New viral site launches for Resident Evil Revelations

With only weeks left until Resident Evil Revelations lands on store shelves, Capcom has launched a new, possibly final, viral site to promote the game. This time it revolves around the BSAA and acts as a portal to their information database. It looks like now we know what to do with those passwords obtained from the Queen Zenobia site. If you’ve been able to get them all (Pokemon!) then you can just type them into this new viral site. You can click the source link below to check out the site, and feel free to help your fellow readers out by sharing whatever passwords you have in the comments section below!


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  • Lukas

    It’s “Catch ’em all” if you want to make a Pokemon reference dammit!

  • Bob

    from Biohazard france 557801BSAA0999

  • I know, but saying catch them all wouldn’t have made sense in the sentence, lol.

  • And thank you Bob!

  • Raymond Vester

    557801BSAA0999 ok
    887440BSAA1011 ok
    519043BSAA1786 Access code date buffer expires on 01/13/12
    121770BSAA9987 Access code date buffer expires on 01/20/12
    124555BSAA9980 Access code date buffer expires on 01/27/12
    345212BSAA1145 Access code date buffer expires on 02/01/12
    990123BSAA1355 Access code date buffer expires on 02/03/12

  • KoRnCreep

    Screw Pokemon… I`m still on fence to get 3DS because of RE… gonna wait for the reviews first.

  • Bob

    A second code from Biohazard France…
    But for some reason I keep getting an error page

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    @Bob i got em too until i pressed the left button while the code was selected in input then it loaded up for me.

  • Bob

    what do you mean “code selected” you mean highlighted txt? and Left…”mouse” button? Cause I get the error every time now.
    Someone want to just directly link to the content?

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    I meant after you paste the code while its selected pres the left button on the keyboard then it will start to read the code.


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