New Resident Evil Revelations trailer shows off Rachel

Rachel’s back. We saw her die in Resident Evi Revelations back in its original 3DS release and now she’s back as a playable character exclusively for the HD version of the game, along with HUNK. We already saw some screens showing off the aptly (not really) dressed character in action fighting the Ooze, but now it’s time to see some gameplay footage.

Capcom has just released a brand new Rachel-centric Revelations trailer. You can check that out below. Unfortunately there’s no actual Rachel mode where we can play a short scenario as her, ending in her demise in front of Jill, but playing as her in Raid mode will suffice. Whose ready to get wet aboard the Queen Zenobia in HD?

Oh, and that’s quite a Dark Samus moment.

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  • i want Hunk gameplay :C

  • Swcloud99

    Looking at this, I’m impressed by how good revelations was compared to RE6. Sure the story was nonsense in both games but at least the gameplay felt better.
    It’s only worse since 6’s story had so much potential.

    • Yup the story was great N i didnt know why people didnt like 6

  • Ah but Jorge you forget.. Dark Samus actually wore practical clothing ;D Hopefully she’ll replace Jessica as my go-to Raid Mode character…

  • youtwat

    So she dies in Revelations. Thanks for the spoiler warning dick.

    • they already showed a trailer of her dying jeez

  • combat gameplay and monsters like backstep to the one of the most thrilling series like RE4 eh? i think this is good! but the monster health indicator seems bad, hopefully theres an option to vanish those indicators.


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