If the PS1 had trophies: Resident Evil Director’s Cut (Trophy# 1)

Trophies and achievements, they’re both a driving force for many people looking to purchase games. They want to boost their gamertags and they want to add to their trophy collection and maybe show them off on Playstation Home. Whatever the case may be, this generation has seen alot of people buying games and playing through them solely for the sake of obtaining every single achievement/trophy. Now there’s nothing wrong with that since you’re still having fun ,probably, doing it but in reality you’re not really immersing yourself into the game. Rushing through a game just to get the speed-run trophy/achievement means you have to sacrifice taking everything in from the atmosphere in favor of just getting a reward for you best time. Now in survival horror games this could be more problematic seeing as how the atmosphere in these games are a key factor in the formula for survival horror. But putting that aside, what if trophies existed during the PS1 era? In-game of course seeing as how online connectivity wasn’t prevalent in consoles in that time period, but this Rely on Horror feature will take survival horror PS1 classics and attach trophies to them. Today , and for the duration of a couple of weeks, we’ll be taking a look at Resident Evil Director’s Cut. Why not the original release? well for argument’s sake let’s just say Sony decided to add trophy support to the PS1 closer to the time of the Director’s Cut release. So let the fun begin! It’s important to note that I will be detailing a trophy a day , so having said that let’s begin!

Resident Evil Director’s Cut Trophies

Bronze Trophy: Don’t Open that Door!

Description: Head back to the main hall and attempt to exit through the main double doors.

Ah yes the main hall, one that has been replicated quite a few times now and more recently will be seen in Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS. What makes this hall so classic? To me, it’s just the way it’s designed and I get that feeling of nostalgia whenever I see replicas of it, such as in Code Veronica and Lost in Nightmares. But anyway, back to the trophy.

To get this trophy you have to head back to the main hall (pictured above) after investigating the dining hall and encountering the first zombie with Barry. After looking for Wesker and receiving the lock-pick from Barry head to the main double doors and boom. Trophy unlocked, oh and of course you get greeted by some cute dogs. Happy times.

Come back tomorrow for the next trophy.

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  • That shit scared the living fuck out of me when I was a kid. As soon as I played REMAKE I did it immediately. It’s even worse!

  • How I can write PM to other users? Thanx

  • Mr Halfawake

    I still don’t get why people are so interested in trophies and achievements. I didn’t have any of that crap when i was getting into games. The dog scare was in and of itself a reward/punishment for my exploration and out of the box thinking. Why do “gamers” all of a sudden need a message to pop up and a shiny sticker to reward them for playing the game.

  • Elyssa

    Haha that dog placement through the double doors was scary as shit to me as a little kid watching my older brother play, I still jumped when I played it 7 years later, even though I knew it would be there.


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