E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 character revealed


E3 attendees that got to play Resident Evil 7’s demo at Capcom’s booth (beautifully designed after the demo’s creepy house) walked away with a shirt designed by the game’s art director. You can check out said shirt below.


Who is the mysterious character that’s front and center? It may or may not be the protagonist. It may or may not be the villain. One thing’s for sure: their role is definitely of importance for them to be displayed in such a central manner in this design, which visually ties them in with the mansion.

Let the speculation begin in 3…

I’ll start by saying this could be the same character we see towards the end of the trailer in this shot:


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  • Malakaz

    could be the same lady from the photo with the scratched out face. Maybe its Rebecca!?

    • Could also be this mysterious, hooded character we see towards the end of the trailer. Hmm…

      • Mr.Csquared

        Honestly, he looks more like a possible enemy in the game. It looks like to his or her face is masked. I have no idea. There is so much mystery with this game but I LOVE IT!

      • Malakaz

        have you seen this yet, Jorge? Its pretty interesting read


        DO a search for user shoonia and look at the second post by this user who references a movie that came out in 1997 called bayou ghost

  • Space Blizzard

    Cool visual style. I’m liking everything about this game’s style.

  • Mr.Csquared

    Def looks like the face of a female character. Possibly new or possibly a returning RE alumni! I have two people that could share these facial features and bet my dollar that it could be Claire (The lady on the phone during the E3 reveal sounded like her REV2 actress) or Rebecca (From the picture in the trailer and maybe tie in with the RE: Vendetta Movie.)

  • Moho

    I have a feeling these two are the main protagonists
    The girl gives a feel of a Rebecca – short, hair seems to be short
    The guy is clearer in the picture but i have no idea who he is

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    girl face looks like Jill

  • Henrikm

    I too thought it looked a little like Jill facial structure but it is hard to guess as Capcom in the past atleast same face model for both Jill and Ada but somewhat changes if I remember correctly?

    We saw Claire in Revelation 2 would they use her so soon again after that?( on the other hand Chris Re5/6)

    My guess is on Jill who we not seen what became of her after RE5.Becca.Ada who might have ties to this???

    Or someone new.


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