Check out the first trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta


What a nice treat to wake up to! We finally have the first official trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta, the upcoming animated film set to be released next spring.

You can check out the trailer below! We get a good look at two of the main STARS of the film: Leon and Chris. We also get to see poor Chris lose even more teammates (when will it end?!). Zombies are also present, of the running variety, as well as a mysterious scientist that could be the film’s villain.

Resident Evil: Vendetta will hit theaters in Japan in spring 2017.

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  • Yudha

    Is it just me or that researcher look a lot like Wesker?

    • Zain Idk but this guy came to my mind when I saw him

      • KePaZzzi

        Yeah. Probably different, but that’s who I remembered, too. That scientist from Degeneration.

      • Yudha

        Please not that guy again.

        To me he’s a dumbest most retarded villain they’ve ever created. He might be smart with his scheme. But with that final scene when he practically begged for his life? I don’t know, a big turn down for me xD

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      Dude, totally looked like Wesker.

  • KePaZzzi

    Chris losing more teammates and looking like an older Buddy!

    • He looks more like a mix between his RE6 model and David Boreanaz to me.

      • KT718

        I always thought if they did a live action movie that didn’t suck that Chris should be played by David Boreanaz

  • Liam Mountain

    So disappointed they left out Rebecca for some odd reason. Wonder when we will see her then ?

  • KT718

    I feel like at this point Hunk may have to give his title over to Chris. Maybe Rebecca’s a bad guy and that’s why they haven’t shown her yet? Idk, Chris looked a little better in some frames, but he still doesn’t look quite right.

    • Daniel Moran

      Probably not since, Chris and Rebecca teamed up together in the stage play. And she works with the BSAA

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    The BSAA is completely useless aside from like… 5 members.

  • Andy

    Looks really cool. Leon needs to take a break though and Chris’s character model looks weird but oh well it’s fine. Where was Rebecca though?

  • KePaZzzi

    Maybe Becky’s sleeping somewhere in the mansion again?
    .. Or even waiting in a room for Chris to show up so she could spray him again in the face with pepper / first aid spray, like good old times?

  • MathewW

    Yes please! Love the CGI RE films!

  • Mila

    I’m extremely excited for this movie than RE7 , RE7 could be the next biggest letdown for me after RE6

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      Agreed, I’d be all for giving RE7 a chance if there was a 3rd person option but the game is so far off from the rest of the franchise that I simply cannot accept it being in first person and looking or feeling nothing like any previous games. Oh well, we still have RE2 Remake to look forward to.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    wtf did i just watch


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