Resident Evil 6 could be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


As much negative feedback as I get for defending Resident Evil 6, I’ll still continue to do so. Sure, it wasn’t a great Resident Evil game as a whole, but it was a super satisfying third-person action game to play through, especially in co-op. Now it’s looking like the game will be coming to a new set of platforms.

The Korean Game Rating Board has rated Resident Evil 6, listing it for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To add some more fuel to this, this is the same ratings board that listed the HD versions of Resident Evil Revelations  before that was made official by Capcom.

I would have preferred a compilation package included remastered editions of Resident Evils 4, 5, and 6. But I can see the appeal of having each game sold separately from a business perspective, especially since remasters have been performing really well for Capcom.


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  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Please God this isn’t true.
    4-6 and revelations 1-2 are for Noobs Only and False Fans Only.

    • John-Paul Conway

      I don’t know about that I have played every Resident Evil game to date and personally my top 5 games are;
      1. Remake – Fantastic atmosphere and legitimate scares makes for a fantastic horror game
      2.Resident Evil 2 – My favourite story of any Resident Evil game and has great re-playability
      3.Resident Evil 4 – Great gameplay combined with a beautifully cliché action story
      4. Resident Evil 6 – Extremely fun co-op and great diversity over the campaigns makes a great action game
      5. Resident Evil 3 – Extremely tense encounters with Nemesis just grants this game a spot on the list

    • NoticeMePls

      really… u dont have to play all re games to be a fan -_-
      and don’t call people noobs for playing 4-6 and revelations

    • Dan Shiveley

      False fans? Excuse me?! You don’t get to decide my status as an RE fan. I’ve been playing since the beginning. I got RE1 for PS1 when it was new. I’ve played RE2, RE3, RE:CV, RE4, RE5, RE6, Revelations 1, and Revelations 2. The old ones are great; they’re the classics. The new ones are also great; I love them all. Just because I’m not some kind of an “old RE games are the only RE games” purist doesn’t mean I’m not a true fan, thankyouverymuch.

  • gantarat

    i hope they Change/Remove QTEs Sequence (a least)

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    RE5 for PS4 would be nice….

  • hbkwm14

    Makes sense they never did release the Jake dlc they tease after you finished the game. I hope they bundle 4-6 together.

  • EvilResident

    I would definitely pick it up. I love 6.

  • Cloud Strife

    It was an expensive turd, so Capcom needs to shove it up people’s throats as much as possible to get even on it. Gameplay mechanics were decent, but you were rarely allowed to enjoy them for more than two second before some shitty set piece or QTE popped up. RE4 still remains the best modern Resi game.

  • Shao Kahn

    As much as an RE game as it wasn’t, it was still alot of fun to play.
    I’d definitely pick it up for Xbox One if it appeared on there.

  • Nicola Polito

    Let me explain for those who forgot what Resident Evil use to stand for. What do I see and what do I feel when I say the name Resident Evil? I see a dark themed pure survival Horror Atmosphere and tension with ambient music, Exploration, Puzzles, ammo and resources are scarce, you the player to feel vlunerablity and expect the unexpected, Encounter terrifying creatures who want to rip you to shreds while you crap your pants in fear. That’s what Resident Evil is and always will be.

    Not these fake Resident Evil titles, RE5 and RE6 which have the the name Resident Evil title slapped on the cover of an action game. We don’t want another mindless shooter, running and gunning with no connection to the atmosphere around us and a COD generic shooter/ Michael Bay Hollywood bullshit, this is not Resident Evil and it will never be, Me and all the hardcore Resident Evil fans out there find it insulting that crapcom has the nerve to officially dub these Resident Evil titles, but we all know they are nothing more than false Resident Evil titles and they always will be.

    So therefore I hope this is just an hoax, because the false Resident Evil title in Resident Evil 6 doesn’t deserve the Remastered treatment.

  • Nicola Polito

    If you actually can defend Resident Evil 4-6 you’re a false fan it’s just that simple. Resident Evil shouldn’t be another mindless shooter and unable to have a connection with the atmosphere around you. You can say, oh despite Resident Evil 6 being most hated game it was a good action adventure game. I’m sorry but you are making it like it’s a good thing when it actually isn’t, it’s bad, if Resident Evil is labelled as an action-Adventure then Capcom are doing something wrong and deserves all the hate it gets, Resident Evil is a Survival-Horror genre and not some generic COD shooter/ Michael Bay Hollywood movie bullshit. So the verdict is Resident Evil 4-6 are nothing more than false Resident Evil titles which doesn’t not deserve to be defended, they are just some other action games with the Resident Evil name slapped on the cover.

    • John-Paul Conway

      First off Resident Evil is not a ‘survival horror genre’ it is a video game franchise that has had games that are part of the survival horror genre while also experimenting and expanding its horizon.
      Resident Evil 4 is a horror game plain and simple. It has a very cliche action movie story but is actually a very tense and at times frightening video game, in fact Resident Evil 4 is much more tense than RE1 – 3 in my opinion.
      Resident Evil 5/6 are action games and you say defending them makes me a false fan? Why? Is it because I am willing to give new things a try and enjoy a game for what it is. They are both very well made games and are incredibly fun to play.
      Capcom have listened to fans and survival horror is making a come-back we are getting a remake of RE2 (which I am beyond hyped for), remasters of some of the best games in the franchise and games such as Revelations 2 which felt a lot like RE4 and brought back the horror.
      Now if you personally did not enjoy RE4-6 then that is fine, there is no problem with not enjoying a game, but to insult other fans of the franchise is not needed. Surely our love for the franchise should give us all something to have a fun discussion about and not something to fight about.


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