Capcom confirms that Resident Evil will return to its roots

The latest numbered entry in the Resident Evil franchise wasn’t exactly received as well as its two previous numbered predecessors. Yeah, even Resident Evil 5 got higher scores from critics. Funny, huh?

Resident Evil 6, to me, is a superb game. Could it have been better? Yes. But I truly enjoyed the experience from beginning to end, across its multiple campaigns. But I’m not some biased, crazed fanboy “that gives everything that has Resident Evil on the box a perfect score”. The series really needs to return to its roots.

Resident Evil Revelations was a perfect step in the right direction. Now we need more of that. The former 3DS exclusive entry in the series is set to hit the PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 on May 24th, and while chatting up the upcoming HD version to IGN in London, longtime series producer Masachika Kawata confirmed something many fans have been hoping to hear for quite a while now.

Resident Evil will be returning to its roots.

Here’s something fans are going to totally love to read:

“Survival horror as a genre is never going to be on the same level, financially, as shooters and much more popular, mainstream games. At the same time, I think we need to have confidence to put money behind these projects, and it doesn’t mean we can’t focus on what we need to do as a survival horror game to meet fan’s needs. We are always taking in to account user feedback, even when the users’ are very upset about something.

“Looking at last year – something like, for example, Operation Racoon City  – it was quite an experimental attempt in bringing the Resident Evil series to new genres. And in light of that game, certainly I would say that I review my thoughts on that [the importance of action]. But I think it’s undeniable to say the series returning to its roots is important, and those roots are horror.”

That sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? But how will Capcom actually approach this return to form for the series? Could Capcom hand development duties over to a Western studio? Could a reboot be in talks? What about both? Mr. Kawata touches on the possibilities by stating the following:

“At the end of the day, players care more about how the game plays and if it’s a good game rather than the name on the box or the credits of a developer. We would need to decide what we need to do to make a game in the series – something appealing to the player – and if the answer is to use a certain developer from the West then that will be the answer. We never start with the questions: ‘Shall we have a Western developer do this? How will that turn out?’ This has to be the solution to a problem, rather than the problem in and of itself.”

And talking about a reboot specifically, he had this to say:

“We should be able to start from scratch and reboot it. It would still be Resident Evil. We wouldn’t lose the essential nature of what makes it a good game just by changing the characters.”

We all know how important the series’ memorable characters are to fans. Some of them have gone on to become iconic characters recognized by gamers worldwide, so a reboot might definitely lead to conerns from longtime fans.

Could we see the series get the DmC treatment? We won’t know for a while, but it’s definitely good to see that the publisher has listened to fans and is now taking action with one of gaming’s most beloved and successful franchises.


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  • handsomejack47

    In my opinion, the only way they could pull it off is if they get Shinji Mikami involved, but he’s been gone for years now, and he says Project Zwei will be his final game as director.

  • Zach

    I love this. If they want to do an action game, create a new IP. This is a stepping stone in me regaining my faith back in Capcom.

  • Swcloud99

    For the love of everything do not reboot Resident Evil.


    • zackfurniss

      You want more of the same? It’s become an enjoyable shooter series (for me), but it’s gonna keep getting farther from distilled, RE goodness.

      • Swcloud99

        No, I just want it to continue plot treads they already set up for better or worse. They should definitely dig into what made the series great and go back the its roots. I just don’t see the relevance of ignoring 15 years of history.

        • zackfurniss

          I guess it depends on what they mean by reboot. That word seems to have different meanings depending on the developer.

  • eledhrim

    Gameplay? Fine.

    But to reboot the universe? Fuck no. The depths to the series’ lore ranks amongst the industries highest and I’ve bought every system to play every game to deepen my own knowledge in it. And the characters!? He’s right, they ARE iconic.

    RE6 already set the stage for RE7, anyway. Somethng that goes beyond Jake in the middle east (The Family etc…). I sincerely hope CAPCOM don’t do this.

