Resident Evil 6 falls short of Capcom’s expectations

This past year certainly hasn’t been the most glamourous for Capcom.  The announcement that Capcom was backtracking on its previous outsourcing commitments, and now one of its biggest franchises has failed to live up to expectations, as lofty as those expectations might have been.  Just like EA saw Dead Space 3 as a commercial failure, Capcom is looking at Resident Evil 6 the same way.  With that ‘I’m not angry, just disappointed’ look.

During its earnings report for the fiscal year, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 6 had sold approximately 4.5 million copies.  That’s a lot of copies, considering that Alan Wake just reached 2 million copies, and it was released in 2010.

Last month, Capcom revised its sales forecasts for several of its big releases.  The company brought the Resident Evil 6 forecast down to 4.9 million copies sold, down from the lofty 7 million copies that it had originally forecast.  This was about the same time that the company finally realized (and announced) that outsourcing much of its development work to (probably the lowest bidder) wasn’t the greatest of ideas.

So, is this doom and gloom for Capcom?  Not exactly, but you can see why they would want some drastic changes in place.  Overall, sales were up, but profits were down.  It’s a pretty drastic drop, too, with their net income (profits) down $30 million from last year (56%!!).

So…expect to see a lot more on-disc DLC.  Those profits gotta come from somewhere.


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  • UZI

    I have a feeling they might reboot or completely leave the series all together after this… Although I liked RE6, i’m sure their coming up with a way to reinvent the series if they plan on continuing it…

    • I feel the same, they should take their time and give closure to all the previous characters lives (not saying to kill them all) and then just reboot the series.

      • TVippy

        They’ll probably kill all of them in one big ol’ comfy explosion and move the series into Space.

  • Capcom biggest problem was they try to sell 4 different games on 1 disc. What they should of done was have 4 different storys that tied into each other neatly. Instead of 1 big huge ass story that got very messy in the middle cause you had to play the story out of sync. Revelation could of suffer the same way on the 3ds but the story all connected in a straight forward manner . It’s other problem was a lack of identity. Operation Raccoon City might of been a bad game but It knew the audience it was after and from memory sold respectfully well. Resident Evil 6 on the other hand try cater to everyone with Old school horror, Action and a mess (sorry I still don’t get Sherry and Jake section apart from it’s pretty.) This cause divides in the fan base. Cause fan of the old school style focus on how chris is all fast pace/ Action and the COD generation focus more on how slow Leon section look (Personal opinion Leon Section was the best bit). Next time they make a new Resident Evil they need to focus on one audience.

    • Troll Confirmed..””Capcom biggest problem was they try to sell 4 different games on 1 disc.
      What they should of done was have 4 different storys that tied into
      each other neatly.”” Trololololol that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID 4 STORYS..and not 4 gameplay..Leon AND Ada ARE THE SAME TARD..Chris AND Jake IS THE SAME TARD..Clearly haven´t played the game .. so your opinion is invalid..and Re6 is more of a Re game than Re4-5 are–“Ohh, a parasite?? lets mash it into a Human and thats it..”” THAT IS NOT WHAT RE IS ABOUT IT´S ABOUT RESEARCHING STUFF..something called you don´t know what that is..and they are in fake fans can just STFU about going back to the roots.. the only thing that IS different is the Fucking shitty camera view in get real..

      • chill out dude, your freaking out is making you seem really childish. you don’t agree with someone, okay, cool. no reason to flip your shit.

        • katarokinimoto

          lol he called someone else a troll, now that’s ironic, don’t feed the troll people.

  • Jazpyy

    So Capcom’s justification for making the Resident Evil series more action orientated for mass market is now proven false (to a degree). Maybe next time they will learn that a bigger production team to churn this shite out quicker doesn’t make for a brilliant game. Resident Evil 6 was designed by a committee, too many stupid ideas that are inconsistent rather than one original vision.

    • katarokinimoto

      I’m hoping they might realize that trying to make resident evil like every other successful game on the market in one isn’t working. After doing it in 5 and 6 to shitty reviews maybe they might realize they need to actually reinvent the game again to be good in it’s own right. Leon’s section was fun for me, but god was it ridiculous. Still it was kind of like RE4 if they actually tried to make it scary which was great in a “as good as it gets” kind of way.

  • When RE Revelations comes out, it will decide its fate where it will go from there. If its a success they go that route, if it dosen’t then a reboot is a must. But make it a survival horror pls :(, not a action michael bay movie with Call of duty and Gears of war thrown in to it ?

  • tigerspaw

    I would be down for a reboot as long as they kept the same characters and just started fresh. Also, how much longer can they go using a ‘real time’ time line. These characters are only getting older!

  • They would make money if they stopped ass fucking their franchises, be it out-sourcing the development or not. Less re-releases and on-disc DLC would probably make fans happier and less pissed off at them.

  • Henrikm

    I dont know what too think about RE6,Storywise I would have loved too have them focused more on Sherry,Leon and Ada…
    Waiting what is it 10 years or so for Sherry to finally show her face her comback was somewhat overshadowed.
    Instead of having Jack and Helena I would have loved too seen more interaction between by the three mentioned above,beside the oh hello sherry/Leon fight boss and bye Sherry/Leon.
    I did not think Leon Ada had no real conclusion to its story ethier I think many player suspected that too.
    But we did not really get too know Ada’s goals this time ethier who and why she works for the employers she does etc and she left Leon once again in the end.
    It was fun too see Leon finally meet Chris but same there would have loved more interaction between the two..
    I guess what Iam saying is they could have taken out Helena,Piers and Jack and concentrated one the oldies.
    Gameplaywise I have said before that I never really liked the more action like approach of the last entries but I did like Leon and Helena’s Chapter alot. I wish I would have liked Chris and Sherry’s too as those two is one of my favourite characters.
    I personally hope they reboot the series entirly,have a minimum of characters so Capcom does not “forget” about them existing.
    Also a new story perhaps so they can leave out the more dumb plotholes.
    I just wish RE6 could have been that conclusion for the current series and Leon plot just before what seems might be a upcoming reboot.

    • I disagree. Returning characters doesn’t help the quality of the game. RE2 dropped Jill and Chris in favor of two newbies and it did very well and was highly regarded. Piers, Helena and Jake were more interesting to me than the rest of the cast.

  • Hopefully, DmC showed Capcom that a franchise reboot is not the magic fix. They can easily save the series as it is now.

  • TVippy

    I see it as PURE greed in its essence. The solution is very simple in my opinion: outsource to the HIGHEST bidder! The most experienced and talented teams will demand the most money, yes, BUT it will still be so worth it in the end. How do they not understand this?

    For example, 3 years of development of God of War 3 cost Sony 40 million. 2 million of sold copies will easily cover the development expenses. Oh, and they’ve made huge profit on 4.5 mil copies of RE6.


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