gamescom 2012: New Resident Evil 6 Chris gameplay video

Straight to the point; Enjoy!

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  • RE5: Chris punches a rock.

    RE6: Chris lifts a snake.

    • Nick

      Next Chris will beat the shit out of a atom bomb

      • h0l4

        Sorry… RE7: Chris is dead

  • me

    Is it just me or Chris gets up from the dying screen by eating herb pills and not the usual shot by your partner? was the demo tweaked for people not to die or is it an option for single player?

    • LMAO. My first thought was Luis from L4D. “Pills here”.

  • Sergei Vladimir

    Looks like we are going to see the t abyss virus again in Revelations we had some invisible hunters now we have an invisible yawn , this game is gonna be very interesting.

  • natgopler

    Call me movie nerd, but the whole slaughterhouse+invisible monster kind of reminds me of “Predator 2″…honestly, it doesn’t look bad, it’s a sort of updated version of the Yawn fight in RE1. Sure, Chris freeing himself from the thing’s grasp is quiet exaggerated – having him stabbing the snake to release him would have make it more believable. But this is RE6 people…

  • evilishh

    this looks new snake B.O.W seems to be infected by some insect based virus.

  • Giant Bat

    The pills bottle sounds like Tic-Tacs


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