Check out Rebecca in Resident Evil: Vendetta


It’s been a little while since we last heard about Resident Evil: Vendetta—the latest animated film in the series, set to hit sometime next year. We know about some of the ingredients: Chris Redfield. Leon S. Kennedy, a mansion, and Rebecca Chambers. This latest update on the film gives us a look at that last ingredient!


We’ve already seen Leon and Chris in action in the film’s trailer (and Leon going all Daryl Dixon in a promotional image), but now we finally get to see Rebecca, thanks to a scanned image posted on a Resident Evil community page on Facebook.

It looks like Rebecca might feature heavily in flashbacks. I’m sure she’ll figure into the present storyline as well, but it seems like Chris’s scenario in the film will definitely delve into his connection with Rebecca, specifically during the mansion incident. That makes sense, too, seeing as how Vendetta pits him in yet another mansion.

We also have what could be the release date for the film in Japan: May 27, 2017. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it!


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  • Liam Mountain

    Yay ! Rebecca , Hope if and when they make Revelations 3 she will be the star.

  • John Ruth

    At least Chris don’t have to use a knife anymore because his new nose really is sharp enough to to stab his enemies. It really looks strange, like they casted people from Eastern Europe for the Motion Capturing.

    Is Rebecca still wearing the S.T.A.R.S. Outfit? I would say she became older, but like Chris, they just used a new Actor for the Motion Capture, this results in a different face and facial animations. But despite the new looks of the Characters (Leon looks pretty much the same as in Resident Evil 6), I’m really looking forward to Vendetta.

  • Andy

    I really like the CGI RE movies even though they are their own stories and they are less horror and more action but they are better than the live action movies and more for the fans.

  • John-Paul Conway
    Higher quality versions of the photos can be found here! 🙂


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