Bring Back Outbreak campaign nearing its goal

A large group of Resident Evil: Outbreak fans have been gathering up people to join their cause for some time now, and it appears that they are very near their goal.

The campaign is to get Capcom’s attention so that the c0mpany will either bring back Resident Evil: Outbreak File #1 and 2, or continue the series. The petition has just reached 8,000 signatures, which is just shy of their 10,000 person goal. The Bring Back Outbreak campaign has also just launched a Youtube channel and a new blog to help spread their cause.

I’ve been following the campaign a bit, and I for one would love for Capcom to revisit the Outbreak series. Instead of using the Revival Selection series to re-release the same games yet again, Capcom could do something awesome and re-release HD ports of the Outbreak series. With the limited online network of the Playstation 2, the Outbreak games had unused potential. So, take some time to check out the cause.


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