Another new Resident Evil game is set to be announced


It’s been quite a wild week for Resident Evil fans. Capcom finally revealed Resident Evil 7 at Sony’s E3 press conference last week. They then followed that reveal by releasing a demo for the game on PlayStation 4–a demo that still has people trying to figure out which hole to put a finger in. Had enough Resident Evil? No. I didn’t think so.

In an interview with Famitsu, Resident Evil 7 producer Kawada Massao and director Nakanishi Koushi spoke not only about the game, but also about what else they have planned to celebrate the series 20th anniversary.

After confirming that development on the upcoming sequel is 65% finished, it was revealed that there is still an unannounced game that will be revealed at a future date. Could this be Outbreak HD? Revelations 3? Or a brand new game entirely?

Check out the source link below to read a translation of the interview. Sadly, no details or hints were given for what this new game might be. So we’ll just have to wait and see!


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  • Hopefully they don’t oversaturate the market with RE games. They have a potential winner on their hands. Slow down, focus on the winners. One at a time, guys.

    • Hoping it’s just another remaster. They already got two upcoming big guns with RE2 Remake and 7.

      • Andrey Martim

        Maybe an Outbreak game, in the likes of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster? Something people are asking around for years.

  • Henrikm

    Remaster of Re3 though personally I think re2/re3 could have been put in same title too be played chronologically..

    Though a dream would be outbreak series hd.

    Capcom Remaster Haunting grounds while you at it.

    • Andrey Martim


    • tastychainsaw

      Haunting Ground is my most favorite survival horror game ever

      • John Ruth

        Never had the chance to play it. But we all know, this is another pitch for Resident Evil 4 which was dismissed. I watched on a German Television Show for Videogaming shortly after Haunting Grounds was released. Would love to see a Remaster (yes, there are people who know the difference between a Remaster and an full-fledged Remake).

    • Wojciech Olczyk

      I think the same…. they should remake RE2 with RE3 combined with the story

      • I’m hoping this ends up being the case. . . .


        I’d die of happiness.

  • Scott

    I would imagine it’s just a continuation of the Revelations series. Who knows with Capcom though; I mean, they spent money and other precious resources on Umbrella Corps. A game nobody wanted or asked for. It could be an entirely new medicore entry of spin-offs.

  • tastychainsaw

    YESSS There IS still hope

    • Andrey Martim

      If this game can be half of what RE7 is promising to be, we have another great RE on the way

  • George DaSoulja Perez

    It’s probably a side game, if it’s not Outbreak HD then maybe it could be a Mercenaries/Raid mode type of game with a smorgasbord of characters, maps and B.O.Ws. It seems like good idea since mercenaries/raid mode is popular and RE 7 doesn’t look like it will feature any of them.

  • Pablo Iranzo

    would like a Revelations 3 , but without the low budget crap.

  • Arthur Brovsky

    Well, to me that graphic with Jill in her RE3 attire in the middle shouts a Mercenaries-type game!

  • John Ruth

    Well at least they’re featuring the Franchise for it’s 20th birthday. That’s 200% more compared to Nintendos efforts on the 30th birthday for the Zelda Franchise except that lame Treehouse Presentation during E3.

    I can’t wait to actually see more from Resident Evil. There is a chance the IP may become big again. But, yes, we know it, it’s still Capcom pulling the strings here. Chances are high they’re ruining everything in the end.

  • Maradriatico

    Everyone know that is RE2 HD Resmastered

    • Except that’s already been announced.

    • killer89

      RE2 Remake, not RE2 HD Remaster.

      • Wojciech Olczyk

        there is already RE2 remaster… it was released in only Japan in 2006 for PC

  • Zain

    I hope outbreak 3 with better gameplay mechanics and of course better graphics

  • I figure it’s Revelations 3.

  • Two possibilities:
    Revelations 3(which I’m hoping for)
    Resident Evil 4 with updated textures for a slightly sharper experience.

    • yurieu

      Sharper experience, dude you are amazing.

  • Jordan Goodeye

    Capcom will have announced/released nine RE games (remasters make up most of it) from 2015-2017. That’s not even including whatever this is.

  • Andy

    RE2 remake is on the way and I’m looking forward to how that turns out. I bet it is Revelations 3 or another remaster. I have no idea what they could remaster. I’m sick of remasters though. Most of the old games are too old to remaster.

    • not ted danson

      That’s why they’re ‘remaking’ them, not just ‘remastering’ them.


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