    • ResidentEvilFantastic

      I think alot of Resi fans, whilst watching the ending thought, RE7 is Jake in the Middle East? GOD NO!

      • eledhrim

        Yeah, I dislike the thought of Jake becoming a series mainstay. Having Sherry at his side gave the character some balance as his douchebaggery far exceeded RE4 Leon.

        The official soundtrack labels the track to that cutscene as “True Epilogue, To Be Continued…”. I doubt this is where RE7 takes place in, however, but instead, the rumoured RE6 Claire campaign.

        Unlike Jill (not even a peep), Claire was mentioned a LOT in the files and even in-game, giving new players more context to the character. Further more, she’s done a lot of work in the Middle-East, which is also how she got to meet Rani from the movie Degeneration. Rani is actually mentioned in RE6s files.

        From a story perspective, having Claire who became Sherry’s mother-figure, team-up with Jake would be pretty fun, but we’ll see. Regardless, we’ll almost definitely be seeing Helena further down the line, too. She was given more backstory in one game than Leon has in the whole series.

        I don’t think CAPCOM want to reboot the story, thinking more on it. The new plot threads left plenty to go on and they gave the ageing cast of the series a good kick in the groin in RE6, with a few strong, younger characters.

    • “The depths to the series’ lore ranks amongst the industries highest”
      hahaha no. Maybe everything before RE4, yeah. RE4 to RE6? No. God no.

      • eledhrim

        Considering RE5 filled out the many blanks in all the established lore (Stairway to the Sun etc…), your comment is invalid. Las Plagas was silly, but given good context through the events of the aforementioned title and Umbrella Chronicles.

    • Reboot is a must..idiot

      • That Guy

        stop being a dick

  • Praying for a turn based strategy RPG remake of Resident Evil 1, with celshaded graphics and Combichrist behind the music. Oh and iOS exclusive, powered by Origin.

    All items in the game require microtransactions to actually pick up, and Barry’s beard is on disc DLC. Requires always online DRM and is only playable with the Kinect.

    Pre-order the collectors edition that comes with a “Jill’s sandwich” Subway 10 pass punchcard, a bloody Rebecca Chambers Bikini torso statue(hand painted with love), Milla Jovovich skins for all in game models, and a disc for the unfinished Megaman Legends 3.

    Holy shit, I should work at Capcom.

  • tigerspaw

    Ridding Resident Evil of all it’s iconic characters would be an enormous misstep.. and I have a feeling it might happen. Yikes

    • I actually would support that decision. They have seriously destroyed every single established character already. Might as lay them to rest

  • That Guy

    Yes! Do it Capcom! Reboot the whole thing and go back to the old RE.

    • Ok look at what you just said, how can they go back to the old RE IF THE GAME IS REBOOTED??? For the love of god people the solution to every problem isn’t a reboot simply venture out to new characters there are too many unanswered questions in this universes like where’s Billy or Rebecca or even that guy from survival…not everything needs to be rebooted to be improved to me that’s the lazy way out just saying oh here ya go Western developer do what you want with this game we’re done with it

      • Killer7

        DMC was rebooted and they kept the same core gameplay elements, if that’s what you mean. Character wise, we might either see familiar faces in a new light or a whole new cast altogether. Capcom already butchered the series’ characters so I don’t mind brand new ones.

        • That Guy

          This guy gets it.

        • ZenTzen

          no they did not, DMC reboot was not needed and the gameplay was a pale comparison of its former self

  • ResidentEvilFantastic

    Rebooting the whole story would no doubt lose a lot of fans who have fallen in love with RE’s lore. No Jill Valentine? No thank you!

    I do think the Resi franchise is due a return to greatness.
    Just because Capcom has “experimented” with the franchise doesn’t mean anyone should jump ship and think the franchise will remain as it is today.

    A good example is what happened to the Mortal Kombat franchise. That went off the rails with three 3D games (that I still loved) which weren’t as popular and subsequently made Midway go into administration.
    It was fortunately picked up by Warner Brothers and gave them a wake up call and in 2011 we were given the best MK fan service game ever.

