Official Biohazard: Revelations website now live

Capcom of Japan has just launched their official Biohazard: Revelations website. It contains a sum up of the story, character bios for Jill and Parker, information about aiming and usage of the scanner and the latest E3 trailer.

Head over here to check it out!

We’ve been discussing the latest Revelations character art in our team lately. Is it just us or do they look as if they’re suffering mumps?

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  • Zack Furniss

    Ugh you’re right! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEIR FACES?!

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  • KoRnCreep

    Jill broke her chin and that guy took to many pills xD

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Yeah lol.PILLS HERE!!! hahaha love that reference from L4D

  • TekkX

    Imagine Parker having blond hair and BOOM – you got Bob from Tekken.


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