Get the original Resident Evil on your GameBoy!…for 2,000 dollars

Resident Evil: Revelations is hardly the series’ first foray into the handheld marketplace. In 2006, the fun Resident Evil: Deadly Silence was released for the Nintendo DS, and in 2001 Resident Evil: Gaiden was released on the Gameboy Color. But Capcom has twice before attempted to release Resident Evil games to handhelds, before giving up and discarding them. A port of Resident Evil 2 was planned for the GameBoy Advance, but was canceled for quality reasons. But long before that, a DE-make of Resident Evil 1 was planned for the GameBoy Color, to be developed by British developer HotGen Studios.

This version of the game still featured all of the original’s fixed camera angles and environments, although the game’s scope was narrowed down considerably. The first-person combat from Gaiden was the only form of combat, and several areas were either watered down or cut entirely. Early information about the game indicated that it would be including new enemies and an ability to disarm traps, and that the save system would be different than the ink ribbon system from the original game (most likely Gaiden’s checkpoint system).

The game was completed, and sent to Capcom for approval, but was rejected, official statements saying that the game lacked the quality that Capcom felt the consumers where looking for. And that was the end of that.

Or was it?

An unnamed gentleman claims to have two prototype cartridges of the unreleased GameBoy Color game, and is willing to release the ROM code online, if fans are able to come up with a collective 2,000 dollars. So far, fans have managed to raise about 1,600$ for the game, so in all likelihood,  we will finally get to see this game in action.

Honestly, if this where the unreleased Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 0, or the infamous Resident Evil 1.5, I’d be super excited, but… there’s a really distinct reason RE GBC was never released. Either way, it would be neat to see this relic from the past finally see the light of day.


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  • threezero

    I dunno. How much proof is there on this? Sounds like a pretty big scam to me.

  • Sam

    Ah, dude… you wrote residnet in your title…

  • DC

    Big surprise there, Sam. He continuously used the word WHERE instead of WERE throughout the article, as well.

  • c

    I want the 1.5 iso instead.

  • All typos fixed. Thanks.

  • ShadowOne333

    The unreleased RE for GB?
    Screw that, give me RE 3.5 and I might give the 2’000 dlls for it.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Hey, I didn’t know grammar nazis visit REH. How odd.

    Anyway, this is awesome. Even though the game is likely horrible, more RE can never be a bad thing!

  • Ben May

    I don’t blame fans for wanting to get hold of this, but for 2,000$, I think they should tell this ‘Gentleman’ where he can stick it.

  • Mrox2

    in his butt ! ;P ! I want 1.5 instead of this -___-

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Would pay that much for the 3.5 version aswell.

  • Thezombiemessia

    You forgot to mention Resident Evil 2 on Tiger’s 🙂

  • killer89

    @stuntman, we know already that you failed in school miserably, no need to punish us for that.

  • Harry Roller

    Here’s something every fan of Resident Evil should check at the end:

    Enjoy =)

  • StuntmanSnake


    I had no idea this site had trolls. Guess there’s no escaping them no matter where you go on the Internet. Lol.

  • StuntmanSnake

    @Harry Roller

    Niiiiiice! This means I could probably get a used copy from GameStop, download the demo, then return the game back for a full refund! Suhweeeet!

  • Ben May

    As I said, I don’t blame fans for wanting to get hold of these curiosities. It’s just that if I were in the same position as the ‘gentleman’ in the article, I would not withhold something I knew fans wanted to see – not even for money. Provided it was legal for me to do so, I’d share it with whoever wanted it.

    I too would love to be able to play stuff like Resident Evil 1.5 or Resident Evil 3.5, and if Capcom were to release this material, I’d pay for the privilege of playing it, but I wouldn’t give money to a profiteer like that.

    But then, I don’t know what this person’s circumstances are. Perhaps money is a big problem and getting money for this was the last resort, in which case, I could understand. Who knows? Perhaps I shouldn’t judge.

  • connah

    poor desperate nerds

  • drew

    Wake me up when someone finally puts a playable version of 1.5 out there.

  • liam

    what drew said !!

  • Elyssa

    Typo nazis, trolls, assholes… all the same thing & nobody can get rid of them.

    Anyway, this will be interesting to see, probably horrible like mentioned a few times already, but interesting nonetheless.


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