    So I think we all have to just wait for Capcom to come to their senses and remember that alienating fans = less money for future games.

  • No No No No! By rebooting the series everyone meant wipe the slate clean, take out the action that most fans hate and take it back to what made it good. Mentioning the word reboot or removing the characters FANS love is literally the worst thing. They’ve shown glimmers that the horror is still there (for example lost nightmares, revelations and leons campaign in re:6). But they seem so unwilling to make a whole game of it.

  • uh, how about you keep the familiar faces in resident evil instead of bringing new faces in, like whatever happened to billy, rebecca, hunk, barry, carlos, steve.

    • The only character on that list that isn’t terrible is Barry.

      I would play the shit out of a game that starred Barry, though. I mean what’s the guy been up to during all of this? He was a S.T.A.R.S. member, too. Hell, Wesker held his family hostage. If anyone should’ve killed Wesker, it was him.

      • HUNK had his appeal. surviving Raccoon City all alone! like even Jill had Carlos during the whole ordeal, So did Leon with Claire/Ada, etc.

        • Anonym

          I don’t ever recall Jill asking for Carlos’s help at any time in RE3. DURR

  • Benjamin May

    We’ve been through this ‘reboot’ thing before, haven’t we?

    It depends what they mean by reboot. To me, a reboot would mean throwing out every scrap of story and literally hitting the complete ‘reset’ button. I don’t know if I’d really want them to do that. The story may be pretty mad, but I don’t mind that. It’s a great bit of pulp escapism in videogame form. I’m not a massive fan of the more action heavy sections of the newer games, but they do make sense given the global scale the story has taken.

    Having said that, if by ‘reboot’ they simply mean they are returning the series to the horror of the early games, then I couldn’t be happier! Even given the way the story of the series has expanded, surely a way can be found to return the series to its roots.

    I felt that Resident Evil 6 did have some pretty decent scares in it, but unfortunately they were obscured by one too many flaws in the game, the all-too-heavy action not being the least of them.

    I never had a 3DS so I never got to play Resident Evil Revelations, but I’m really looking forwards to getting my hands on the Xbox 360 version!

  • Saladmancer

    Reeboot the game play and not the story, make it a mix of res revaluations, resi 4 and resi 1 remake.

  • Kuloo! Kalay! ‘Tis Frabjis Day!

  • Xander

    ”At the end of the day, players care more about how the game plays and
    if it’s a good game rather than the name on the box or the credits of a
    You sure about that? The whole DmC outcry would beg to differ.

    On topic, though, I would love to see a reboot. It is the “in” thing right now, apparently, but going back to mainly zombies and slow-paced atmospheric horror would be amazing.

  • RE is an. Adapting franchise… Adapt or die. Personally I’ve never played an RE to the end and thought … That was a waste of my time! I’ve been scared, tense, thrilled and annoyed… At least i never felt meh! All u re6 haters… How would u feel without an RE7! … Exactly!!!

  • And to say people care more about the game than the name on the box…. No, I’m invested in this franchise! I want to play RE, god of war, FF… It’s like meeting up with an old mate!

  • If they took away all of the characters we know and love there would be no point to the series. This is a character and story driven series. If RE took away Leon, Chris, Jill, Ada, and Claire, it would not be RE anymore. These five (and a few others) are too iconic to just get rid of.

    What Capcom needs to do is take Leon’s campaign style from RE6, reduce the action, and mash it together with the old style horror of RE1-RE3. Leon’s campaign was very successful compared to Jake’s and Chris’s. Action may add a lot to a game but I think Capcom could successfully blend it with the old survival horror style. Follow Leon’s campaign style and Revelations and make a game similar to those.

  • Guest

    cool, its similar to my question for the next podcast. i’d be fine with a new resident evil that is confident and faithful on its own original ideas. i hope they’d stop comparing the franchise to call of duty or gears of war

  • cool, its similar to my question for the next podcast. i’d be fine with a new resident evil that is confident and faithful on its own original ideas. i hope they’d stop comparing the franchise to call of duty.. or gears of war. i don’t believe they need cliff either, to ‘ fix ‘ it.


