Confirmed: Resident Evil Revelations’ Jessica has sexy legs

Before you all start delving into the inevitable discussion of why Capcom is opting to put such apparent importance on sexuality when it comes to Resident Evil Revelations’ female characters, all you male readers out there must admit one thing: Jessica is one hot babe. And at least half her breast isn’t all out in everyone’s business. That leg…

Yeah, let’s all be logical here: Jessica’s attire isn’t exactly…um…appropriate for the mission at hand. But hell, I’d be lying if I said she doesn’t look orgasmic in it. Just look at that character render (below)! Oh yeah, there’s also a new render of Chris, too.

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  • StriderHiryu89

    Nice need me more revelation renders liking the new character designs. Just hope Resi 6 will have Ada back 😀

  • Petrol

    Chris’s costume is more unrealistic since he needs swimming trunks or something if he’s gonna be underwater o_o

  • Smiley

    Calm yourself Jorge.

  • KoRnCreep

    I wanna see Jessica in RE6!!! and… Jessica>Jill>other RE babes 😛

  • i don’t think the devs takes women’s self respect image property nor do they care.

    Heavy Rain has the best female portrayal and very realistic and mature

  • Sorry, lost respect for her already. Stay classy, Capcom.

  • Oh Chris, you always have that pouty look. Why?

    Also – I agree about not taking women’s self-esteem very seriously. However they’re not the first developers to do so. I try not to pay attention to how often we see a female character have a totally unrealistic getup.

    Like seriously – look at Chris – he’s got full gear on including knee pads. Jessica looks like she’s been touching herself.

  • Elyssa

    Haha completely agree with Janus, she totally looks like she’s been giving herself some lovin. Very sexy yet very unrealistic.

  • Lex

    @ xino
    It’s a game made by mostly by male Japanese developers. I don’t think they’ve ever had too much respect for female characters or females in general. I’m hoping that this is an alternate costume for a +game or in a mercenaries like mode.

    Chris should be given a 3/4 wet suit like a surfer or board shorts and a life vest/rash guard.

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Is it me or is Chris off the protein shake. He seems less of the Hulk he was in RES 5 …. Wait Revelations takes place before the fifth installment …. What am I blabbering about XD

  • Faceman


  • Amelia

    Lost respect for a fictional character…Interesting….Anyway, coming from a female, she’s gorgeous

  • Elyssa

    I’m with Lex all the way (regarding Chris) let’s see him in only swim trunks!

  • TheResidentEvil

    What is wrong with her fingers on her left hand. o.O

  • Derek

    tobuscus hothothothothothothothothothothothothothothot

  • Mrox2

    Soo she is just another Slut ? i wonder if we can see her butt , those creatures wouldnt wait to bite her there … Btw thats a slutty pose , what are you doing capcom …

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    That pose is just a new move to distract the ooze so that Chris can kill em.LOL XD
    So what if she is showing off one leg,if she was in a bikini in that case we would need to put our heads in the fridge or we would overheat XD

  • Justin

    You people DO realize she’s a video game character, right? As in, she’s not real. Animated. Fake. Why do people find this attractive?

  • Jason

    I think its funny that the guys are given full protective gear but the woman are missing spots. I guess they have to draw straws to see what piece of clothing they will have to go without lol.

  • StuntmanSnake


    So you’ve never seen a game chick and thought to yourself “Damn, she’d be hot if she was real”.

    REAL people can look exactly like their game counterparts. Just look at every character in Heavy Rain for example.

  • @Lex

    not really, the stupid is aimed at teenage boys who would play RE.

    My Rant:
    First of all I hate the design, it doesn’t even take the name Resident Evil nor the genre very seriously. I am meant to be playing an horror game that would immerse me into horror atmosphere, not by playing as or with a sexy female character posed to sex or sexual simulation.

    Second just another female stereotype of how they want gamers to view women in games.

    For game design sake, this direction is just hopefully stupid. It is like mixing salt+sugar with your cereal which doesn’t mix well! In Heavy Rain the game is meant to be realistic thus making every character feel, talk and act realistic.
    This is Resident Evil Revelations which is meant to be scary and to be taken seriously. People are dying, head getting chopped off, body part being dismemberment. And you expect the gamer to feel that “oh hell with that, I don’t care, I’ll play with this [pair of walking tits

    I mean if you are going to be “professional” in game designing at least take the *gamers as well as the game very seriously.

