Capcom: Resident Evil 2 remake possible if fans show support

In an interview with Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the age-old question about a Resident Evil 2 remake was asked. Hirabayashi told Gamespot that Capcom is not currently working on a remake but the possibility remains if fans show support. Because that worked so well for Mega Man Legends 3, right?

“But if the fans really clamor for it; if there’s a groundswell of support for remaking that game, then I think that’s something Capcom would take under consideration.”

Well there you have it: Capcom might do a Resident Evil 2 remake if fans want it. I guess they haven’t been paying attention to forums for the past several years. Isn’t the desire for a Resident Evil 2 remake one of the biggest requests from the gaming community? There has been massive support and desire for a remake for a long time, but it has not been enough, it seems. Open your windows and tell the world! Scream into the wind!

Capcom, you know we want it. I know you have to tease us to build excitement. But this has got to stop. Our hearts can’t take it. Don’t be like Square Enix with Final Fantasy VII. You tease.


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  • Blawlz

    If it does happen, it’s gotta be done right. I don’t think we’ll get the camera angels, but at least throw us a bone with extra puzzles and areas to explore.

    • Savior

      No Slant Six!!!’m

  • 15 year anniversary right around the corner they really need to get on the ball

    • We’re past 15 years already because that was last year.

  • Yeah, because they totally gave us Megaman Legends 3 like they said they would.

    • ariessiren

      no one cares about mega man.

      • Siren

        no one cares about you

        • TrueAnakin09

          No one cares period. 😛

        • ariessiren

          girl i know you aint try to steal my name. the majority speaks babe, no one cares about mega ultra man

  • do it

  • Resiisbetteronconsoles

    The resi remake was done SO well. It added to the game without taking away the original’s magic. I have faith in them to do it again but I would not expect it until the 20th anniversary of the franchise. So 2016.

    • Swcloud99

      I’m kind of afraid they’d add in recent series “ameliorations” like over the shoulder aiming and linear levels devoid of exploration mixed with over the top action.
      Aren’t you?

      • Koulamatata

        After the REmake, no, not really.
        That was an exceptional remake.

        • Swcloud99

          Sure, it was probably the best remake of any video game ever but, and that’s a big but, the Resident Evil series hadn’t “evolved” (has in completely changed styles) yet when the REmake came out.
          The series is now post RE4 and I hardly see them sticking to the spirit of the original (which is what made REmake so good) by making it a Third person shooter.

          • Koulamatata

            It’d be easier to just make a new game.
            RE 2 wasn’t made for TPS. It wasn’t made with over the shoulder in mind.
            It doesn’t require that stuff like 4, 5 and 6 do.
            It seems like too big of a pain in the ass, too much of a slap in the face to do something that would rander the game unplayable.

            RE2 would be a boring TPS.

            I guess I won’t deny that they could do as you suggest. I’m just very skeptical on weather they’d actually do it.
            Guess we have to wait and see.

            Or not, because it really doesn’t feel like they even want to do it. The fan support is there, Capcom. Figure it out!

          • Swcloud99

            Oh I wasn’t saying they should do it has a TPS, I was saying they would do it has a TPS.
            I very much agree that it would be a slap in the face.

        • Resiisbetteronconsoles

          Remember the RE5 dlc Lost in Nightmares secret where you could play it in the fixed camera view? That shows they can still do it effectively.

  • Come on Capcom, get this right

    This could be Capcom’s redemption depending on how they tackle it. It’s quite the opportunity…hope they get it right!

  • It had better be a remake like REmake or or in the style of RE0, not adjusted to the TPS controls of RE4, etc.

  • I really prefer a remake of 3 or CV, but WTH, I want to play again with Claire so bad, so at this point Im ok if they do it

  • Casselman

    RE2 Remake = sold. Get on it, Capcom.

  • Neutron15

    and then they are going to cancel it like Mega Man Legends and blame it on us

    • ariessiren

      truth is no one in the u.s. gives a shit about mega man. come on lets be honest majority of gamers grew out of that years ago. glad they buried that

      • Neutron15

        oh really? you don’t speak for everyone in the U.S.

      • Koulamatata

        Megaman X is still the shit, bro.

        • ariessiren

          really i think ultraman or toughman are better lol

          • Koulamatata

            Quick google search on Ultraman.
            If it’s the same ultraman you’re speaking of, well played sir.
            Absolutely hilarious. Haha.

  • Savior

    I’m all in for a remake! Where do I go to pledge my vote?

  • Neutron15

    combine RE 2 and 3

    • REfan

      Great idea!

  • Krauser

    omg they gonna make it..THANK YOU JESUS!

  • Sherman Hakim

    hell fucking yeah

  • ariessiren

    hope its for 3ds. perfict fit for it

    • ariessiren


    • How freaking dare you Nintendo fans trying to do that move once again .. HELL NO !!