    Go back to the start and don’t leave loose ends open this time! Focus on the story and the horror first! Resident Evil can be good without trying to imitate Call of Duty.


    Capcom went from Dumb to plain out Stupid in a flash, Resident Evil 1 was already Rebooted, is it so much to ask for a Resident Evil 2 & 3 Reboot? not only a Reboot but a long ass game like they did with RE5 & 6. Capcom please don’t give the franchise to western hands, look at the last Silent Hill & DMC Major face palm on those atrocious games.

    • Remake does not equal reboot.

  • Kyle campbell’s comment is made of pure WIN!!!

  • VariousCakes

    I would like them to reboot the gameplay but not the characters and universe, much like they did in RE4 except this time with more of a shift to horror. But you don’t always get what you want…

  • Atila Lopez

    We hope you learned your lesson Capcom, please don’t let me down again.

  • I’ve already said this a while ago and I’ll say it again:

    They should create a new spin-off series focused on survival horror.
    No matter if I or mostly hardcore and oldschool fans HATE the direction the series have taken in RE4, new-gen noobs loves this new shootter thing and they are giving a lot of money to Crapcom, so, just create a new spin off series 🙂
    Oldschool fans would love and buy it, new-gen would also buy them just because it is a RE game.

    • I don’t think it is fair to say “new-gen noobs” I played and loved all the classic Resident Evil but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the news one and not be “new-gen noob” because I am not I just have accepted the evolution of Resident Evil and instead of crying about it I just enjoy it.

  • luigiix

    Good news indeed. As a very dissapointed Silent Hill fan, i trluy envy RE fans right now. I hope the guys at Konami can find some common sense as well (aka bring the series back to it’s roots).

  • Just throw in a Typewritter and everything else should be fine…

  • Jen

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    I seem to remember reading somewhere that RE6 was going to brutally scary and we all see how that turned out.

    Please no reboot though. The whole reason I got in to RE was because of the horror and the characters.

  • Neutron15

    reboot will be fantastic, and I hope that this is not just a campaign marketing for Revelations

  • The Resident Evil series has become an absolute mess, so a reboot would be welcome. Given a clean slate and a return to survival horror, I think Resident Evil could become fantastic again. I don’t mind the action games much, but a return to horror would be the best approach, I think.

    That said, I hope those roots includes villains that have the incompetence of a Saturday morning cartoon villain. Something about Umbrella being run by the stupidest people on this planet made the whole thing that much more enjoyable.

  • Thomas

    Okay im hearing a lot of opinions from a lot here but how many of you, who are saying you dont like this ot that ideea, are actually going to put some action behind your opinions……. We always her the expression “you wote with your dollars”…….Hmm…….

    For me personly i like the old school game style ( pre-rendered backgrounds, Pre-set camera angels, Cheesy dialog, Item management, conserving ammunition (Its what that made this franshise as big as it is today). I would like to know why so many feel that we “romantize” the old school style games compared to the newer once. I dont but at the same time im certainly NOT going to apologize for that i like the classic style…….

    Resident EvilRevelations was at step in the right direction…….

    Just dont forget that this is CAPCOM were talking about and they are proberly going to do what they want not matter if you like one style or the other…….

    If i REALLY had a say i would make both old-school style (RE 1/RE REmake, RE2 & RE3) and newer more action oriented types (Mercenaries, RE5 & RE6, RE ORC & RE R) of Resident Evil games because i believe that everyone should have the type of experince they want instead of what has been made available as of late…….

    Another thing is just how many times have the ORIGINAL games been re-released in the times thats gone by. There is a reson why the Old-School style games are still being played today…….

