Sherman Hakim

    maybe zombie snake as a cameo

  • Levito

    4 hours of Michael Bay goodness, awwwww yeeeeaah.

  • I guess considering there are three different campaigns with a rumored fourth. Maybe each campaign has about the same amount of re5.

  • dark

    when will they be showing this

  • Shane

    Ada’s campaign is pretty much confirmed, a little over 4 hours for 4 campaigns seems right, especially if each campaign will basically be a whole game in itself or as they say around 70% of the whole RE5 game.

    Bring on the goodness I can’t wait for this global adventure.

  • Benjamin May

    As others have already said. Such a vast amount of cut-scenery may seem excessive, but when you take into account the three (possibly four) campaigns, it no longer seems like such a large amount of time.

    Very much looking forwards to playing it.

  • Nick

    lol Snake’s face expression priceless xD

  • manos17

    I think it’s pretty reasonable!

  • I am really excited. Main reason I love the series is all the cut scenes, story. Hopefully they’ll have numerous costumes/skins. Im thinking swimsuit. Leon in Speedo, Sherry is Bikini, Helena wearing an old fashion one piece with head cap.

  • Merch
  • sas_the_virtuous

    Thumbs up for bringing up the length of ORC’s cinematics – that’s exactly what came to my mind after I saw the headline^^

  • Estelvea

    I’m going to have to paint my living room white.


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