      • ariessiren

        until you have played revelations in 3d, trust me you will be dying to play the whole series in 3d. its so immersive.

        • TrueAnakin09

          I find that hard to believe considering I’d rather take a nail and hammer into the bridge of my nose than have anything more to do with 3D.

  • Tima

    PLS do a remake

  • liam

    if fans show support !? we have supported this since the days of the gamecube lol

  • They should figure out the costs and take it to kickstarter. That might be the ideal way to please the fans without taking a big financial risk.

  • I agree RE2 remake should happen but keep the old style like the first RE remake going back to the roots where it belongs true survival horror and puzzles we missed so much 🙁 that what lacks in the new Resident Evils to day not much of a challenge for the mind

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    About time they finaly noticed that lol

  • manos17

    Yes!!! We want it!!!

  • TrueAnakin09

    Oi! Remake Resident Evil Zero through Nemesis and put that thing on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360! And ditto on the FFVII comparison.

    • Jason

      And Wii U.

    • Jeremy Saylor

      Let’s go with next gen consoles; by the time they finish all those games the current gen will be old hat.

  • DS

    The interest is there. Bring it!

  • chris bluefield

    i wanna support a RE2 remake with this comment: “capcom, yes you can!”. 🙂
    it’s my favorite (old school) RE-game and i want it so badly.

  • Jordan

    Resident Evil 2, still to this day remains as the most sold and most loved Resident Evil game, why not remake it? The one thing i say is that this would HAVE to re use the classic play style of re 2 maybe add in a couple extra features to up the intensity like they did with the first remake, but still be the classic at it’s core.

  • StuntmanSnake

    It’s obvious that Capcom has plans to make this. They don’t need anyone to prove to them that we want it becuase they already know and have known for years.

    Now, let’s get working on that Dino Crisis reboot/remake too, Capcom. Please?

    • Now your talking dino crisis remake i love to see come back and capcom should give this series a chance to prove it can be just as grate as resident evil

    • THIS!

  • Silent Evil

    How do we show our support? If there is a petition I will gladly sign it. Do we have to email Capcom directly? Anyone know?

  • zPink x

    Yeeyaaah I would be looking forward to it hehe but they should remake Resident Evil 3 too ;D

  • SecretX

    why do people want a remake? shinji mikami left capcom is not gonna be great or they might change it to action instead of classic horror.

  • Benjamin May

    I can’t actually believe he said that! Fans have been clamouring for this ever since the fantastic GameCube remake of the original!

    As for how they should go about a remake – well, I think first and foremost, it should retain the fixed camera viewpoint from the original release of Resident Evil 2, but I don’t see the problem with adding an over-the-shoulder perspective for those who want it. Other than that, the game should retain the pacing, atmosphere and wotnot from the original.

    Essentially, it should simply be the exact same game in terms of narrative and gameplay – just is the Remake of the original Resident Evil was. So essentially the same game but with upgraded graphics and an over-the-shoulder perspective for those who want it – as long as they keep the fixed cameras.

    The idea of combining Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 also might be a good one – especially since Resident Evil 3 was originally supposed to be a side-story.

    Then, if they remade Resident Evil Code Veronica, they could then call that Resident Evil 3.

    Or am I just over-complicating things?

    • I think it would complicate things since the original releases already established the titles they’d have to re-envision it to make it work.

  • ReaperWindrunner

    Considering nowadays Capcom… I would rather let it dead.

  • if they could just simply re use alot from cavia’s work on darkside chronicles and modify it to a third person shooter or classic fixed camera, i’d be totally fine with that. it had great graphics anyway.

    • I wonder how’d they do that since Leon and Claire split up as well as have their own supporting characters being Ada with Leon and Sherry with Claire. Sherry would have to be Claire’s co-op partner and Ada would already be Leon’s co-op partner because she’s with him for half the game. They’d probably need to use RE0 as a material guide reference.

      • yea, they don’t have to exactly reuse the exact script in darkside tho. just the assets and modify it to be explorable like classic re or modern. and if they do implement co-op. i really hope it plays out close to RE0’s idea of co-op AND item management

  • alex

    If we show support? We’re showing support since 2002 after the release of RE remake!!! CAPCOM you ungrateful sons of bitches.

  • RocketPunch

    Alyson Court and D.C. Douglas have both tweeted #RE2Remake. Someone also started a support thread for it over on Capcom’s forums.

  • Jeremy Saylor

    Wow. I remember, back when RE2&3 got ported to the Gamecube, that there was an online petition to have them remake RE2. It got several thousand signatures and Capcom came along and said it was completely pointless because they wouldn’t even consider it. Class act Capcom.