  • I for one love the new RE’s action or not they are more interesting and have more replayabilty than the old ones don’t get me wrong I love RE1- CVX but the newer games are better as a whole. I mean RE2 is still one of my faves it is just behind RE6 which to me is the best. But if they reboot this series horror or not I am not going to play this is 17 years worth of gaming they would be throwing away. Also on the horror/action argument it makes a lot more sense for this series to be action because this is not like silent hill. The characters in RE know about zombies and the viruses they have plans for it because that is how it would be in real life. Silent Hill on the other hand there is no way to plan for it.

  • Its a no brainier to reboot it at this point. As far as the story goes I know most don’t want a reboot,but it needs to just be wiped clean. This story has been going on since 1996, (RE and MGS are the longest running vg stories that I know of). After all this time we never properly the saw the destruction of umbrella, we still dont know who the hell Ada is. Is Steve really dead? Where is everyone? (Billy, Rebecca, Barry, Carlos ect. The story that counts here is 1-3 (some may argue zero) redo it, things became a mess after leaving Raccoon city (I liked veronica, but it should have been the fall of umbrella, not the detour that it was) You argue you’v come to love these character, how many lines have they actually had? In a reboot these characters would be much better developed, I mean we are talking about the series that gave us “Jill Sandwich”.

  • I cant believe the GameCube remake just left the line in there “Jill Sandwich” and “Master of Lock-picking” without poking fun at it. I would love to see this happen in a reboot.

  • Alex

    The only thing that needs to be rebooted is resident evil 2

    • You mean a remake.

      • Alex

        Reboot, remake, I don’t care. I just want capcom to update this game, like they did once with first Resident evil.

  • If roots they mean a remake of 2 and 3 or a new game with more horror or similarity to the old games than I’m okay with it.

    For me a reboot doesn’t sound like a good idea.
    I’m usually accepting but a reboot would really bug me.
    Some fans may like the idea of a reboot but you end up screwing over the other fans.

  • All these years of Resident Evil would of meant nothing if we get a reboot. Character Development? gone..

  • zackfurniss

    Alright, here’s what I want.

    I love the old characters, but I find it hard to care when they are all invulnerable. Plus they’ve all become the equivalent of superheroes. The universe has gotten all wacky. But we can use this to our advantage.

    Since RE6’s events were very publicly documented, set this game a few years later. The general public remembers the horrors of the C-Virus but are trying to move on.

    We play as a new character, someone who can hold their own, but won’t be doing flips, suplexes, or dual-wielding of any kind. The old characters can be referenced, and maybe factor in later (though I think they should sit this one out). They’re sort of viewed as heroes at this point.

    Our new game is set in a small town, sort of like Case Zero if anyone played that. Very isolated. Most things will start off locked, but eventually through story events and backtracking, you will be able to traverse the town. This way we have a fusion of open-world gameplay (albeit in a not-too-huge area) and classic backtracking like RE 1-3.

    You start off in a bar with other people i.e. Outbreak. Blah blah blah monsters attack, communications are cut, and you’re trying to survive. Some people in the bar live, most die. The living become NPCs, most run try to escape to their homes, others will hide throughout town. Maybe the town has a secret, Idunno.

    The whole point is we need to scale back the setting. I find this to be much scarier. REVELATIONS SPOILERS AHEAD. When I thought Revelations was just set on a cruise ship, it seemed more frightening because it was self-contained. Instead we globe-hopped a bit and there ended up being ANOTHER secret lab on the boat. SPOILERS END.

    If Resident Evil keeps repeating the same cliches, then there will be no fear. Fear’s worst enemy is the familiar. Why would I be afraid of something I’ve seen for 15 years?

  • As much as I enjoyed the new DMC game I don’t want them to reboot the resident evil series and change the way the characters act and look.
    I like Claire and Jill just the way they are, Bring back the horror by all means but don’t get rid of the characters I have grown up with.

  • Jeremy Saylor

    I still can’t see how anyone can say that Revelations was anymore horror and less “follow this corridor and blast everything like a shooting gallery” game. Both were stupidly linear, lacked any particularly complicated puzzles, had god mode partners, no tension at all… pretty much everything about the games are the same save for the setting and the ability to render explosions.

