Big Resident Evil 6 announcement set for July 5th, according to Famitsu

Capcom has a big Resident Evil 6 announcement to make on July 5th, according to the latest issue of Famitsu. No other information was given but it could end up being a reveal of the game’s highly speculated fourth scenario.

Earlier in the week, we posted a video interview from E3 Insider where Capcom’s VP Christian Svennson stated that Resident Evil 6 would have four campaigns. After contacting Capcom about it, I was told that Christian was actually referring to the game’s Mercenaries mode as a “fourth campaign.” Hmm…

I still think we’re going to get a fourth campaign starring the lovely Ms. Wong (the real one!), and it may end up being officially revealed on July 5th. We’ll have to wait and see!


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  • Paul Smith

    Man sometimes I don’t wan’t to know anymore news about Resident Evil 6,I just wan’t to be Surprised & not know anymore Spoilers or anything,So i think starting today,I won’t be coming on the site or going to any Message Boards.I wan’t to be somewhat Surprised when i finally play the game!

    • Dirk Diggler

      Then stop reading RE news/rumor sites.

  • Benjamin May

    If I’ve got my dates, people will be playing the demo of Resident Evil 6 at home by then, so I wonder how much the timing of the announcement has anything to do with the demo – if anything.

  • Zachary Mattingly

    if ada does have her own scenario i wonder if it will be coop and if it is who is her partner

  • Atila Lopez

    Does anybody have a feeling their could be a possible 6 player coop? Where at one point of the game everybody meets up together to fight a boss or someone? Just a guess…..

    • andybam

      That was already announced after E3

      • Atila Lopez

        No i meant like 6 player coop cross over.

        • 4-player cross-over co-op has been announced, but remember the early Xbox Live posting touting 6-player co-op? I wouldn’t be surprised.

          Either way, I’m dying to hear this announcement!

          • grenadeh

            That all just sounds completely terrible. Six player co op. The game is already completely not scary with two players. Six players is just moronic. It’s not like L4D where the game is still scary even with 4 people, this is Gears of War.

  • liam

    I just its true that ada has her own chapter she was so much fun to play as in re4

  • That’s what I was wondering. The whole game has an emphasis on co-op. If Ada does have a scenario will she also have a partner? Or if it’s something short like Separate Ways will it be short but just enough to be handled as a solo mission?

  • Dirk Diggler

    Fuck Ada. She is useless.

    • grenadeh

      Not really.

  • my gosh..this is going to be awesome..Im hyped as it is 😀

  • Chris Redfield on the pic ….. not feel good to be honest !

  • I think it’d be rad if they tied up some loose ends featuring Barry and Jill in their own campaign. We need to see Barry again one day. You’d think he’d join the BSAA with Chris to fight Bio terrorism.

    • Not really. Barry has a wife and kids. He moved to Canada and occasionally lent a hand in the fight against Umbrella, but once they were over I imagine he’d desire to spend the rest of his days with his family.

      That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to see him again. I’d love to!

  • Any news on the big announcement?


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