  • Meg

    DUDE!! RE2 and RE3, could you imagine what Nemesis and Mr. X would look like with a remake?!

    Please make it for PS3 and Xbox, I don’t wanna spend money on a 3DS.

  • Thomas

    ” “But if the fans really clamor for it; if there’s a
    groundswell of support for remaking that game, then I think that’s
    something Capcom would take under consideration.”
    Well there you have it: Capcom might do a Resident Evil 2 remake if fans want it. I guess they haven’t been paying attention to forums for the past several years.”

    How very true which only proves that they don´t really care about or listen to the RE fans worldwide (Nooooo Reallly you don´t say)………:-D

  • Thomas

    ohhh and to all those complaining about the old-school preset camera stuff are you kidding me “it´s what that made the game” that much more of a horror experience to play not knowing what was making the sound in the room you just entered that you can hear…….

    If you want to play TPS´s go play your games like (god of war and Uncharted) and leave Resident Evil alone. Theire was nothing wrong with it to begin with…….

    This i meant for CAPCOM as well. If any of you are monotoring this site go and make your TPS´s and lets someone else who actually really truely want true RE games take over and make them from now on…….

    • Thomas i agree with you on that statement 100 percent every ones forgot what made it what it is to day and removed everything from series from beening on your own and puzzles are just been completely removed it and more towards action and co op 🙁

      • Thomas

        Thanks nice to see someone isn´t giving me flak for voiceing “my” opinion which seems to coinside with many others opinions…….

        if CAPCOM could only get theire foot of of theire ***** and release
        RE0 & RE REmake (originally for GameCube) on XBOX live and

        There are NO excuses not for doing it…….

        • I think even with co-op it can still be horror if done right. I mean look at RE0 it had co-op granted it was still single player you had to simultaneously control 2 people.

          • Thomas

            My thoughts exactly somehow in that game it just worked…….

          • MyRecycledBalls

            The Reason It worked was because it allowed more freedom of choice… if you hate Billy, you could be Rebecca for a majority of the game, but still have the other guy for items you don’t want in the box and still need.

  • ariessiren

    those sharks scared me more than the dogs did. the RE make was the scariest entry in the whole series

  • djmahyar

    please remake it

  • they should keep it to the way of the re remake and no co op none of that 5 and 6 crap action horror dose not belong in survival horror im glad re6 got a low score trieing to be somthing its not call of duty or gears of war of that matter so hope they learn next time capcom is really killing the series as far as im Concerned re is dead unless it gos back to where it belongs and im starting to worry about the re 2 remake with 5 orc and 6. 4 on the other hand i can let that one go that one was ok but they should reboot it completely scrap 5 6 and orc like it never happened in my mind weskers still alive 🙂

    • oh andone more thing the movies well put it this way it was like taking a crap the animation on the other hand was close to a true re movie u ever going to get and the new one im going to pick up

  • MyRecycledBalls

    What I Believe… and this is my opinion, If Resident Evil 2 was Remade to today’s standard, It wouldn’t pass as a classic Remake. Now From what I Remember, REmake was actually scarier than the Original because you didn’t know what to expect from the game, it made you be sure that your enemies were dead and that you didn’t fuck up a puzzle. I say we do something with Resident Evil 2 Remake to better the Original. Such As
    A: Crimson Head Ideal.
    B: More Shock Moments
    C: Cramped Hallways to force fighting in certain situations
    D: Harder Puzzles
    E: Darker Settings
    Finally: Silent Hillesque Camera Angles.
    That is what I believe to be a better Remake.

  • extravagant

    If you guys want a proper REmake, you must vote to have Shinji Mikami, the Father of RE games, come back and create the REmake. He is the man who created the first RE PS1 game, and he is the one who also created the RE0 and REmake games for GC that we ALL love. The REmake definitely stayed true to the fans.

    Capcom pissed off Mikami back in mid 2005 I believe, so he left Capcom and created his own studio. But I’m just saying, if you want a proper REmake, you must bring back the original Father and Director of the series to supervise.

    Otherwise, people are gonna fuck it up with all the stupid action Gears of Evil Duty reformation…. last thing I would want is a RE2 Remake with the stupid RE4-6 controls. Though I DID love RE4, I just don’t believe that RE2 Remake needs the same controls as RE4-6.

    I love the fixed/awkward camera angles that the original games had. It was there for a purpose. I loved the tank controls, it was meant like originally to feel more afraid than brave.

    So if we are gonna get a REmake for RE2, it needs to be done right, under these circumstances, with the main factor that we require to have Shinji Mikami back to create it. Otherwise, I think Capcom has a higher chance to fuck it up even more.

  • murray

    If they don’t fuck it up then yea awesome crack on, but i have a feeling they would turn a truly amazing survival horror game into some action/arcade game like resident evil 4/5.


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