Check out some more new costumes from Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster


Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster is sure getting a lot of costumes to unlock. Aside from the winning design from the previously concluded contest, we’re also getting brand new outfits (well, sorta) like Rebecca’s basketball attire — that was previously seen in picture form in Resident Evil 2 as an Easter egg. Now, we have a couple of more outfits revealed.

Billy is getting a “Wolf Force” commando outfit, while Rebecca is getting her cheerleader outfit from Deadly Silence. You can check both of them out in the images below!




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  • MassDistraction

    What is that Wolf Force outfit a reference to? I swear I’ve seen a similar one somewhere.

    • MassDistraction

      Nevermind, found it 😛 It’s from the cover of Wolf of the Battlefield II.

  • ArthurBerceuse

    Goshdamnit Billy, stop being so attractive.

  • SecretX

    Is there an exclusive outfits for consoles?

  • Andy

    Billy’s costume is ridiculous.


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