E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 could feature multiple stories


Update: After speaking with a Capcom representative, we can confirm that Resident Evil 7 won’t be episodic. And details on the add-on content will be revealed at a later date. 

With confirmation that Resident Evil 7’s PlayStation Plus (timed) exclusive demo is its own thing (specifically a prelude to the events of the main game), we now have some more information to share about the structure of the game itself.

It looks like we’ll be dealing with multiple storylines and what could be an episodic experience. Aside from fan theories, we don’t really know much about Resident Evil 7’s story. And Capcom wants to keep it that way for now. But, thanks to the game’s listing on the PlayStation Store, we now know that there will be at least 4 other stories to expand the game, and an extra episode.

The game’s deluxe edition, priced at $79.99, will include not only a dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4, but also 2 add-on content packs. The first pack comes with four short side stories to complement the main game, and the second pack comes with one additional story episode. (For comparison’s sake, pre-ordering the game’s standard edition will get you the dynamic theme and what’s being called Survival Pack DLC.)

This confirms that the game will definitely have more than one storyline running through its infected veins. This also indicates that the game could potentially be episodic in terms of its narrative structure. NOT episodic like a Telltale game, or even Revelations 2, though. We’re still getting the entire game on one disc.


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  • Space Blizzard

    The relatively quick release date makes a lot more sense now.

    • Shane

      They have been working on the game for 2+ years. Now was the perfect time to announce the game and release date, see Fallout 4 for another example.

  • disqus_qwYHorFTGc

    I hope they don’t reveal anything else about the games story and just keep us guessin, keep it a full mystery unlike RE5 & 6 where you basically knew about 75% of the story before it launched

    • Rourke Keegan

      I completly agree. One of my biggest issues with 5 and Revelations was how the trailers basically spoiled the entire game both times. RE5 was the worst offender, there was a lot of buildup and teasing with Jill being dead, even a really great poster showing Chris at her grave. Then the launch trailer spoiled that she was the bird lady. For why.

      • Dan Shiveley

        Yes! Agreed. I enjoyed 5 (and 6) overall, but this was one of my primary gripes. So far, I’m cautiously optimistic that Capcom has learned their lesson. I just want a REAL trailer though… It sounds like this teaser is either building up to the main game or not part of the main game, and I want a taste of the real deal.

    • Mr.Csquared

      Well they have said Capcom wants to hide major details and not have too many reveals to not spoil anything and have moments like that first zombie be amazing. So far so good because we know nothing but little bits in the trailer and all that. Of course and still my hype has yet to die lol.


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