  • Reboot doesn’t mean we can’t have the same characters, locations, and story. The best possible thing for this series IS a reboot. Why? Because the lore is a jumbled pile of shit!

    Instead of draw from the countless characters and virus’ hiding in the lore, Capcom continuously writes new and awful storylines with terrible monsters and absolutely zero character depth.

    I’d like to see a reboot where Chris and Jill experience the Mansion together, terrified out of their minds, and thus building a relationship between them. Same goes for Leon and Claire (not saying they should hook-up, just let us see how these characters go from ordinary to powerful) and so on and so forth.

    Shit, maybe Wesker can be a good guy this time.

  • I love Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire and the others. I love the Umbrella storyline and Wesker’s arc. I enjoyed the last three action entries. But it’s about time for a new start. And I dont mean by ‘let’s introduce Ada clone, and ladies man Leon is back and Chris is cynical again…oh and Wesker’s son appears!’ I want a mostly new separate story with a completely new cast of interesting characters (not some rebooted Leon DMC style) Keep the premise simple yet hint at something big happening behind the scene – none of the globe trotting stuff. It must be atmospheric and have slow burning tension that makes u feel uneasy. Less gung ho, less COD stuff….if i want those, i can play other games that does it better. Make RE the thinking man type of game. Re-enter the world of survival horror…For REAL this time!

  • pixelbastardo

    Resi 4 was a good game in its own right, but wasnt a real resi game, should of been some sort of spin off, like MetalGearRising, then 5 and 6 came and went, neither a real resi game either, but arguably good games in their own right too.

    Calling any of these games great (4-6) from a resi perspective, is just complete bullsh!t, and i can see why some consider them complete garbage.

    When a game is released with the Resident Evil stamp on it, it should be of a certain level of quality survival horror gaming, and not a complete mockery of the franchise for petty profit gain, and no real resi fan should call these games great, specially if you want to see the series return to its roots, be truthful and not a brownoser.

  • That Guy

    Resident evil will make a return to form and all the haters will come crawling back, just watch.

  • I am all for a reboot of Resident Evil with a better focus on characters and character development.

  • Gigi Daniels

    People don’t seem to understand that the only way that RE can return to
    its roots and away from action is to reboot. When you think about it, if
    they kept the protagonists of RE, it would still have action, because
    they’ve all experienced these different outbreaks and survived them.
    Also, as long as the BSAA is in an RE game, action is to be expected.
    After all, it IS a military organization. Y’know, military as in heavy
    artillery weapons? My opinion? I have to agree on not rebooting, because
    there are so many unanswered questions. For example, we STILL don’t
    know Ada’s true plan, and we don’t know where Claire, Jill(Kinda curious
    and kinda not.), Barry, Rebecca (seriously, RE5 said she was alive, but
    where is she?), Billy, Carlos, and other faces that appeared in the RE
    series that made it through the entire game. Until they tie loose ends, a
    reboot doesn’t make much sense to me. Just like with Devil May Cry and
    DmC, I wish they had tied up loose ends but they just stopped, with
    remaining unanswered questions. This is just my personal opinion though.

  • All they really need is a well made remake of Resident Evil 2 just as they did with the Gamecube version of Resident Evil… That would be a really good start… Then from there, Expand. Give us RE7 with Billy as the MC… That should mix it up a bit while maintaining the essential story and feel of the original games…

  • Survival horror as a genre is never going to be on the same level, financially, as shooters and much more popular, mainstream games?
    LMAO. Tell that to Shinji Mikami and lets see what he’ll tell you

  • gomu

    I hope they started making HD remakes of their popular games, like RE2 and RE3 Nemesis. Because after seeing REmake for the GameCube and Wii (wii as RE: Archives), the game turned so beautiful, even comparing it with nowadays graphic. And I hope they will make something like RE: Outbreak, because it’s so cool and fun to be able to play with friends, in classic taste (controls similar to PS1 RE games)


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