Resident Evil 6 is now available in Poland…Wait, what?!

Resident Evil 6 is now out…in Poland. In the city of Poznan, Poland to be exact. Yup, screw street dates!

The source site below includes a screen capture and a video showing part of the game’s “prelude” segment. I won’t be embedding that here, but you can head on over to the source to check it out. What I will be posting here is the image showing off the game itself…It’s time to go to Poland!



  • Guest

    It’ll go on ebay for thousands of $$ in a matter of minutes,

    • Norbert Molenda

      really? i will sell it then :) they had them since wedesday, only 7 copies…

  • Norbert Molenda

    ^ really? i will sell my copy then :) they had only 7 copies in the whole country…

  • Koulamatata

    They deserve to get a game first for once.

    • Norbert Molenda

      actually we had LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet and Clank Trilogy earlier too :P

  • Neutron15
  • liam

    awww man just once it would be great if a game didnt get leaked early .
    cause then it just makes me want the game more lol.
    not fair lol

  • Paul Smith

    My questions is,How did anybody get a stolen copy of this?Unless they work for Capcom?I mean how else can anyone get their hands on this to sell?