    Take Metal Gear Solid 4 for an example, no stupidness or silliness in the game except for sly jokes only the ones familiar with the reference or open mind would understand and find funny.

    Capcom are not taking their jobs nor games very seriously, let alone their fans and gamers. It is time for them to step up and “stop this sh*”.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Men are treated the same as women in video games too, aren’t they? Characters like Leon, Chris, Carlos, and Billy are just some of the Resident Evil universe characters that are beautiful and/or ripped that should appeal to the female gamer, don’t you think? It’s not nessesarily one sided.

  • Faceman

    When I first saw Jessica from one of the early E3 trailers, I was instantly reminded of Mila Kunis! Anyone else feel the same?

  • Patron

    @Stuntman Snake
    There is a difference with them. Leon and Chris (though it still irks me why stress hasn’t affected their appearance and they don’t have a visible collection of scars) are still dressed practically, given their missions. It doesn’t have odd nonsensical changes, such as Rachel with her boobs half popping out or Jessica missing a pant leg.

    Admittedly, people bitch about Jessica, then turn around and justify RE3 Jill and RE4 Ada, despite how their outfits are also ridiculously impractical. As a guy I know, Jeremy, put it, the only reason why people b*tch and moan about Jessica’s attire has to do with her being a new character and this being a new game.

    If it turns out to be part of Jessica’s characterization or it’s symbolic (there’s a lot of allusions thus far to the Divine Comedy in this game), then I’m okay with her costume.

    (As a random side note, I sometimes wonder if I’m one of the only Parker fangirls. *waves little flag* I like him due to his realism. XD)

  • you guys don’t understand.

    First of all, what is Jessica’s backstory?
    does she know anything that happened in the past and why the BSAA was formed? why would an idiot go on a dangerous mission dressed like a h0e?
    ok fine, we can say she doesn’t know what she is getting herself into. Another retardness is Chris is the founder of BSAAA, so why the hell would he recruit a h0e who doesn’t take a mission preparation seriously?

    These are obvious simply and logic questions.
    Look at Resident Evil 4 and 5, do you see Sheeva dressed like a h0e? its obviously the directors choice to make the character look like a tart. Now we know the director of Revelations doesn’t seem to know wtf he’s doing.

    Those characters Chris, leon etc all dress by their personality and fitness to the series. Kursar is half naked but makes sense since he’s a crazyed pyscho soldier. what do we know of Jessica?
    Ada’s dress is actually clever in Resident Evil 4, any women can actually wear those types of dress. In fact that type of dress looks like an undercover dress a female cop would wear to conceal her identity.

    Jessica’s design is doesn’t take anything seriously.

  • CJ


  • StuntmanSnake


    That’s because women generally aren’t attracted the same stuff as men are. Can you imagine Chris with his pant leg missing or his breast showing? Would that be sexy to anyone? There’s women who like a man with his shirt off, but that would literally make no sense if that was the BSAA standard uniform. They still dress sexy, like Leon’s jacket, Billy’s tank top revealing tribal tattoos, or Chris’s short sleeve shirt revealing his watermellon stuffed arms. There are ways to make men attractive and ways to make women attractive. Luckily, they aren’t the same.

  • Patron

    @Stuntman Snake
    It’s also based on culture, time, and socialization. That’s why, if a woman is in the middle east, her showing any skin is seen as an invitation to various horrid things. Back in the Victorian Era, women wore dresses with long sleeves that went down to the floor.

    Also, this article notes that the cultural norm was toplessness for women, until Christian missionaries changed things in parts of the world. Also, some locations still see women without tops (which, in this culture, would be considered sexual) as normal:

  • Tony

    A lot of virgins and gay comments here…

  • StuntmanSnake


    I know, Patron, I’m just saying that guys in games are often made to appeal to females just as much as women are made to appeal to men. The ways in doing so are different but the result is the same.


    I’m assuming I fell into the latter catagory. LOL.

  • Justin

    Actually, no I haven’t. Because they aren’t real. Even if they are based on real people or look realistic, I don’t find it attractive. I like real girls and real flesh. This is like watching Hentai or something.

  • shes fuck ugly and looks like a skeleton dipped in wax.


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