Resident Evil 2 may be reborn in HD after all (by fans)

Behold, Resident Evil 2 fans, the remake we’ve always wanted may finally be upon us. In development by Invader Games, this video shows just under two minutes of a highly detailed Leon Kennedy walking around the main hall of the Raccoon City Police Department. The hall itself looks amazing and feels alive with the classic music, footsteps, and reflective floor. We also get to see the item screen, but it could use some work. Though you don’t see recoil when Leon fires, Invader Games has assured us it’s already been added on their Facebook page.

Also on their Facebook, they say that they have other areas already near completion and they’ll be releasing a new video in March, possibly February, to show off more features of the game. The entire Resident Evil 2 experience will be recreated, including a Mercenaries mini-game! They plan to include options for the typical over-the-shoulder view or classic fixed camera angles, which has me excited!

Now, I said may in the opening because Capcom does not take kindly to people messing with their properties, and Resident Evil 2 is their one baby they won’t share with anyone else (despite fan requests, they have yet to make a remake of RE2). I’m sure this remake will be free, so Invader Games might be in the clear, but let’s show our support by liking their videos, Facebook page, and subscribing so this project can be completed and enjoyed by all!


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  • Bulbatron

    I love the idea of any potential remakes (be they from Capcom themselves or not) giving players the choice between fixed cameras or the over-the-shoulder camera.

    I wish Capcom would re-remake the original Resident Evil and remake Resident Evil Zero so that they could appear on non-Nintendo platforms.

    • Guilherme Teruya

      One of my biggest frustrations in life is the fact I never played RE0.

      • SecretX

        that’s sucks its a good game to play on the wii.
        i can’t imagine not playing it. one of my favorites from the franchise next to remake.

      • ariessiren

        You.didnt miss much, the inventory system management is awful.

      • Taylor Dean

        It’s worth a play-through. I would say it’s the least scariest RE I played, but its nice. The inventory system has its ups and downs, but hey, what’s a survival horror game with simple management? Hehe.

        • ariessiren

          Yeah its okay, but it was over kill on the item management. Ruined the game for me. Dont mind it on any other re game, but this one was a chore. ESPECIALLY with two characters.

        • Guilherme Teruya

          I wish I could play it just once, I’ve played almost all RE games out there, it’s a shame I’m missing the one where Rebecca is playable!

          • MasterOf Unlocking

            Don’t listen to anyone that says it’s bad. It’s fantastic. At the very least the opposing opinions are proof that you need to judge for yourself.

  • SecretX

    the sad part is i can’t play it on consoles.
    not a big fan of pc gaming.

    • ariessiren

      Same here, just cant get into pc gaming.

      • killer89


  • Christopher Rodriguez

    This would be awesome but I don’t know that Capcom would allow a full on remake – copyright issues?! If they do remake it they should add some new content for a refresh too.

  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t understand why capcom doesn’t just give them their blessings and say: Hey, we’ll release this for you on PSN, XBLA and more and split the profits. That way, Capcom gets money for not doing anything except going through the certification process and doing some quality control.

    • Matt

      Because it’s still Capcom’s intellectual property, and such events could very well end up trivializing the series further. I think regardless of the excitement these kinds of independent projects evoke with-in us fans, and don’t get me wrong because this is all really neat by Invader Games, there’s still a standard that should be upheld on the development end.

      End of the day you gotta ask yourself: would I rather have an RE2 Remake that’s pretty lackluster? or not have an RE2 Remake at all?

      For me, personally, I would want it done right.

      • Lester Paredes

        Hence: Capcom’s quality control that I mentioned in my original post.

        • Matt

          Say that again? I think you might want to look up what quality control is, exactly. Thinking pragmatically about this might help too, because Resident Evil isn’t exactly a small brand. In a world where Capcom does outsource this to Invader Games, whom are stature-wise the complete opposite of Resident Evil to and in the industry, they wouldn’t benefit from this endeavour at all. Infact, they’ll probably end up busting in the process.

          Here’s a quick prognosis: Capcom, seeing as Resident Evil 2 is their IP, would announce this remake. It’s then on a schedule for Invader Games. Invader Games, given their size, wouldn’t finish it on time even if they tried. Capcom’s assistance to fast tracking development, and any real asset contribution on their part, would mean a much smaller commission fee for Invader Games. Capcom would also be promoting and advertising the remake, remember, meaning if by the end of all this they’re not turning a profit then it’s likely the developers aren’t, and are actually worse off.

          This is a passion project. It’s not the ideal, I don’t think, for anyone involved.

          • Lester Paredes

            Jesus Christ, people on the internet will argue anything.

          • Matt

            Well, you’re on the internet. You’re probably a person, I don’t know. And you’re arguing for something, so.

            “I mean have Capcom actually make an effort to help them and turn it into a quality release for actual sale.”

            So, it’s not how you said it before…

            “Capcom gets money for not doing anything except going through the certification process and doing some quality control.”

            This is the misunderstanding here. Typically, those that do QA in gaming, don’t also program the game. It wouldn’t be Capcom doing next to nothing, as I outlined before; they would actually end up having to spend alot of money and do alot of work. Capcom also can’t allow an independent studio/company/entity to infringe on and release a product based directly off of their IP. That’s not how business works, and even if it did, Capcom aren’t their own bosses, and have shareholders to answer to at the end of the day.

            For the record, I’ve noticed that Invader Games’ about section on their Facebook page says that their goal is to, more or less, become a legitimate video game developer. No matter what walk of life you’re in, food has to go on the table. They just announced that they’re no longer taking any donations, which is to say that they’re still learning.

          • Lester Paredes

            Okay, whatever. I’m done. You won by exploiting my weakness: the inability to suffer through the insufferable inanity of it all. Here’s your prize: A fat sack of nobody really cares.

  • Steph’n Howard

    I was wondering when Darkside Chronicles would be ripped apart to do this! Awesome, needs a little work, but so awesome!

  • Demi

    They shouldnt have published this, Crapcom will surely take actions against this, its better to finish it and release it by surprise.

    • Taylor Dean

      Whose to say they won’t do that even IF Capcom shuts them down? Capcom hasn’t said a damn word to Inafune about Might Number 9, which is quite surprising.

      • Demi

        Number 9 is a new IP. This project is a rip off of several intelectual properties.

        • Taylor Dean

          Number 9 is a new IP by some slight changes. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for MN9 and Capcom is losing out on scrapping Megaman.

          If there’s something positive to take out of this, if Capcom does shut it down (damn them if they do), hopefully they’ll see how badly we want this remake.


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